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  1. B

    For Sale Genuine OEM 2021-2023 Tesla Model S Refresh Long Range / Plaid 19” Tempest Wheels & Continental ProContact RX tires. Under 200 miles! San Diego, CA.

    Location: SoCal Up for sale is a set of genuine OEM Tesla Model S Refresh 19” Tempest wheels & Tesla specific Continental ProContact RX all season tires with less than 200 miles! These new take offs are so immaculate you can eat off them! No curb rash or damage of any kind. Tires measure 9/32”...
  2. danielsan

    Sold FS: 19" Model 3 Sport Wheels - $2,100 - Norcal East Bay, Picked Up

    Selling a set of four 19" Model 3 Sport Wheels. These came off of a 2021 Standard Plus Model 3 after 6 months of driving on them & should have about less than 15,000 miles. Was removed from the vehicle and put into storage. The tires and TPMS have never been removed and are original. 4x 19X8.5J...
  3. J

    Want to TRADE . Model 3 18” for my 19”

    Looking to trade my 19” for more 3 “ wheels and tires including tpms u less it’s newer which won’t be compatible. Looking for trade plus cash. Thanks
  4. J

    Tesla model 3 19” V1 for sale

    I have a set of Tesla model 3 19” V1 with 9000 miles on them. 2 small scratches on rim approximately 1cm. No other scratches. Open to trade for 18” plus cash located in SoCal.
  5. GhostEV

    Looking for 19” Sport Wheels in SoCal (San Diego)

    Looking to buy 19” Sport Wheels in SoCal. Im open to either V1 or V2 sport wheels and I am located in San Diego but open to offers anywhere in SoCal. feel free to DM or text me 6one9-7five8-578Six
  6. I

    Ordered MYP and am looking for options of 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes.

    Hi Tesla Motors Club, Ordered MYP and am looking at 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/swap-model-y-performance-21-wheels-with-long-range-20-wheels.252455/#post-6275193 PacificPower mentioned T Sportline ones do. 19" Gemini's on a MYP mentions...
  7. A

    FS - 2022 New Model Y Gemini wheels and tires (Sacramento)

    Selling my 4x19” OEM, Tesla model Y tires, rims and covers. I get the car tomorrow, and leave Monday for 2 weeks of travel. $1800 I’m based in Sacramento. Happy to travel within a reasonable distance. Also looking for 20” tires and wheels. Please PM.
  8. U

    Aodhan DS09 19x9.5 "aggressive" fitment (22 and 15mm)

    This is a SQUARE sized setup, but with STAGGERED offsets. So you can still rotate tires front to back while maintaining a super flush fitment on your model 3. So here's the deal, I love these wheels, but it turns out that I don't love them on my black M3. I tried to do the black on black thing...
  9. rajram

    Model S 19" Tires

    Set of four used Model S 19" tires in very good condition. Tire make and model is Michelin Primacy MXM4, size is 245/45R19, load index: 98, speed rating: W. Tires have less than 4,000 miles on them and at least 6/32" of tread depth remaining. These all-season tires are OEM fitment for the...
  10. M

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spots Wheels (Rims Only)

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spots Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually or all 4 for $1000 Pulled off a 2021 Model 3 Long-Range, 3 months old! 2 Rims are immaculate $500 each 1 Rim Has a Visible scratch along the side $250 1 Rim has a big chunk missing from the edge (Ran over...
  11. rajram

    19" Model S Slipstream Wheels and Tires with TPMS

    Set of four Model S 19" Slipstream wheels with tires and TPMS for $1395 plus shipping. Wheels are Tesla OEM takeoffs from 2017 MS P100D and are in very good condition without any curb rash. Center caps not included. Tires are practically new and have less than 100 miles on them (tread depth...
  12. ZZ_KITT

    FS: 19" Model S - Silver Wheels w/Tires & TPMS - SF BAY AREA

    Went custom wheels for Model S - these are available for sale, only 6k miles, original tread depth - per photos attached. $1200 obo (Cash, Paypal or Venmo) Pickup: Redwood City, CA (sorry, can't ship) 4 x 19X8.0J - Silver wheels 4 x 245/45/19 - Michelin Pilot Sport tires 4 x tire pressure -...
  13. T

