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20 inch wheels

  1. J

    FS: 2021 20'' Model 3 Performance Wheels (Uberturbines)

    I'm selling a set of 4 20" Tesla Model 3 uberturbine factory wheels/rims (1044267-00-A). There are no visible scratches on the fronts of any of the wheels, though there are the usual defects on the inside and backs (none of which are visible once the wheels are installed). I put about 600 miles...

    Model X 20 inch Slipstream wheels and tires

    Have a set of staggered 20 inch wheels and tires. Tire life is pretty good only around 1,000 miles on them. i have the exact depths below. Wheels are rash free. Couple scuffs but nothing that can’t be removed with a little cleaning. looking for $950. Local pickup or ship if buyer pays...
  3. Kee_Chain

    A back and forth shake on highway bumps.

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well, I noticed something today, every time I go 55-70 MPH, my car makes a back and forth shake when hitting bumps. It is not dangerously violent but subtle, it is annoying and uncomfortable. I do have the 20in Induction wheels but I highly doubt this is the...
  4. MattAndLou

    (3) Model 3 Performance Tires For Sale SoCal

    Hey All Had an insurance claim where they just replaced all 4 tires. These only have 10k easy miles. I say easy because I took pics of the new and old and I can’t tell the difference in tread wear. Was going to save them, but I really don’t have the space in the garage. Thought I’d pass...
  5. Leeon

    Vossen HF3 wheels and tire set Model 3 $3000

    Staggered setup of Vossen HF3 Gloss Black 20x9 +32 20x10.5 +45 on Michelin A/S 3+ 245/35F 285/30R They have about 90% tread. Will fit any model 3. Original price $2900 for wheels and $1100 for tires. Total $4k. No curb rash or scratches on wheels. $3000 OBO. Willing to ship. Will include TPMS...
  6. BriAziz

    New Wheels for MS 19” vs 20” EVwheel turbine

    Hi Everyone, I’m contemplating buying new wheels for 2021 MS. I came across EVwheels direct they have incredible pricing but they I just literally got the car and it’s pretty expensive I don’t want to screw anything up. #1) I’ve the stock 19” Tempest wheels and I noticed the car only allows...
  7. T

    Dallas/Frisco, TX: MODEL Y/LR/New 20" Induction OEM Wheels(Black) for sale mid-December

    Black Friday Delivery of 2021 Model Y-switching out wheels mid-December: selling local for $1800 (all 4).
  8. J

    WTB: 20" Induction Wheels Model Y San Diego

    Hello All, I am looking to buy a set of 20" induction wheels for the model Y in San Diego. Ideally looking to buy with TPMS and maybe the Tires. DM Me.
  9. C

    looking for used 20" X rims with tires near or shipping to Cincinnati

    Hello, In Cincinnati looking to buy used set of 20" rims with tires for model x. Black rims preferred but will also consider silver. Please let me know if you are in the area such that I might pick them up or would be shipping to me and your best price. thanks, Carl
  10. mikey_bs

    FS: M3 20’’ Überturbine Wheels

    This is my first post as I just put down a deposit on a 2021 M3 performance. This is also my first Tesla! I am pumped about all the Model 3 upgrades with the exception of one..... I am not crazy about the 20’’ Überturbine Wheels. They resemble the Model Y performance wheels which I never...
  11. MichaelP90DL

    Question about staggered wheel & tire setup for 2020 MS Performance

    I'm replacing the stock 19" wheels with cooler rims and new tires. My previous 2015 MS P90DL had these tires: F: 245/35ZR21 R: 265/35ZR21 It was a pretty harsh ride. I understand this is partly due to the 21" wheels and also due to the low aspect ratio (35). In researching new wheels and...
  12. Blaine

    20 inch Slipstream wheels and tires For Sale

    MX by Blaine posted Sep 30, 2020 at 11:02 AMSelling a set of staggered 20 inch Slipstream wheels and tires from my Model X. $400!!!!! There is curb rash on each of them, but it can be fixed up easily. I have the lug nuts and center caps. No TPMS. Just looking to get them out of my garage...
  13. G

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels or 20" Performance Wheels | Miami, FL

    Hello, I am looking to buy a set of Model 3 19" Sport Wheels -or- 20" Silver/ Gray Performance wheels. The wheels must be in good shape and perfectly round without any previous repairs. I live in Miami, Florida and I am willing to commute up to 275 miles from Miami for pick up if the price...
  14. K

    FS: Model 3 FReferral Wheels

    I have an unused set of Model 3 referral wheels for sale $4K OBO They are located in San Diego, CA and I don't want to ship. Parts included: TIRE,235/R20 MICHELIN Order Qty: 4 WHEEL ORNAMENTATION CENTER CAP - ZERO G Order Qty: 4 WHEEL, 20X9.0J ET40, ZERO-G Order Qty: 4 LUG NUT COVER...
  15. K

