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19" rims

  1. BearlyAdulting

    19" Wheels for '22 MYP

    I'm beyond thrilled with my decision to get the 19" wheel set from TSportline for my MYP. I got them equipped with the Michelin CrossClimate2's and haven't looked back. I live in Boise, which gets a little bit of snow in the city, but lots of snow in the mountains. I wanted to have a softer ride...
  2. N

    Gemini wheels and Continental Tires: NorCal

    New set of Gemini Wheels and Continental tires for sale in NorCal. Set includes: - 4 Gemini 19" wheels - 4 tires: Continental ProControl 255/45 R 19 104W M S radial - 4 Gemini wheel covers *Tire pressure sensors NOT included These wheels and tires are in perfect condition with less than 150...
  3. ESE Carbon

    Vendor Carbon Fiber Rims Are Ready to Roll!...

    After a decade of research, design, testing and perfecting, ESE Carbon is excited to announce that the FIRST and ONLY fully carbon fiber wheels for Tesla Model S and Model 3 are now shipping! ONLY 17 LBS, our E2 carbon fiber wheels are currently available in 19x8.5 with additional sizes and...
  4. Nomad1

    Moderately used MY Gemini 19" wheels + tires + caps (N. Florida)

    Selling my Geminis from 2020 Model Y with All-season Continental tires. No lugs and TPMS sensors. Included: Tesla 19" Gemini rims + Continental ProContact 255/45/R19 tires + Gemini Caps. Condition varies from fair to good, tires has from 6/32" to 9/32" left, about 13000 miles on each except...
  5. nico71

    Not Available Rimetrix-Laminar Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y- Brand New!

    Brand new in box set of 4 Rimetrix Laminar wheel covers for Tesla Model Y Gemini 19" OEM wheels. Includes 4 wheel covers, 4 center caps and 1 rim protection kit. I bought them originally for my MYLR but I ended up upgrading to Model Y Performance so I don't need them anymore. Selling them for...
  6. D

    Aftermarket rim question Tesla Model X center bore hubcentric rings Volk ZE40

    Hi guys. First post here so sorry if this was discussed before, but I searched and can't find relevant information. No harm in asking right? So I'm looking for some 19" rims for my 2018 Model X. Everybody seems to go for 20"+ size rims but I'd like to "downgrade" from my stock 20" slipstreams...
  7. M

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spotrs Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually *Sold*

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spots Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually Pulled off a 2021 Model 3 Long-Range, 3 months old! 2 Rims are immaculate $500 each 1 Rim Has a Visible scratch along the side $250 1 Rim has a big chunk missing from the edge (Ran over brick) Free to...
  8. Leeon

    SV104 Signature Wheels for Sale 19x8.5 - Brushed Black Triple Tinted

    Set of Signature Wheels for sale. Fits all Model 3 trims. 19x8.5 F+20 / R+13. Fully forged and super light weight. Increased range by about 25%. Retail $5462 - Purchsed in Jan 2021. 0 curb rash or dings. $4000 OBO...
  9. A

    Will these Ford Performance wheels fit the Model 3?

    Hello! I am taking delivery of my first Tesla next week, and I have a bit of a strange question.. I am selling my Mustang GT which has these 19 inch Performance Pack wheels, and I wonder if they will fit on the Model 3? Im very noobie when it comes to wheels so I have no idea... Reason why is...
  10. Knightowl

    19" original Tesla S rim/s good as a winter spare

    Seeing what interest there may be on my original 19" S rims. One was slightly bent, the other 3 are still good. Open to offers, local to Colorado Springs. Photos below, bent rim is marked.
  11. M

    2021 Model 3 19 Inch Refreshed Sport Wheels and Caps for sale - brand new

    Selling my 2021 Model 3 19 Inch Refreshed Sport Wheels and Caps (no lugs or tpms). They are literally brand new, taken off immediately upon arrival of my Model 3. Build-date of car was 5/2021. Maybe have 5 miles on them lol. Not a single blemish, etc. on any of them. Live in Round Rock...
  12. ZZ_KITT

    FS: 19" Model S - Silver Wheels w/Tires & TPMS - SF BAY AREA

    Went custom wheels for Model S - these are available for sale, only 6k miles, original tread depth - per photos attached. $1200 obo (Cash, Paypal or Venmo) Pickup: Redwood City, CA (sorry, can't ship) 4 x 19X8.0J - Silver wheels 4 x 245/45/19 - Michelin Pilot Sport tires 4 x tire pressure -...
  13. AppStar

    FS: Ultra Light Gloss Black 19" Forged Model 3 Wheels and Tires

    For Sale: Gloss Black 19" VS Forged VS02 wheels 19x9 in the front 19x10 in the rear TMPS sensors M14 X1.5 Black Lug Nuts Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires mounted These are extremely light truly forged wheels (not flow formed!) custom fit for the Tesla Model 3. Ultra glossy! Small curb rash on...
  14. B

    Selling 19" Model S OEM Rims w/ new tires - $800 obo

    We're selling our 19" stock Model S OEM rims w/ practically brand new Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires (driven on maybe 50 miles). We got new tires for the rims then my husband bought the arachnid rims so the tires are still in really good condition. The rims do have some minor cosmetic curb rash...
  15. K

    New 19" Slipstream wheels only for sale!

    I have a set of 19" Slipstream wheels only for sale. Literally drove from delivery to tire shop (10 miles). Watch video or request pics. Serious offers please. Asking $950 for local pick up in Georgia area. Willing to ship, but you will need to cover the cost of packaging and shipping. I...
  16. Rediah

    Set of 4 - Slipstream Wheels

    Looking for a set of 4 Slipstream wheels (and if possible) tires in new or relatively new condition. I am located in the Washington D.C. area and am will to pay for shipping (if the price is right). Please send me a PM.
  17. bradyquick1

    FOR SALE: 19" Silver Slipstream Factory Rims- 294 miles