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19 factory wheels

  1. S

    Expired [SoCal] 19” Sport Wheels for Model 3, V1 [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing [SoCal] 19” Sport Wheels for Model 3, V1. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. C

    Selling Model s oem wheels

    I have a set of four new tempest wheels with center caps for a model s that I no longer need I’m in Minnesota I’m pretty mobile if anyone has any questions lmk I’m pretty negotiable on price
  3. K

    19" Staggered Model S Plaid Tempest wheels

    Set of 19" staggered (285 rear 255 front) model S plaid tempest wheels with aero covers. Pirelli tires have less than 4k miles on them. can ship anywhere in the continential US. price is 2200
  4. B

    Model 3 Longe Range 255/45r19 or 235/40r19

    Up for new tires on a 2019 M3 LR 19” OEM sport wheels, the sticker shows 255/45r19 but the manual and tesla shop sites shows 235/40r19 come with the 19” inch sport wheels. Can the 255/45r19 actually fit the 19” sport wheels? 235/40r19 are on then now.
  5. Adam W

    Model S OEM 19” Slipstream Wheels

    Tesla OEM slipstream design 19” wheels taken off a MSP90D. Commuter wheels. All four rims do have wear. No cracks. Swapped out for 21” wheels. Would be great winter set. Could be powder coated a different color or spots easily repairs at wheel shop. Open to buyer paid shipping. $600 OBO...
  6. O

    Selling Model Y Reservation

    Original Price: $59,990 Current Price (June 2022): $62,990 Est Delivery: Mar 2023-June2023 Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White Paint 19" Gemini Wheels All Black Premium Interior Five Seat Interior Looking to sell for $2,250 PM questions or offers. Thanks
  7. S

    2021-2022 Model S Plaid/refresh ride heights with different rims/tires

    Looking to see if I can get some other opinions on the matter. I currently have 19" rims and tires and I'm wondering what's the ride height of the 21" arachnids. Very-high 30" top of wheel well 7 1/2 Front lip High 29 1/2" top of wheel well 7 Front lip Medium 28 1/2" top of wheel well 6 3/4...
  8. M

    Model S factory 19s with tires.

    For sale factory model s wheels with tires. Tires are almost new. Decided to change to 21s
  9. A

    Trade Model Y 20" Inductions for your 19" Geminis, Central Valley CA (Modesto-Merced-Fresno,etc.)

    Looking to trade my 20" Induction wheels/tires with 18,000 miles on them (good tread still left) for your 19" Gemini Wheels/tires, I just am not a fan of the slightly rougher ride of the 20"s. I have 3 rims in pristine condition, and one rim has a slight curb rash of 6-8" around one edge of the...
  10. L

    Model Y 19” Gemini Wheels & Tires Resale Value?

    Hi All, I’ve tried searching for recent posts about what people are willing to pay for Gemini Wheels and Tires but had no luck. Once my Model Y is delivered I plan to sell my wheels and tires. I prefer to sell them locally to avoid shipping but would consider shipping. Couple of questions: 1)...
  11. W

    For sale: Model Y 19 inch Geminis and covers

    Hi guys! I have new Geminis for sale in SoCal, preferably for local pick up. I replaced them the first day I had the vehicle. I have 15 miles on them. Pretty much brand new. I am in Irvine. I can ship them or can deliver them for a fee in SoCal. Let me know if interested. $950
  12. K

    Model S 19" wheels black

    Set of 4 Satin Black Wheels. I believe they may be powder coated. This is how I got them minus the small curb rash shown in the pictures. I don`t have the TPMS or center caps. Size is 19 x 8 and they are OEM Tesla Wheels. Asking 500 OBO, located in NY can deliver in North Jersey or Rockland...
  13. D

    Selling Brand New Gemini Wheel & Tires. How much to charge?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Put in my order for a Model Y AWD/LR. I've done so much research on the big debate about wheels and going from 19's to 20's etc. I've finally decided that I'm going to get Martian 20's (8.5) because they are still lighter than the 19 Gemini's and with 4inches...
  14. S