    Four 2020 Tesla Model S Factory 19 Wheels with caps OEM Rims 5x12

    This is a set of factory 2020 tesla Model S 19 inch wheels with Hubcaps, less than 1000 miles on them. Note: This is an alloy wheel with a full hubcap cover. Caps included, No sensors. Pick up from Brooklyn, NY or could deliver nearby for a fee. Asking $995 for the set.
  14. Coxwain

    M3 2018 lr awd 19" sport rims most comfortable tire

    I am looking for the largest tire size on that would fit on the 19" sport rims I am looking for a softer ride and wider sidewall I have the factory spec tires on the 19" sport rim
  15. M

    MY Wheel Covers

    Hi All - Long time reader, first time poster here....I am in love with my MY, recently drove it from North NJ to HHI, SC. One thing I went back and forth on when purchasing were the wheels. I have the base 19" Gemini with the ugly wheel covers. I told myself at time of purchase, they were...
  16. R

    Full set 19” OEM Tesla Model S Wheels - ready for winter tires! - $250

    I have a set of 4 original wheels from my Tesla Model S. They are in good condition, though each has some minor curb rash or marks (see photos for examples). They are well packaged in boxes with foam. Pair these with some winter tires, and you've got what you need for the season! Local pickup...
  17. L

    New Model 3 19" OEM RIMs w/ New Continental tires

    Received straight from Tesla as an extra set. Never been used. Asking $2000 obo, poms. (cash, certified check, or paypal) Holly Springs, NC. Local pickup.
  18. .FP.

    19" Wheels and Tires

    Selling a new set of Tempest wheels and Goodyear tires from my 2020 Model S Long Range Plus. They have about a 100 miles on them (drive home from the SC). Tires are Goodyear Eagle T1 245/45/19. Wheels are 8.5" wide and 35 offset Photos of wheels with and without aero covers on included. Located...
  19. .FP.

    19” wheels and tires

    Selling a new set of Tempest wheels and Goodyear tires from my 2020 Model S Long Range Plus. They have about a 100 miles on them (drive home from the SC). Tires are Goodyear Eagle T1 245/45/19. Photos of wheels with and without aero covers on included. Located on Staten Island, NY.
  20. S

    For Sale: 19" Matte Black Wheel and Tire Set

    Barely used and in excellent condition. 19" TST (Tsportline) wheels and Michelin Primacy tires. Fit a Tesla and other cars with a bolt pattern of 5x114.3. Tires have 10,869 miles and have a warranty of 45K miles. Have pictures and receipt attached. New the set costs ~$2,600. Priced to...
  21. .FP.

    Question about the new Tempest Wheels

    I can't seem to find the price of the new Tempest 19" wheels anywhere. I picked up a LR+ and will be selling mine with the tires. I have no idea what to price them at. Any input is appreciated. Thank you guys!
  22. Jett Black

    Model 3 19" Sport Wheels & Tires - Low Miles - $600obo + shipping/pickup

    Title explains it all. Located in Nashville, TN. Just got a new Model 3 and am upgrading my wheels and tires. They are in perfect shape. No scrapes/scratches/imperfections. $600obo + shipping. Also available for local pickup. Apologies for the water on the wheels in the pictures. IMG_1836...
  23. drewpost

    Model 3 19" Wheel All Season Tyre Suggestions

    New Model 3 RWD owner here. I've never had a RWD car before and I'm a bit paranoid about the winter. I live down in Surrey so not talking constant snow but we do get cold and we also do get the occasional accumulation. I'd like to get a good pair of all-season tyres (instead of dedicated winter...
  24. C

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - Vancouver Area, Canada

    Looking for a set of Model 3 19" sport wheels. They can be with or without tires. Located on the west coast. Please PM me, thank you!
  25. Tony_YYZ

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - Toronto Area, Canada

    Looking for a set of Model 3 19" Sport wheels. They can be with or without tires, preferably without. Located in the GTA. Please PM me, thank you!
  26. B

