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12v battery

  1. A

    Alert Messages

    Hello Everyone, Changed the low voltage battery with original one 85B24LS (CCA 625A) but still three messages are appearing and showing in Alert !! Alert-1 VCFRONT_3402 Alert-2. VCFRONT_a192 Alert 3. VCFRONT_a182 What shall i do ?
  2. M

    Model 3 poll - have you changed battery

    Interested to see the proportion of people who have changed their 12v battery. Mine is 4.5 years old now and although it's not used to crank start an engine, it's an old style which typically only last 5 years so interested to see how many have changed theirs.
  3. B

    Model S 2014 no power

    Hello. I have an electrical problem with my 2014 RWD Model S 85. My door handles aren't working as of two days ago, and the car doesn't respond to my key fobs. I was locked out of the car. I got in using the Tesla app to vent the windows, and then I was able to hook the door handle to open...
  4. A

    My car doesn't work anymore, could it be the battery?

    My car was working normally, but a few days ago I had the eMMC recall and after that several problems started to happen. But the last problem is being bigger, I'll attach an image here for you to see, according to some research I've done it could be the 12v battery. Currently he turns on her...
  5. janchr

    roadster without power, 12V problem?

    Hello, after winter i wanted to drive my roadster (2.0) but no power. I charged battery 1-2 month ago so big battery shows 66% (in OVMS) There is no power to doors, lights, power inlet. Only small display shows stuff, OVMS is working. I cant get to service menu. I unplugged 12v battery but...
  6. F

    Model 3 EarthX ETX900 Battery base 3-d print

    Hi, All. A few months ago, I saw a guy on a Tesla forum trying to sell the EarthX battery and 3-d printed mount for $100+ surcharge. I recently needed to replace my battery under warranty, so I decided to print the base for the battery and share it with others who may need it. This battery base...
  7. T

    Model 3 salvage rebuild. The HV stopped working after failed software update. I have a 2021 model 3 RWD.

    I purchased a 2021 model 3 with front damage. I replaced the Pyro fuse, SRS computer, seat belts and airbags. The radiator and shroud and many other parts. Last weekend I had everything working. How ever it stopped work soon after a software update try to install. It said it was unable to...
  8. DeejUK

    Using 12v accessories

    Hi folks, I'm on limited bandwidth whilst I'm travelling, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere and I didn't find it. How 'safe' is it to use 12v accessories, like electric kettles or cooler boxes? We're due to go on a 3,000 mile road trip from south-east England to Norway and back...
  9. L

    12V battery

    I am seeing different dimensions for AGM 12V battery replacements.. I'l like to know what dimensions of AGM ( only ) batteries people are using for their Model X. and... Does the battery fit nicely, or, is one dimension too much and could be reduced a little.
  10. M

    Trickle charge 12V battery to stop vampire drain?

    For about the past year, I've noticed significant vampire drain in my 2013 P85. My car sits in the garage more days that it's driven, and I've noticed that I'm consistently losing about 0.4 to 0.5 mi/hr of range when parked, and this was after disconnecting all 3rd party connections. Long story...
  11. M

    Has anyone successfully added a second 12 volt battery to their vehicle?

    Hi all, I am in the planning stages of a mild audio system (800w to sub), but I really want to make sure this is done the right way. It may turn wild later with more power, but for now, it will be only a single AudioControl LC-1.800 amp. Prior audio experience tells me that on most ICE cars...
  12. M

    Unable to drive : Remote keyless driving says "key not present" - FIX

    I want to tell you what I did to fix the problem where my Model X would not drive. 1) key was not detected 2) Attempted to remote start car. Command was sent successfully and said keyless driving was enabled. However, when attempting to press on brake and shift into gear, a message appeared...
  13. Tiff_619

    12v adapter for powering air compressor

    I want to get an air compressor for an upcoming camping trip. I want something that I can use for the tires and our air mattresses. But I have read that the 12v cigarette lighter plug does not have it's own fuse and it is easy to blow the fuse. Should I also get something like this?
  14. tga

    12V battery dying but no warning?

    So I think my 4 year old 12V is nearly dead, but the odd thing is I have had no warnings. The last couple of nights I heard the HV contactor click when I took the dog out for his late night walk. This morning I paid more attention, and noticed the contactor is clicking once/minute. I pulled...
  15. H

    2013 Model S - Many Disabled Errors and now a Dead Battery

    Last Wednesday (1/28/21), I was returning from a store 2 miles from my house. One mile down the road and these 7 error messages pop up on the screen: charge port disabled stability control disabled regenerative breaking disabled power reduced charge rate reduced traction control disabled...
  16. DarkNightP3D

    Rear Drive Motor Fault causing 12V Battery to discharge

    We got 2 Model Y LR AWDs in mid-December. This morning we went to open the door of one of them and nothing would happen. The app was perpetually trying to connect. The screen would not illuminate. Key card did nothing. So, I call Tesla Support and they say the 12V battery is discharged and needs...
  17. Padelford

    12V Battery Health Check

    In the process of making this, I learned some things about how Tesla manages the 12V battery charge state. At this point, it appears that the vehicle may not charge the 12V battery if the main battery level falls to 44%. I'd have to do some further testing to try observing what the 12V battery...
  18. P

    12v battery damage

    I have a model 3 that’s about 14 months old and a little over 12,000 miles on it. A couple months ago I had to have the BCM replaced which took almost 2 months of waiting for the part to come in before replaced. During those two months of waiting, I had some serious phantom draining while the...
  19. JTesmod3

