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19 inch wheels

  1. GabeM

    Available Tesla Style Zero G Performance wheels for sale (Models 3 & Y)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Style Zero G Performance wheels for sale (Model 3). Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Tesla Style Zero G Performance wheels for sale (Models 3 & Y)

    For sale Tesla Style Zero G Performance wheels for sale (Models 3 & Y)

    Brand new in boxes Four (4) 19x8.5” Tesla Style Zero G Performance wheels, fits model 3 and model Y Matte Black, +35 offset, 20.8 lbs each 690 kg (1521 lbs) load rating per wheel No center caps Tire pressure sensors not included (can provide link for good TPMS)...
  3. LORK

    2020 M3LR AWD MS/Black/19" wheels/Acc Boost 41k mi (NYC area) - $35,000

    With an infant, decided it was time to get a larger vehicle, selling my 2020 Model 3 LR AWD. Midnight Silver, basic autopilot, acceleration boost, 41,000 miles, 19' sport wheels. I absolutely love this car and, if I could, I would keep it, but my budget doesn't allow for 2 car payments at the...
  4. R

    FS: Model Y Gemini wheels Like New

    I have a Full set of geminis in perfect condition. They DO NOT include TPMS. Included are 4 wheels, tires, hubcaps with no scratches or blemishes. I'm located near Memphis,TN for reference the tires have about 300 miles on them. I drove them home and changed to uberturbines. Having issues...
  5. T

    FS: Like-New Snow Tires and Rims (Boston)

    Selling four Michelin 245/45R19 X-Ice Xi3s mounted and balanced (w/ TPMS valves) on 19” 19x8.5J Sport Edition rims. Likely fewer than 5k miles. Condition is as shown in photos, minor signs of use. Originally on 2018 Model S. Price is $1800. Get them before winter kicks off, only selling because...
  6. Night

    FS: Titan-7 TS5 19x9.5+34 w/ Michelin PS4S + TPMS in CA

    Hey all! I purchased this set of wheels, tires, and TPMS but was given a deal on a set of Unplugged Performance UP-03's and no longer need these. All three of these items are brand new and have never been on the car. The Tires and TPMS are in my possession and the wheels will be delivered right...
  7. C

    Model S Plaid - 19" vs 21" - All Season vs Summer Tires - Ride Quality/Performance/Tire Wear - Thoughts?

    I recently purchased a 2021 Model S Plaid w/3k miles - it has the (OEM) 21" Arachnid wheels w/Michelin P4S Summer tires. What initially started as an unsuccessful search for 21" all-season tires has led me down the path of considering 19" wheels and all-season tires. Option 1: Buy Winter...
  8. Tony_YYZ

    Using 2017-2020 Model 3 OEM 19” wheels on a 2022 Performance - What is needed?

    Hi All, I have a set of the OEM 19” Sport wheels from my old Model 3 LR that I want to use on my current 2022 Model 3 Performance. These wheels are from the 2017-2020 generation of Model 3’s so it doesn’t have the 3mm lip to accommodate the stepped hub on the Performance. The part number for...
  9. drbsandler

    Tempest 19" Wheels and Tire set for sale off Model S 2022 refresh

    Brand-new Tesla tempest 19 inch wheels and tires off 2022 model S.  These wheels are back ordered for many months 4 Brand new Continental ProContact Back: 285/40R19 Tubless Radials Front: 255/45 R19 Tubless Radials Size: Front 19X9.5" Rear 19x10.5” Offset: +40 PCD: 5X120 Center Bore: 64.1mm...
  10. M

    FOR SALE: (Model S) 19" Winter Wheel + Tire Set-Up

    My 2021 Plaid arrived way sooner than expected, so I am selling my beloved 19" Basic Wheels from 2015 (used on P85D and P100D). These are the wheels originally included as standard on Model S vehicles prior to 2016. They work on any 2012-2020 MS. Mine are fitted with NEW Pirelli Winter SottoZero...
  11. M

    2021 Model 3 19 Inch Refreshed Sport Wheels and Caps for sale - brand new

    Selling my 2021 Model 3 19 Inch Refreshed Sport Wheels and Caps (no lugs or tpms). They are literally brand new, taken off immediately upon arrival of my Model 3. Build-date of car was 5/2021. Maybe have 5 miles on them lol. Not a single blemish, etc. on any of them. Live in Round Rock...
  12. K

    Model S 19" wheels black

    Set of 4 Satin Black Wheels. I believe they may be powder coated. This is how I got them minus the small curb rash shown in the pictures. I don`t have the TPMS or center caps. Size is 19 x 8 and they are OEM Tesla Wheels. Asking 500 OBO, located in NY can deliver in North Jersey or Rockland...
  13. G

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels or 20" Performance Wheels | Miami, FL

    Hello, I am looking to buy a set of Model 3 19" Sport Wheels -or- 20" Silver/ Gray Performance wheels. The wheels must be in good shape and perfectly round without any previous repairs. I live in Miami, Florida and I am willing to commute up to 275 miles from Miami for pick up if the price...
  14. I

    CLEAN OEM Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires, Center Caps, TPMS