    19" slipstreams for sale -$900

    Hi, My 2016 Model S was in an accident two weeks ago and is now a total loss :(. I have a set of 4 original 19" slipstreams that I had on the car for 1 year before replacing them with 21" turbines. I've now ordered a Model 3 so the slipstreams will be no use to me. Looking to sell the...
  27. R

    Tesla Model S OEM 19" Wheels and Pirelli Winter Tires for Sale

    Tesla Model S 19" wheels and Pirelli Sottozero high performance winter tires in excellent condition --- a complete set of 245/45 R19 102V factory OEM 5x120 aluminum alloy rims that came as a 2nd set of wheels/tires on a leased Tesla S Performance. The vehicle has been turned in and these...
  28. D

    Set of 4 Model S 19" wheels and all-weather tires $900 for the set

    Set of 4 genuine Tesla 19" wheels plus all season tires -- mounted, balanced and ready to go for winter. Great complement to the stock 21" performance wheel. In my experience these smaller wheels significantly improved winter weather handling. The wheels have some "curb rash" from parking, but...
  29. A

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheel & Tires Complete Set + Bonus Center Caps! - $995

    I am selling my pristine condition Model 3 18 inch wheel set. This is the full package of 4 wheels and tires, complete with the TPMS and as a bonus I'm throwing in the Tesla logo center caps if you want to take the Aero covers off ($55 value). The only reason I'm selling these is that I...
  30. C

    Do 19" Wheels Come with All Season Tires?

    I have searched the forum, however, I can't find a definitive answer. I just changed my order on LR AWD to 19" wheels. I am assuming that they come with All season tires. Does anybody know what tires come with the 19" wheel.
  31. R

    P85 19" wheel width and max tire width?

    Anyone know how wide the wheels are on a 2013 P85 19" stock wheel? What is the widest tire I can install for the rears? I currently have 255/45 tires which fit, but I'm considering putting some 265/45 tires on the rear for better traction. Still getting some slip with max acceleration from full...
  32. Rediah

    Set of 4 - Slipstream Wheels

    Looking for a set of 4 Slipstream wheels (and if possible) tires in new or relatively new condition. I am located in the Washington D.C. area and am will to pay for shipping (if the price is right). Please send me a PM.
  33. JPUConn

    19" OEM Wheels/Tires/new gen TPMS - $1,250

    Set of 4 19" factory OEM Wheels, Tires and TPMS Asking $1,250 OBO Location central CT - will entertain shipping Goodyear Eagle RSA2 245/45 R19 98V Tesla SC just installed brand new Continental TPMS sensors and balanced all 4 tires. This is for the newer gen tpms. Tread depth as pictured...
  34. S

    New 19" Slipstream Wheels and Tires for Sale (Dallas)

    I have a set of 4 OEM wheels and tires for sale from my 2017 Model S. 30 days old and 980 miles. Absolutely perfect condition with no scratches, rash or other marks. Includes TPMS sensors. Available for pickup in the Dallas area. Asking $1,500 for the set.
  35. S

    [WANTED] 19" Winter Tires & Wheels - Toronto area

    I'm looking for anyone looking to sell their 19" Winter Wheels/Tires set. Preferably OEM, with TPMS. I am located in the Toronto, Ontario
  36. Chris

    19" OEM Wheels, Pirelli Sottozero, TPMS (DMV area)

    19" OEM Wheels with Pirelli Sottozero snow tires mounted, TPMS sensors (early version), silver lug nuts for sale. The wheels are in great condition without any damages. Tires used for three seasons but probably have some life left. Prefer local pickup but will consider shipping if I figure out...
  37. S

    21" Wheel Swap For 19"??

