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  1. Haxster

    Flaky Auto Lane Change

    I just drove from Silicon Valley to Santa Barbara and back on 101 in my 17.17.4 AP2 MS. About 700 miles I used autopilot most of the way and it worked very well. Auto lane change was another matter. About 20% of the time, the car wouldn't change lanes. Speed, lane markings, straightness, and...
  2. SoCal Tsla

    Update 17.17.4

    I tried the Emergency Collision Braking today, it did give chimes but didn't brake.... I didn't enable autopilot, was driving on city street and intentionally didn't brake when getting close to the car in the front, didn't trigger it... anything I did wrong? Also, although auto parallel parking...
  3. Nick S

    17.17.4 all easter eggs found

    Hello This may be a duplicate update. But just in case, I noticed that all the easter eggs for MX are available in the latest firmware update. procedure: 1) on the console select the T icon 2) notice the three horizontal lines in the middle of the banner (to the left of your Tesla's name) 3)...