    Hi everyone! New poster long time lurker. I recently changed up my wheel/tire package on my Model 3 and am selling what was my summer set including: Four OEM 19" Sport Wheels, with Original Continental Procontact RX tires, TPMS, and Center caps for all wheels. All the rims are in great...
  15. M

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD

    Great condition Tesla Model 3. Owned and loved for by Tesla employee. Almost always garaged, hand washed, and maintained. This is the longest-range Model 3 available (not available new anymore). Recent ceramic coat applied to paint (better than wax, will last ~2 years). – Long Range Rear...
  16. B

    Model 3 Wheel Swap - Giving 19" Sport for 18" Aero

    I've got 19" Sport wheels in excellent condition (10,000 miles) in the NE US that I'd like to trade for 18" Aero wheels. Bought the car private party used sale, so didn't have the option of wheel choice. Let me know if you're interested, thanks!
  17. B

    Philadelphia Wheel Swap - Giving 19” Sport Wheels

    Looking to swap wheels - giving 19” Sport Wheels looking for 18” Aero Wheels. If anyone near Philadelphia is interested, let me know!
  18. H

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM 19" Satin Black Wheel and Tires

    Hey all, Recently upgraded to Zero G wheels so my loss is your gain! Got a set of model 3 powder coated satin black. A small curb rash on one of them but perfect otherwise. Looking for a local sale. Willing to ship if nothing local comes up. Comes with: - OEM Tesla model 3 19" wheels powder...
  19. NowIsGood

    Tesla 19” sport wheels on Model 3 Performance with PUP?

    I’m gonna need new tires soon and I’m thinking about swapping out the 20” sport wheels on my Performance Model 3 (with performance upgrade package, or “PUP”) for the Tesla 19” sport wheels at the same time. But I’m not sure what all might be involved, due to the extra “lip” on the hubs of the...
  20. X

    Comfort and noice levels on LR AWD vs Performance

    Can someone that test-drove (or maybe owns ? ) both, comment on the difference in comfort and noise levels on the two cars? I understand that Performance has lowered suspension and 20" wheels but how much of a difference does it fell during normal driving? And is there any difference on...
  21. H

    TRADE my 19” Sport for your 18” Aero (Model 3, San Diego)

    I just took delivery of a New Model 3 with 19” Sport wheels and tires. These have <50 miles on them. Here is the trade... I provide: - 19” Sport Wheels with Tires You provide: - 18” Wheels with Tires - Aero Covers installed - cash We split the cost: - having a tire shop swap our tires...
  22. Wyomingtim

    WTB 19" wheels with TPMS and winter tires

    Looking for a set of 19" wheels, preferably with TPMS and usable winter tires already on them, for use on my 2019 Model S. I'm in northwest Wyoming, and we have more winter than summer...
  23. TM34M

    Tires for a 19x9.5 +35 square setup on a P3D+?

    What tire size should I get for a 19x9.5 square setup on my P3D+? Replacing stock 20”s, bent wheels due to pothole only after two months of driving. Jersey roads. 265/35/19 265/40/19 255/35/19 255/40/19 Also, are 19x9.5 +35 the right setup for the performance model 3? i.e better than the stock...
  24. Jamesus

    [Irvine CA] Model S 19" Base Wheels

    These came off my CPO Model S 2015 purchased this January. The tires are two Michelin Primacy MXM4 and two Pilot Sport A/S 3+. Comes with center caps. No TPMS. $800.00. *Will be uploading photos after cleaning and tire depth results soon*
  25. R

    Brand new 19” Silver Slipstream for sale ($2000)

    Brand new 19” Silver Slipstream for $2000. Would prefer pickup. I am located east of Boston.
  26. Rajraj22

    Wheel Swap question

    Hi all, My first post on this forum :).. I just ordered a Long range AWD today at the Tesla store. I wanted the 19 inch sport wheels, however, there was an inventory model 3 available with 18 inch aero wheels. The sales guys suggested that I can get the car with 18 inch wheels, take delivery...
  27. kev1n

    Titan7 Wheels Group Buy Model S/X

    First I would like to thank @Xenoilphobe for setting up the group buy for Model 3 owners. This thread will be to get a group buy going for Model S/X owners and to gauge interest in wheel style and size. there are two wheel choices available, 3 colors(Machine Black, Satin Titanium, Bronze)...
  28. SomeJoe7777

    FS: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires, TPMS

    For sale are a set of 4 Tesla factory 19" wheels + tires + TPMS for the Model 3, also known as the Sport wheels. These wheels are a factory option for non-performance RWD and AWD Model 3s at a $1500 upgrade price from the 18" Aero wheels. Specifications: Wheel size: 19"x8.5" Offset: +40 mm...
  29. Xenoilphobe

    Group Buy Poll for Mono-Block Forged Alloy Wheels by Titan 7

    Ok guys you know the deal - we are trying to get a group buy nailed down on these forged Mono-block wheels: Price ~$1900 per set, the more we order the more we save.... Titan 7 Forged Wheels - Forged For All You get to vote two times (in case you want staggered) The Center Bore will be 64.1...