    Hey everyone! This is my first post on my second day as a CPO owner of a 2013 P85+ Model S. Basically, I have the silver 21" wheels that come with the Performance package, but since I'm going to paint the wheels black, I really would rather have the 19" wheels. The tires have about 30% tread...
  38. TeslaSinHR

    SCC Super Z6 tire SZ143 chains (Seattle)

    Security Chain Company Z6 SZ 143 chains - never used. $50 Selling my Tesla so no longer needed. A must have in your car if you drive in the mountains just in case. These have never been used. Engineering for cars, pickups and SUVs that, by design, restrict or limit the use of tire chains due...
  39. rfmurphy81

    List of 19" Wheels

    Hi everyone, I took delivery of my Model S before the Slipstream replaced the previous wheel version, so I currently have the double spoke wheels. I've been wanting to replace these with a newer set, hopefully something sexier, but I'd really like to stick to the 19" rather than move to the 21"...
  40. nigel25

    T Sportline Matte Black 19" TST Wheels - Colorado

    Selling my 19" TST wheels, copied from Panjo: Matte Black 19" TST Wheels (comes with matching lug nut cover set) I am trading in my P85D for a Model X soon and had to put the original wheels back on. These 19" matte black wheels look amazing and are in fantastic condition. They have been used...
  41. J

    19" OEM Wheels For Sale

    For Sale: Used Tesla 19" OEM wheels (set of 4) off my 2013 Model S. OEM wheels include OEM TPMS sensors but no caps or tires. Wheels are in good condition, no curb rash but minor imperfections. New wheels and TPMS would cost $1,400. Set of 4 used, $700, plus shipping.
  42. J

    19" OEM Wheels For Sale

    For Sale: Used Tesla 19" OEM wheels (set of 4) off my 2013 Model S. OEM wheels include OEM TPMS sensors but no caps or tires. Wheels are in good condition, no curb rash but minor imperfections. New wheels and TPMS would cost $1,400. Set of 4 used, $700, plus shipping.
  43. J

    19" OEM Wheels For Sale

    For Sale: Used Tesla 19" OEM wheels (set of 4) off my 2013 Model S. OEM wheels include OEM TPMS sensors but no caps or tires. Wheels are in good condition, no curb rash but minor imperfections. New wheels and TPMS would cost $1,400. Set of 4 used, $700.
  44. E

    Brand new 19" 5 spokes with brand new tires for sell

    I am interested in swapping my brand new 19 inch 5 spokes for 21 inch turbine wheels. These are brand new and have only been used for less than 70 miles. I am looking for the grey version but also considering the silver wheels. Please message me if interested. Thanks
  45. E

    Looking to swap 19 inch 5 spokes for 21 inch turbine wheels

    have brand new 19" 5 spokes, my 70D still at the dealer. Let me know if anyone interested of swaping. Elton
  46. X

    19" OEM Wheels w/ Opticoat Pro

    I replaced these OEM 19" wheels. They're all coated with Opticoat Pro permanently so they're extremely easy to clean and it also prevents brake dust from collecting as much. 2 wheels have curb rash, 1 of the 2 is more visible, please see pictures. Wheels only; local preferred in the...
  47. B

    stock 19" wheels and tires

    {SOLD}stock 19" wheels and tires I just swapped my 19" stock wheels to 21" BC forged, loving the look very much! Now i am looking to sell the set of 4 stock wheels+tires wheels are 19" (not the turbine ones) and tires are michelin my car arrived in Oct 2015, wheels are in perfect condition...
  48. B

    Want to Trade: My Silver 21" Turbine Silver Staggered for your Grey 21" Staggered

    Hello, I currently own 21" Turbine silver staggered rims and would like to swap for the grey 21" staggered rims. Does anyone want silver? I'm in San Diego. Thanks in advance!
  49. G

    Trade your 21"s for my brand new 19"s + $$$

    I ordered my Model S scheduled for June delivery. It's too late to change my order. I realized that I really want the 21" wheels. If there are any Southern CA Tesla owners that would prefer the stock 19" wheels to their 21" wheels, I'd be happy to work out a trade. I prefer silver, but would...
  50. RonKorakas

    19" Wheels and Tires ** $999 INCLUDING SHIPPING + Paypal Fee **

    19" Wheels and Tires ** $999 INCLUDING SHIPPING + Paypal Fee ** One set of 4 Tesla , 19" Wheels, Silver, Original Design. 4 Center Caps 4 Tires (TMPS not included) HOW: The condition of the wheels are just used. I'm not gonna try to blow smoke up your a$$. They are the original wheels...

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