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1/4 mile

  1. M

    Smaller and Lighter wheels make you faster, more efficient, and offer better road hazard protection.

    There has been a lot of debate about what effects smaller and lighter wheels have on the Model 3 Performance. I am here to end that debate. Stock the Model 3 Performance now comes with 20" UberTurbine wheels with 235/35/20 Pirelli PZ4 tires. Those wheels weigh 32 lbs and the combined wheel...
  2. T

    Plaid runs 8.994 1/4 mile

  3. C

    SR+ 0-60 and ¼ mile times

    Has anyone taken their SR+ to the strip yet? Would be interested to see the ¼ mile time. Thanks!
  4. C

    New Tesla 1/4 Mile Record - 10.638 @ 124.65mph

    I've been watching videos of the P85D, P90D and P100D over the years and test drove a P85D and a P90D. I finally pulled the trigger after they came out with the P100D and picked one up last month. Tesla made such an amazing car to drive every day. I've owned several high performance cars in...
  5. TexasTeslaRacing

    Model X P100D 1/4 mile Time

    I've done a small amount of searching and can't seem to find a video or posting about the 1/4 mile time for the new MX P100D. Does anyone have info on this or a link?