    Model 3 12v battery dead

    Just wondering if I could gather stories of what happened with owners and what happened so that we could gain insight with this issue, I've been looking around the internet but wanted to condense stories here... Personally had a warning the day before, I scheduled the service for 5 days from...
  20. Q

    Using Battery Maintainer on 12V battery when in storage

    A general manager at Tesla service recommended employing a battery maintainer when my car is in storage for 3 months. I picked up a Schumacher 1.5 A but wondered if A) Amp is enough B) If I need a lithium retainer (vs standard AGM deep-cycle). The car will be in a garage in dessert end of August...
  21. No CO2

    Relocate 12v negative battery cable

    My 12V battery is tucked away, prior to the "right behind the frunk" 12V battery move. I have a single motor car, Aug 2013 build. How to get and remove the battery is well documented. My idea is to relocate the negative cable so that it is much easier to unhook the 12V electrical system. I...
  22. D

    Is the 12v battery a warranty item under the New Car Warranty?

    My 12v battery died, and my service center is claiming that the 12v battery is a wear and tear item, and is not covered under the new vehicle warranty. I am currently well under the 4 year/50K mile threshhold. (2.8 years and 25K miles or so) I have searched the forum, and come across no...
  23. G

    What is 12v battery replacement cost

    Anyone recently replaced their 12v battery. My '15 P85D (47k miles) just displayed 12v battery needs replacement warning. Got a mobile appointment next week for replacement but no word yet on it's cost. Looks simple enough to replace if I can find a replacement battery, saw one last year on ebay...
  24. SeanM

    12V Battery Charging??

    Hello, Hope everyone's safe in this pandemic. Due to the Corona pademic, our family has hardly ventured out of the house, leave alone driving. Hence, I have parked my Model3 in the garage from past three weeks. It's plugged in at 80% charging. My questions, do we need to put a separate...
  25. geoffmanley

    12v Battery Question

    I have a 2013 P85+ with the extended warranty. Is the 12v battery covered under the extended warranty? I got a notification tonight that said 12v battery needs service, so I assume it's run its course. I'm at about 63k miles, so it's about time. Even if it is covered under the extended...
  26. chrissmith007

    Installing a 12v 5amp Battery Tender to the 12v Battery on 2016 Tesla Model S P90D

    I do not work for Tesla; I am not a mechanic; I am not promoting doing this; do at your own risk: I have a 2016 Model S P90D. I installed the quick connect cable directly to the 12v battery (purchased on amazon called, "SPARKING 6FT Ring Terminal Cable - SAE to O Ring Terminal Harness Quick...
  27. Keung18

    12V Smoke Plug Power

    I found that my electric appliance from the 12V is still keep ON even I locked my car. I need to turn off by ,manual every times?
  28. H

    7k miles. New motor put in and now need gear box fluid service. Anyone had similar experiences?

    Some details about my car: 4 months old 7.4k miles Model 3 Performance motor (un-bundled) Daily commute 80 miles Last week at work my car experienced power failure, followed by a message stating that: Vehicle may shut down unexpectedly 12v power reduced, vehicle needs service After calling...
  29. V

    12V battery replacement, whos had to do one?

    Just curious, who all has had a 12V failure on your MX? Did you have any other electronics installed? Dashcam? Ive got a blackvue DR900 installed with the trailer hitch method. Just curious how common of a problem is this
  30. D

    12V Accessory Power Port Switches Off Erratically

    I have a two-way radio installed in my M3 powered by the center console 12V cigarette lighter power port. I remove the plug when the M3 is powered off so the port has no load when the car is not in use (that's so the very sensitive power management system does not switch off sensing a foreign...
  31. S

    Model 3 12V battery died overnight in cold

    My Model 3 was charged to 350km, and the 12v battery still died overnight. I'm assuming this has to do with the cold. Car was dead and unresponsive. I jump started the battery and the car seems to be operating okay now. It shows that it is charging, and the range is increasing, but the charge...
  32. M

    Power draw from accessories? 12v battery vs the big battery

    Hey guys, I didn't get much info from the X side, but I want to see if you guys have the answer for this. Just how does the battery on the S/X work. Obviously any power to the motor comes from the traction battery, is the dash and all the electronics powered by the 12v or the big battery? If...
  33. lymex2018

    What are those 12V voltage spikes when idling?

    I performed some idling consumption tests before by Scan my Tesla but the CAN bus always shut off after about 1 or 2 hours making it impossible for long duration test. Several days ago, I started the test again but this time I measure the voltage of the 12V battery directly and here are some...
  34. Thiago

    Charge Model S 12V battery from ICE

    Hello all, So I went on holiday and vampire drain brought the car to complete zero, including the 12V battery. Now, long story short, I can access the 12V battery through the frunk but only have a jumpstart cable to connect to a ICE car, like you would do on a ICE to ICE jumpstart. Question...
  35. VerityZooms

    12V battery access and location

    So, I've found these two ‘battery posts’ (at least, for jump-starting the 12V system) under the service panel, in the frunk — strangely, they're on *opposite sides* of the car, nowhere near one another: However, I need to attach power-leads specifically at the point where the 12V battery...
  36. E

    Any reason not to hook up a battery tender to the 12 volt battery ?

    My neighbor who does not work on cars just had his 12 volt battery replaced. He does not look forward to doing this every 12-18 months. He asked me if I could hook up a Battery Tender to his 12 volt battery. It looks pretty simple to me to do this. He would like to top off his 12 volt battery...