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20 inch

  1. C

    Touch up paint for 20” inductions

    Does anyone have a good colour match for the induction wheels? Finally curbed my inductions and looking to sand it down and touch up the paint Thanks!
  2. B

    FS: 22" Vossen HF-3 Hybrid Forged Satin Black Staggered Wheels 22x9 and 22x10.5 for Model S - San Diego

    Are you ready to make your Tesla Model S a summer beauty queen? Look no further than these Vossen 22 inch Satin Black HF-3 wheels! Vossen HF-3 Hybrid Forged Series Wheels Color: Satin Black Bolt Pattern: 5x120 Center Bore: 64.1mm Fronts Wheels: 22" x 9" Offset +25 Nexen Tires N-Fera SU1 P 245...
  3. S

    FS: 20" HRE FF21 w/ Michelin PS4S : Like New

    Up for sale is my like new set of 20" HRE FF21's in liquid metal with 255/35/20 Michelin PS4S tires. These wheels were literally just released not too long ago by HRE. Both tires and wheels were bought new and have around 700 or so miles. Absolutely perfect condition and has been ceramic...
  4. A

    20” Model 3 wheels + Tires $800

    Set of 4 20” Silver Tesla wheels of M3P. Curb rash one 2 wheels, two tires are less than a month use. Selling all 4 together, not individually. In Malvern, PA 19355 Cash only.
  5. N

    20 in Ubertine Wheels and Tires for Model 3 For Sale

    I have a set of new model 3 Ubertine 20in wheels and tires for sale. I just took them off my new M3P. Tires are stock pirellis that come with model 3 performance. They have about 300 miles on them, excellent condition. It does not come with TPMS sensors. You can use your stock ones. $2400. I’m...
  6. J

    Model Y 20" Induction Wheels... For $6K extra? NSW Stamp Duty

    I have a Model Y on order and just added both the white interior and 20" induction wheels as I love the look. But in NSW, this combination puts you over the stamp duty exemption and adds $3K extra to the order price. So removing the 20" wheels reduces the purchase price by ~$6K (plus interest)...
  7. B

    FS: Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M Spec 20” Matte Black $6k - Bay Area

    Volk TE37 Ultra M-spec Matte Black 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern 20x9.5 +25 20x11 +40 Falken FK510 265/40r20 295/35r20 OEM TPMS sensor Matte black Volk Center Caps 2000 miles $6k Pick up only. Bay Area. Cash
  8. E

    WTS - Virginia - 2022 M3P 20" Uberturbines with Pirelli P Zeros

    What’s Included 4x 20X8.5 Uberturbine Wheels 3 wheels in perfect condition 1 wheel with hairline scratch. Barely noticeable 4x 235/35/20 Pirelli P Zero tires with 7k miles each 4x Tesla logo Uberturbine wheel caps Swap your TPMS and all ready to go! Price $2500 OBO Local pick-up in...
  9. A

    FS - Brand new 2022 M3 Performance Wheel/Tire

    I’m posting in advance of taking delivery on 06/29. I plan to swap out the 20" Uberturbines as soon as I take delivery of my 2022 Model 3 Performance. They will only be driven home from the dealership which is about 15 miles away. Will include all center caps and TPMSs. Local pickup in...
  10. A

    FS - Brand new 2022 M3 Performance Wheel/Tire, SA, TX: $3K

    20" Model 3 Uberturbine wheels, OE Pirelli P Zero summer tires for sale. Picking up on 06/29 and taking them off right away. Wheels/tires taken off of brand new Model 3 Performance. Willing to sell with or without the bluetooth TPMS. Located in San Antonio, TX area. Willing to meet within...
  11. thebestiam1

    WTB: 20” Model 3 Performance OEM Grey Sport Wheels

    Looking for the OEM grey version of the Model 3 Performance Sport wheels that were released in 2020. Not looking for the Uberturbine version. I’m located in the Bay Area, CA - would prefer close by. Must be unmodified (not powder coated) and have no defects.
  12. K

    2020 Model 3 Performance 20” Dark Grey Wheels

    20 inch OEM Tesla wheels and tires. Good condition. 2020 Model 3 Performance Package wheels. Priced at $2200 with wheels+ tires for all 4. Wheels: 20x8.5 114.3mm 5 lug bolt pattern 35mm offset Aluminum Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/35 ZR20 92Y Extra Load Treadwear: 300...
  13. P

    Change only one tire? NTB won't do it

    New to the forum. I have brand new Falkens on the rear and and OEM Michelins at the front. Car is a performance 20in wheels. I need to replace the passenger front tire due to debris on road but the other 3 have very low mileage. NTB says I need to replace all 4 and won't do only one. I've...
  14. J

    MY wheel swap (My Inductions for your Uberturbines) (San Diego)

    Looking to swap my freshly powder coated (satin black, but look even nicer than from factory) 20” induction wheels. No bends, scratches, perfect condition. Center caps included. They are mounted on brand new Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires. Will sell my set for $2800 or prefer a straight...
  15. J

    FOR SALE: Model Y 20” induction wheels (freshly powdercoated!)

