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  1. S

    Want to buy: 14-30 Adapter Gen 1 UMC

    Looking to buy a 14-30 adapter for GEN 1 Tesla Mobile Charger. Please give me a reasonable price $ and I'm ready to buy. Or I can even trade a Gen 1 5-15 adapter, but most people have that one already for it.
  2. S

    Epanee Charging and dryer splitter

    New to posting here and hope this is the right area. Does anyone own this or have any information/review on this splitter, or see any issue with it? It has a breaker built in, 24 amp and 25 max draw. And I have a 14-50 adapter for my Gen1 Tesla charger and my dryer input plug is this...
  3. S

    Charging Options to use 30 amps & 240 V breaker switch ( Electric Dryer) to charge my Tesla at home

    I have a 30 amps & 240 V breaker switch ( Electric Dryer). I see this can be used if we setup a 14-30 outlet and with 14-30 Adapter from tesla using mobile connector. Wanted to know if below options are feasible or not ? Option 1: Can we setup a J1772 outlet using 30 AMPS & 240v Electric...
  4. J

    Very Slow Charging

    Electrician just wired a NEMA 14-30 receptical to a 240V 30A breaker. 10/3 cable approximately 40 feet. I'm using the latest Tesla Mobile Connector with the NEMA 14-30 adapter. The documentation shows an expected charging rate of 21 miles per hour, 33 KM. My Model Y LR is only ever charging at...
  5. Q

    Power sharing recommendations for Tesla & J1772 cars

    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best option for adding a non-Tesla EV to our current setup. We have currently have a Model 3 Standard Range Plus that charges via the Mobile Connector connected to a 14-30 outlet in our garage. We used a dedicated 30A breaker here as we were worried about...
  6. Aphinity

    14-30 charge adapter - 110v/120v capable?

    I'm trying to adapt to a 30amp 110v service and I'm not seeing a 110v capable plug with 30amp capability. I'd rather not use the 5-20 adapter as it's not going to get full amperage. Given that the 5-15 connector has been known to accept 240v (despite this being a bad idea), I'm curious if...
  7. MorrisonHiker

    New, Unused Gen 2 14-30 Adapter for Model S 3 or X

    I was cleaning out the garage today and found a new, unused Gen 2 14-30 adapter from Tesla. We use wall connectors and don't need this mobile connector adapter. Charge at up to 22 mph on a Model 3 using a regular dryer outlet. Stock photo: $30 shipped. PM with any questions.
  8. ForeverFree

    Plug Adapters (Gen 1) -- 5-20 (120V); 10-30,14-30, and 6-50 (240V)

    If your travels may take you away from Supercharging, or if you simply need home/family/friend charging connections other than the 5-15 (120V) and 14-50 (240V) adapters that came with your Model S or X, these will make you a road warrior. Like-new condition. Originally $45/each in the Tesla...