    FS: Model 3 Forged Referral Wheels

    I have an unused set of Model 3 referral wheels for sale $4K OBO They are located in San Diego, CA and I don't want to ship. Parts included: TIRE,235/R20 MICHELIN Order Qty: 4 WHEEL ORNAMENTATION CENTER CAP - ZERO G Order Qty: 4 WHEEL, 20X9.0J ET40, ZERO-G Order Qty: 4 LUG NUT COVER...
  16. C

    20 inch Performance Wheels with Tires and TPMS for Model 3 Performance FOR SALE $3500

    Hello everyone, just picked up my Model 3P. I bought myself a set of VMR Wheels and Coilovers. Looking to sell my stock wheels. Wheels/tires have less than 1000 miles on them, purchased car brand new. Also will come with the tire pressure monitor sensors so all you need to do is mount them on...
  17. Tello

    FOR SALE: Aftermarket Axis 20" Model S Wheel/All-Season Tire Package

    FOR SALE! I'm the happy owner of a MY and no longer have use for an amazing 20" MS wheel/tire combo. There are (5) total wheels included in the package. (4) of the "Axis" wheels are mounted/balanced on Continental Extreme Contact All Season tires. The tires are in good shape and (2) of them are...
  18. V

    Model 3 Forged Referral Wheels for sale

    I have a set of Model 3 referral wheels for a LR RWD. $5000 obo. Located in Santa Barbara, Ca. Will not ship. Parts included: TIRE,235/35R20 92Y,MICHELIN SUMMER-SRVC Part #: 1234258-00-A Order Qty: 4 WHEEL ORNAMENTATION CENTER CAP - ZERO G Part #: 1044232-01-A Order Qty: 4 WHEEL...
  19. Bbarnes704

    MX 20" Silver Wheels

    I'm selling my original 20" MX Silver wheels that were taken off the car at 1,200 miles. Prefer local to Charlotte NC transaction. $1,200 OBO
  20. nikhil726

    Tesla Model 3 Track Package Wheels

    Looking to sell my brand new track package wheels 34mm offset. No tires just rims. Located in Cranbury, NJ 08512 They’re brand new and were never driven on. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492 with any questions
  21. A

    Just found my Source Code VIN! 20" Wheels

    20" Wheels/ White Exterior/ Black Interior/ NO FSD/ LR AWD My vin is in the 4xxx's and I see a lot of vins in the 10xxx's. Does this mean my car is older production (pre-lockdown?)
  22. S

    Model S, new 20 inch rims, gloss black, need to sell quickly

    Hi, I'm selling a set of (4), 20" x 9", Tsportline 20 inch rims for the Tesla Model S. These are the flow forged, gloss black set (they are hybrid forged wheels). They are new. I changed my mind and bought different style of wheels, but unfortunately can't return these. I am willing to take...
  23. R

    New 20 inch OEM Slipstream wheels w/tires and TPMS for a Model X

    Located on Los Angeles I am looking to sell my wheels as soon as possible. They are new and only used to drive home where I installed the 22 inch black slipstream wheels. I am looking for $1,500 but am open to all offers.
  24. ctapiam3

    18inch tss tsportline on performance model 3

    Hey guys, so I receive my TSS T Sportline 18 inch wheels on Monday for my performance with performance upgrade. I currently have It dropped with the UP SP springs. How do you think the car would look with the 18s and dropped? please weigh in. also selling the stock performance 20s if anyone is...
  25. P


    I have a set of FOUR wheels taken off 2020 Model 3 Performance at less than 50 miles for sale. Will sell as whole set - all four. Includes everything that came from factory as new: Wheels - Michelin PS4 - less than 50 miles Rims - New Gray Tesla Performance - no damage TPMS Lug Nuts Center...
  26. ElectricTravel

    20" TSW Nurburgring wheels for Model S, semi-gloss gunmetal, Vista, CA

    TSW Nurburgring wheels for Model S. 20" diameter, 9" wide. Rotary forged for strength and light weight. I had these on my Model S, but they have a bit too much "poke" for my taste (the wheels stick out further than I'd like). They will definitely fit a Model S though--see the pictures. The...
  27. K

    FS 20” Tesla Model 3 Performance Rims Silver with Tires

    I have 4 20” Model 3 Perfomance rims and tires. Tires have 5/32 measured by NTB. Looking for $2250 OBO I will post pictures tomorrow. No curb rash.
  28. mrfra62

    Sneeuwkettingen Tesla x

    Goedemiddag. Ga voor het eerst met mijn model X op wintersport en wel naar Frankrijk. Vraagje over sneeuwkettingen voor Tesla X. Winterbanden maat 275/45/20. Voor mijn oude auto heb ik kettingen liggen die passen op 275/40/20. Dat zal om mijn tesla banden niet lukken. Nu gekeken op internet en...
  29. X