    Like-new MS Slipstream 19” wheels & tires

    Set of 4 like-new OEM Slipstream 19" rims with stock Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. Full tread, used for less than 2K miles on a 2019 Model S. Tires are 245/45/19 and rated 98W. $1200 obo, local pickup in LA.
  15. jajabor

    FS: Bay Area, CA: 19” Slipstream with tires in excellent condition

    I have a set of 19” factory Slipstream and tires with less than 4K miles. No curb rashes, no damage. In excellent condition. Comes with TPMS and center caps. Price: $700. Local pickup and cash only. Thanks.
  16. H

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM 19" Satin Black Wheel and Tires

    Hey all, Recently upgraded to Zero G wheels so my loss is your gain! Got a set of model 3 powder coated satin black. A small curb rash on one of them but perfect otherwise. Looking for a local sale. Willing to ship if nothing local comes up. Comes with: - OEM Tesla model 3 19" wheels powder...
  17. ElectricIAC

    WTB: Gemini wheels. Model 3, or Model Y.

    Don’t really have a baseline other than the winter sets being sold on Tesla’s website but I have no need for true winter tires so if anyone wants to pull these off their Y or just has the wheels they wanna get rid of let’s talk.
  18. ZachieD

    WTB M3 Sport wheels and tires set of 4

    Used or new for 2020 model 3
  19. O

    $245 (4) 19" Wheels, TPMS, Totes

    (4) 19" Model S OEM wheels, TPMS sensors and wheel totes: $245. (4) Tesla 19" Wheels, TPMS Sensors, Wheel Totes - auto wheels &...
  20. I

    Hello from California

    Hello from California Here is my Stealth Performance Model 3 which I named Soulless
  21. A

    Model 3 19” Sport Wheels With Tires & TPMS Sensors For Sale - Used <400 Miles

    I am selling my 19” Sport wheels from my Model 3. I just received the car in December, and I replaced the wheels after about 370 miles. They are in perfect condition with no imperfections. The tires are basically brand new. Looking to sell for $2,300 + shipping cost to you. I don’t have pictures...
  22. S

    19 inch Model S Slipstream Wheel With Tires OEM NEW Orange County CA

    Just picked up a new S and put my old wheels on there. These are pretty much brand new. PM if interested. Looking for ~$1300
  23. A

    Selling 19” Sport Wheels

    $2600 cash. Irvine, CA Must pick up in Irvine, I will not ship. (updated listing) Selling a full set of brand new 2019 Model 3 19” Sport Wheels OEM with Continental ProContact Rx tires, picked up from Costa Mesa Delivery center. TPMS is installed. Also comes with a set of brand new OEM...
  24. A

    Brand New Model 3 19” Sport Wheels (Set)

    Irvine, CA Price - $2800 Selling a full set of Brand New 2019 Model 3 19” Sport Wheels OEM with Continental ProContact Rx tires, picked up from Costa Mesa Delivery center. I’m assuming TPMS sensors were installed. If they’re not installed I’ll take $100 off.
  25. Alsaid

    wheels model S Tesla 100D

    I have the 19" silver wheel model S 100D 2017, I need to upgraded them to 21" turbine wheels I am looking for any one need the 19" wheel and swap with me the wheels and if he/she need me to pay the difference I will. just please offer me and I will get back to you
  26. Perscitus

    [FS - Local NY/NJ/CT] Model 3 optional 19" sport wheel (5K miles)

    Last one left (sold the other three one by one). CONDITION: like-new. no damage of any kind, no external or internal bends, no scuffs, curb rash, chips, etc. ASKING PRICE $275 LOCAL SALE ONLY (pickup or drop-off in Tri-State area, within say 50 miles on New York City).
  27. SoyMikeJones

    FS or Trade: 19" Silver Slipstreams

    Checking the market for 19" silver slipstreams that are on a 2019 Performance MS being delivered on Thursday 11/21 to me at the Burbank, CA service center. Vehicle was a test drive vehicle in Costa Mesa, 1650 miles. Ideally, I'd like to swap for gray 21" Twin Turbines or Arachnids, but open to...
  28. E

    Battery Degradation - How concerned should I be?!

