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19 inch stock wheels and tires

  1. B

    For sale Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels and Tires in Denver

    Less than 100 miles on these from my Tesla Y delivered in October 2022. Replaced with different wheels and tire combo and so looking to sell the original set. I'm in the Denver area.
  2. N

    For Sale: MY OEM 19" wheels & TPMS & tires w/covers

    Selling Tesla OEM wheels for Model Y. Driven approximately 15 miles before wheels were replaced. The wheels are in great like-new condition, without scratches. Zero curb rash. Includes (mounted set): (4) 19" Gemini wheels; (4) TPMS Sensors; (4) 255/45R19 104W Continental Pro Contact RX; (4)...
  3. J

    Tires for sale San Diego

    Apologize if this is the wrong location but I did not see a better place. Is anybody interested in buying a second set of the OEM tires for the 19 inch Y? Stock Tires: 19 inch rims: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I am interesting in selling mine, they currently have ~600 miles on...
  4. MichaelP90DL

    Question about staggered wheel & tire setup for 2020 MS Performance

    I'm replacing the stock 19" wheels with cooler rims and new tires. My previous 2015 MS P90DL had these tires: F: 245/35ZR21 R: 265/35ZR21 It was a pretty harsh ride. I understand this is partly due to the 21" wheels and also due to the low aspect ratio (35). In researching new wheels and...
  5. Jaykerwin

    2015 model s 19 inch Rims and tires for sale

    Model S p90d 19 in absolutely perfect rims and tires. They come with Michelin 245-45- 19 tires that are almost brand new. I bought the model S from Tesla and I am upgrading to the turbine 21 in rims and tires so I'm looking to sell them. I live in Los Angeles near the Beverly Center. I'm looking...
  6. A

    Selling 19” Sport Wheels

    $2600 cash. Irvine, CA Must pick up in Irvine, I will not ship. (updated listing) Selling a full set of brand new 2019 Model 3 19” Sport Wheels OEM with Continental ProContact Rx tires, picked up from Costa Mesa Delivery center. TPMS is installed. Also comes with a set of brand new OEM...
  7. Xerious

    FS - Tesla Model 3 Stock 19" Wheels, Tires and TPMS - SF Bay Area

    For Sale - Model 3 Stock 19’ Wheels, Tires and TPMS available for local pick up in the SF Bay Area. ~1000 miles on the wheels off of my 2019 Model P3D- Wheels are clean except for a small nick on one wheel and a tiny wheel rash from a pot hole while driving using AP (photos below) Price is...
  8. SoyMikeJones

    FS or Trade: 19" Silver Slipstreams

    Checking the market for 19" silver slipstreams that are on a 2019 Performance MS being delivered on Thursday 11/21 to me at the Burbank, CA service center. Vehicle was a test drive vehicle in Costa Mesa, 1650 miles. Ideally, I'd like to swap for gray 21" Twin Turbines or Arachnids, but open to...
  9. B

    New Model 3 Making Noise

    Hi, just got my new AWD LR Model 3, I love it but am experiencing a noise when acccelerating in between 25 MPH and 45 MPH. I have attached a recording, it is a high pitched pulsing / whistle sound coming from the front. Is this normal? I know its subtle but I have three days left to return it...
  10. C

    FS 2015 Model S 19" Base Wheels w/ Michelin PS A/S 3+ Tires (used)

    For sale are the 19" wheels/rims that came with my model S. They're in great condition with no major scuffs/scratches that I've noticed (just a bit dirty in pics). Still have TPMS and center caps in all wheels. Wrapped in Michelin PilotSport A/S 3+ (primary summer tires, can handle light snow...
  11. R

    Tesla Model S OEM 19" Wheels and Pirelli Winter Tires for Sale

    Tesla Model S 19" wheels and Pirelli Sottozero high performance winter tires in excellent condition --- a complete set of 245/45 R19 102V factory OEM 5x120 aluminum alloy rims that came as a 2nd set of wheels/tires on a leased Tesla S Performance. The vehicle has been turned in and these...
  12. ishareit

    Can anyone share pictures of their tinted Pearl White refresh Model S

    I am debating between tinting the windows on my Pearl White Model S or not. If you guys can share some pictures of tints (and the percentage) on a refresh model Pearl White with 19 inch standard slip stream wheels, I will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  13. G

    New 2017 19" Slipstream Wheels, Tires & Caps

    I just received my brand new 2017 Model S and had the HRE wheels swap the 19" Slipstream's to 21" HRE's The Wheels and Tires and completely new and have zero blemishes with 1,000 miles on them total. Includes the set of 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels, Goodyear Eagle Touring Factory Tires, Tesla...
  14. G

    FS: Tesla Model S 19-inch OEM Wheels and Tires - Set of Four

    I'm selling a set of nearly new Tesla Model S OEM 19-inch wheels with Michelin Primacy MXM4 (245/45R19 98W M+S) low-rolling resistance tires. Tire-pressure-monitoring sensors (TPMS) and center caps are included. The tires have less than 10,000 miles on them, were made on the 27th week of 2015...
  15. pl804

    WTS: 19" OEM classic wheels and tires – $750 – Pick up in Palo Alto

    Maybe you're looking for a smoother ride. Came off of my Model S @ ~20K mi. when I switched to winter tires. Selling b/c I plan to ride the winter tires until the 21" Arachnids arrive. Last measurements I have from a Service Center visit a few mos. back put the tread at 6/32 on all tires...
  16. murph335

    19" Silver OEM Wheel and Tire Combo

    Phoenix, AZ 19" silver factory takeoffs. Wheels and tires from CPO tesla. 2 wheels have cosmetic blemishes. 2 wheels are clean. Goodyear RSA 245/45/19 Traction rating is 400. (Long lasting) Tread Depth: 2 tires measure 6/32nds 2 tires measure 7/32nds 4x center caps No tpms sensors...
  17. rfmurphy81

    List of 19" Wheels

    Hi everyone, I took delivery of my Model S before the Slipstream replaced the previous wheel version, so I currently have the double spoke wheels. I've been wanting to replace these with a newer set, hopefully something sexier, but I'd really like to stick to the 19" rather than move to the 21"...
  18. Woody17

    19" OEM Slipstream Takeoffs + TPMS

    Hi, I am expecting delivering on my Model S at the end of August / early September. I am planning to purchase aftermarkets wheels. Includes stock Tesla tires, 19" slipstream rims and original TPMS. $2000. Based in Los Angeles.
  19. P

    Brand New 19" oem wheels for sale (sensors, Michelin tires & factory center caps)

    Finally getting around to posting these brand new tires and rims. Zero miles on them, they were given to me by the dealership when I had the cyclone wheels put on my new P90 before I drove it. Happy to ship anywhere in continental US. Asking $2000. Thanks - Patrick
  20. S

    Anyone selling thier 19 inch stock wheels and tires?

    Please PM me. Thanks!