    Comfort and noice levels on LR AWD vs Performance

    Can someone that test-drove (or maybe owns ? ) both, comment on the difference in comfort and noise levels on the two cars? I understand that Performance has lowered suspension and 20" wheels but how much of a difference does it fell during normal driving? And is there any difference on...
  30. AndreyATC

    FS: Model S - Avant Garde M510 wheels, tires and TPMs included

    Selling Avant Garde M510 wheels + tires Price $1,700 I will ship if required, additional cost Color: Smoked Graphite Size: Front rims: 20x8.5 ET30 Rear rims: 20x10 ET32 Tires, under 500 miles : 245/40ZR-20 CONTINENTAL EXTREMECONTACT DW XL 275/35ZR-20 CONTINENTAL...
  31. S

    20-Inch Performance Michelin Summer Sport Tires with Performance Wheels

    I decided to buy after market tires and no longer have a need for these. I will be shipping them mounted. They already have the TPMS as well so they are ready to thrown onto your car! The tires have about 5,000 miles on them so they are basically brand new still. The wheel itself is about $800...
  32. C

    20” Tesla Model 3 Performance Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires and TPMS with 46 miles

    Hello All, We just got our Model 3 P3D and I'm super excited. My parents love the car but my mom is not comfortable with the 20-inch wheels so we replaced them with 19's. Since this is her car, they are up for sale for anyone who wants them. See below: FOR SALE: Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor...
  33. TM34M

    Tires for a 19x9.5 +35 square setup on a P3D+?

    What tire size should I get for a 19x9.5 square setup on my P3D+? Replacing stock 20”s, bent wheels due to pothole only after two months of driving. Jersey roads. 265/35/19 265/40/19 255/35/19 255/40/19 Also, are 19x9.5 +35 the right setup for the performance model 3? i.e better than the stock...
  34. T


    Selling a brand new set of black 20” slipstream wheels for the model X from factory not powder coated. Never mounted still in box No tpms No caps No lug covers Local pick up in Sacramento, California $1100 obo
  35. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Brixton 20" RF7 Wheels for Model 3 *Special Pricing*

    **UPDATE** 09/05/19 : Only 1 satin anthracite sets left! Hi everyone, I'm offering special pricing on Brixton RF7 wheels for the Model 3. I have 3 sets of Satin Black and Satin Anthracite/Gunmetal in stock and once these 6 sets sell out, the special pricing ends. Size: 20x9 | 20x10.5 Finish...
  36. NoSoup4U!

    Trade 20’’ for 22’’ wheels

    Are you looking to increase the range of your Model X? Want more practicality and less worry about curb rash? A more comfortable ride and some money saved when new tires are called for? Trade your silver 22’’s for my silver 20’’s! I’m just in it for the looks! If you’d like to have some cash...
  37. kev1n

    Titan7 Wheels Group Buy Model S/X

    First I would like to thank @Xenoilphobe for setting up the group buy for Model 3 owners. This thread will be to get a group buy going for Model S/X owners and to gauge interest in wheel style and size. there are two wheel choices available, 3 colors(Machine Black, Satin Titanium, Bronze)...
  38. SD_Engnr

    Model 3 20" Performance Wheels, Tires, TPMS

    All 4 wheels, tires, center caps, and TPMS are included. These have 3685 miles, and will climb weekly by approximately 150 miles until sold. Track time was limited to a few runs down an 1/8 mile strip. They have been coated in Opti-coat, and clean up nicely. One wheel had a quick rendezvous...
  39. D

    Model X Slipstream Wheels includes TPMS, lugs, lug covers, center cap and tires

    Up for sale are 4 staggered fitment Model X factory slipstream wheels. 9x20 with 265/45/20 and 9.5x20 with 275/45/20. Wheels are plasti-dipped flat black with glossifier. Includes factory TPMS ($70 each), lugs, lug covers, center caps and tires. Asking $1800, buyer pays shipping. Located in...
  40. nikhil726

    T-Sportline 20" M3115 Forged Tesla Wheel

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a set of T-Sportline 20-inch Forged Wheels for my Model 3 Performance Edition with Performance Upgrade. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492, looking to buy immediately.
  41. B

    20" Performance (P3D+) Wheels & Tires for SALE

    Currently expecting delivery of my P3D+ "by late September," basically meaning any day! Doing a bunch of modifications upon delivery, including changing out the wheels and tires. If you're considering upgrading to the 20" Performance wheels, now is the time to get them direct from Tesla, without...
  42. B

    Larger model s tires and wheels

    I have finally wore out the OEM tires that came on my 2016 p100d. I purchased the car with 19" wheels with the intent of using these wheels for winter tires and purchasing larger diameter wheels for my summer tires. I like the ride quality of the 19 inch wheels and the handling is much better...

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