    I have put ~ 13600 miles on my baby. Already teslafi showing loss of 10 miles in less than a year. I have see it fluctuate a lot but concerned that now the upper limit seems to be around 300!
  29. T

    [Santa Monica] 19" Silver Model S Slipstreams - $800

    These have a little under 30k miles on them and have a decent amount of tread left on them. Local pickup only. $800 obo. Michelin Pilot Sport tires on them with sensors. One of the rims is brand new and 2 of the other 3 have a small scuff in one spot on them but are otherwise in great condition.
  30. Jamesus

    [Irvine CA] Model S 19" Base Wheels

    These came off my CPO Model S 2015 purchased this January. The tires are two Michelin Primacy MXM4 and two Pilot Sport A/S 3+. Comes with center caps. No TPMS. $800.00. *Will be uploading photos after cleaning and tire depth results soon*
  31. Chris

    Model S OEM 19” wheels w/ center caps, TPMS, Sottozero II

    Four Model S OEM 19” wheels These are the original 19” Tesla wheels from a Model S. Center caps TPMS (gen 1) Sottozero II 245/45 R19 (EOL) No damages to the wheels, minor scuffs/marks $800 for all four. Prefer pickup in DC region. Thank you for looking.
  32. 1ton

    19” Silver Wheels & Tires (from 2018 Model s) For Sale

    Selling the 19” silver wheels that came with my 2018 Model S. Wheels and tire tread looks great. Asking $900 for pickup. I can ship if you pay for the shipping. Used but great condition. Can take more pictures if needed.
  33. A

    Wanted. 19inch set of 4 wheels and tires in NJ

    I am looking for a set of 4 19inch wheels and tires preferably new. Located in NJ
  34. R

    Tesla Model S OEM 19" Wheels and Pirelli Winter Tires for Sale

    Tesla Model S 19" wheels and Pirelli Sottozero high performance winter tires in excellent condition --- a complete set of 245/45 R19 102V factory OEM 5x120 aluminum alloy rims that came as a 2nd set of wheels/tires on a leased Tesla S Performance. The vehicle has been turned in and these...
  35. ModelNforNerd

    Let's discuss Dual Motor range

    Is Elon underselling the range on the Dual Motor 3, just as he did for the RWD variant? The RWD 3 was tested at 334 miles of range by the EPA (with the aeros). Without aeros, it was closer to the 310 miles range that Tesla asked the EPA to publish. When EPA specs leak for the AWD/non-P...
  36. D

    For Sale: Tesla Model S 16-17 19" Silver Factory OEM Wheels

    Just upgraded my wheels, so I have 4 19" Spoke Factory OEM Wheels for sale! Only drove on these for about 2-3 months, excellent condition. NoVa area - Pickup Only! $250/per or $800 for all 4.
  37. DIL

    New 19” slipstream OEM wheels never used

    Brand new set of 2018 Tesla 19” standard equipment Model S wheels. New Goodyear tires and latest TPMS. No scuffs, scratches or curb rash. I had these removed within an hour of taking delivery of my March 2018 car, which had 12 miles on the odometer. Local pickup in Danville, CA. Please make...
  38. kartkumar

    WA: Tesla Archnid/5spoke Wheels for-sale

    Tesla Archnid 19 inch wheels for sale there are brand new in condition. Take off from a CPO delivered few days ago and wrapped professionally to prevent dings/scratches. Wheels/Rims only. No TPMS or tires. would make a great second set of Model S owners, looking to put on winter tires. i dont...
  39. F

    WTS: 19" OEM Classic 5-Spoke Wheels / Tires / TPMS - Cupertino Pick Up

    Changed to new wheels, so these are now for sale. Wheels are the classic "spoke" wheels with Goodyear Eagle-RS-A P245 / 45R18 front and rear (non-staggered). These are the originals that came with my 2014 Model S from the factory, removed just this week at 22K miles. Tires are 3/32 on the rear...
  40. E

    New 2017 19" Slipstream Wheels, Sensors, Tires & Caps

    4 Brand new tires and rims all ready to install. Pu in Vancouver Bc 2800.00 Can
  41. W

    Need a Spare Tire? 19" Tesla Double Spokes!

    Have you ever worried about a flat leaving you stuck until you can get your tire replaced? Wouldn't it be nice to have a full-size spare that fit your Model S perfectly? I have four of the original Tesla double spoke wheels with center caps for sale. No curb rash! Mount any tire you like...
  42. R

    19" Classic Wheels+Tires+TPMS for Sale - SF Peninsula

    $700 with local pickup (Mountain View or Los Altos preferred) I pulled these off my Dec 2015 Model S after about 4 months of use (March 2016). I was going to use them for snow/winter but we dont need them anymore. They have no scratches or dings at all. The stock Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires...
  43. G

    FS: Tesla Model S 19-inch OEM Wheels and Tires - Set of Four

    I'm selling a set of nearly new Tesla Model S OEM 19-inch wheels with Michelin Primacy MXM4 (245/45R19 98W M+S) low-rolling resistance tires. Tire-pressure-monitoring sensors (TPMS) and center caps are included. The tires have less than 10,000 miles on them, were made on the 27th week of 2015...
  44. pl804

    WTS: 19" OEM classic wheels and tires – $750 – Pick up in Palo Alto

    Maybe you're looking for a smoother ride. Came off of my Model S @ ~20K mi. when I switched to winter tires. Selling b/c I plan to ride the winter tires until the 21" Arachnids arrive. Last measurements I have from a Service Center visit a few mos. back put the tread at 6/32 on all tires...
  45. murph335

    19" Silver OEM Wheel and Tire Combo

    Phoenix, AZ 19" silver factory takeoffs. Wheels and tires from CPO tesla. 2 wheels have cosmetic blemishes. 2 wheels are clean. Goodyear RSA 245/45/19 Traction rating is 400. (Long lasting) Tread Depth: 2 tires measure 6/32nds 2 tires measure 7/32nds 4x center caps No tpms sensors...
  46. N

    19" Slipstream Wheels - less than 10 miles of use

    Set of four 19" Tesla Slipstream wheels. Removed from car as soon as I picked it up from Tesla. No TPMS or center caps. Would prefer local buyer in Southern California $850 for the set
  47. D

    19" Factory Slipstream Wheels (Set of 4) - No tires for $800

    I replaced my 2016 Model S wheels after only driving them 35 miles to the shop. I have all 4 wheels, with center caps, and chrome lug nut covers. Wheels are the Slipstream model, 19"x8" with +40 offset. They are located in Reading, PA. Pickup preferred, but I could ship them, willing to...
  48. Woody17

    19" OEM Slipstream Takeoffs + TPMS

    Hi, I am expecting delivering on my Model S at the end of August / early September. I am planning to purchase aftermarkets wheels. Includes stock Tesla tires, 19" slipstream rims and original TPMS. $2000. Based in Los Angeles.
  49. P

    Brand New 19" oem wheels for sale (sensors, Michelin tires & factory center caps)

    Finally getting around to posting these brand new tires and rims. Zero miles on them, they were given to me by the dealership when I had the cyclone wheels put on my new P90 before I drove it. Happy to ship anywhere in continental US. Asking $2000. Thanks - Patrick
  50. yearofthedragon

    Model S 19" OEM Wheels w/ caps and sensors - powdercoated in gloss black for sale

    I have a mint set of Model S factory original 19" wheels, Gloss Black powdercoated with matching powdercoated caps. 4 Goodyear tires with less than 10,000 miles on them. 4 TPM sensors. No scratches, no curbrash. Asking 1500 + 200 shipping anywhere in the Contiguous US.