    Freshly powder coated (satin black, but look even nicer than from factory) and haven’t been driven since. No bends, scratches, perfect condition. Center caps included. $1600 No trades, local only in SAN DIEGO!
  16. K

    New Model 3 performance 20" Uberturbine Wheels (Socal)

    Hi all, I have a set of 20" Uberturbines for sale from a 2022 model 3 Performance, I removed them when there was only 15 miles on the ODO, they have no scratches, curb rash or defects of any kind. They include factory 2022 TPMS sensors, 235/35 R20 Pirelli Pzero Tires, and centercaps. Price is...
  17. M

    Sell/Trade NEW Model Y 21in Uber Turbines (Los angeles/ socal)

    Brand new 21in Uberturbines with All Season tires. Looking to trade for 20 or 19in tire/wheel combo, or to sell (make me an offer). I am in LA and willing to work with anyone in socal. no deliveries unfortunately. thanks!
  18. F

    M3P 20 Inch Uberturbines + TPMS + P Zero tires (OEM) for sale

    Just pulled these off my new M3P. Tires have about 1000 miles on them pretty much new. No scratches. Selling for $2000 firm DM for pics.
  19. X

    WTT: Volks TE37 Ultra 20x10 +30 PnP with lug nuts for 20" Turbine wheels

    Hi everyone, Deciding to give my car to my dad so I want to sell my 20x10 +30 square set up Volk TE37 Ultra's. These are direct plug and play for Model Y and will come with Project Kics R40 lug nuts. Tires have about 4500 miles on them. Wheels are ceramic coated but may need another coat soon...
  20. R

    FS: Model 3 Performance OEM Tires Michelin 235/35/20 TO (Tesla Original)

    I'll soon be selling my M3P and no longer need these.Looking for local sale. 4 x New Michelin 235/35/r20 TO DOT 3120 x 3 DOT 3320 x 1 $1000
  21. SirLaz

    2020 M3P 20" Performance wheels (Satin black) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    Selling my 20" Performance wheels off my 2020 M3P purchased in September 2020. Wheels are powder coated satin black. All 4 wheels are 100% clean, no curb rash or nicks. Comes with the OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, rear tires were recently replaced and have about 1k miles on them, front have...
  22. J

    WTB: 20" Induction Wheels Model Y San Diego

    Hello All, I am looking to buy a set of 20" induction wheels for the model Y in San Diego. Ideally looking to buy with TPMS and maybe the Tires. DM Me.
  23. MrTemple

    255/45R20 Tires on the 20" Inductions?

    I'm looking to put Michelin CrossClimate tires on the 20" Inductions. Unfortunately the OEM tire on the 20" is 255/40R20. And there's not a lot of selection at that size. The closest I can get with the CrossClimates is 255/45R20/XL 105W. How practical is it to run 255/45/R20s? I've heard you...
  24. K

    Costs for Replacement 19" or 20" Sports Rims

    Hello, Was looking to just purchase the sports rims in either 19" or 20" directly from Tesla Parts but never able to get a hold of anyone on the phone. Would anyone know how much this would costs? (just the rims and not the package that is sold on the Tesla website) Thanks!
  25. Bbarnes704

    MX 20" Silver Wheels

    I'm selling my original 20" MX Silver wheels that were taken off the car at 1,200 miles. Prefer local to Charlotte NC transaction. $1,200 OBO
  26. R

    New 20 inch OEM Slipstream wheels w/tires and TPMS for a Model X

    Located on Los Angeles I am looking to sell my wheels as soon as possible. They are new and only used to drive home where I installed the 22 inch black slipstream wheels. I am looking for $1,500 but am open to all offers.
  27. chudiddy

    Tesla Model X 20" Slip Stream Wheels w/Nokian Hakkapeliita R3 Tires

    I live in Northeast PA and prepared myself for what I thought was going to be a snowy winter. Turns out we hardly got any snow and I thought I would post them up for sale. These are a staggered setup and are freshly plasti-dipped to perfection. I meticulously prepped them and applied 5+ coats...
  28. K

    FS: Stock Model X 20" Tires (SoCal) (Continental CrossContact LX Sport) - $700

    I'm selling the stock Model X 20" tires Swapped my tires to something else soon after delivery, so tires are like new. Continental CrossContact LX Sport 2 x 265/45R20, 2 x 275/45R20 Retail $1300++ new Selling $700 + Shipping or pickup. I'm located in Garden Grove, CA
  29. K

    FS 20" Tesla Model 3 Performance Wheels (Silver) and Tires - Used

    I have 4 x 20" wheels and tires (Michelin PS4). I am selling them because I purchased a new set of wheels and tires for my Model 3. - Wheels in excellent condition, one rim has minor curb rash. I can have it repaired for you if you'd like - Tires have 5-4/32" thread left. So they are towards...
  30. ElectricTravel

    20" TSW Nurburgring wheels for Model S, semi-gloss gunmetal, Vista, CA

    TSW Nurburgring wheels for Model S. 20" diameter, 9" wide. Rotary forged for strength and light weight. I had these on my Model S, but they have a bit too much "poke" for my taste (the wheels stick out further than I'd like). They will definitely fit a Model S though--see the pictures. The...
  31. ElectricIAC

    Winter tires....All (No) Season?

    So I’ve made the decision to keep my P3D+ 20” for the time being and will swap out with the Gemini 19” when the Mrs’ LYD arrives. We have a trip coming up to CO and anticipate some wintry weather both coming and going and want a nice grippy tire that will still function well in more favorable...
  32. J

    2020 Model 3 Performance Grey 20" Wheels and Tires

    I am selling my brand new set of 2020 OEM M3 Performance Grey 20" wheels with 181 miles on them. They were taken off of my car just after delivery. These are the new Performance Wheels in the dark charcoal (almost black) color. There is not a scratch or mark on them. They include wheels...
  33. J

    Model X rim and tire swap: Looking for 20", have 22"

    I just picked up a 2017 Model X from Tesla and it came with 22" Black Onyx Wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires. Wheels in near perfect shape, will send/add pics soon. I'm looking to sell or swap for 20" Black Tesla Rims and an all season tire if possible. Location: Boston MA
  34. E

    Slipstreams 20” from Model X

    I have a set of 20” silver slipstreams with tires and 2nd gen tpms. Replaced with turbines at 10k miles. Tires are in great shape. There are minimal imperfections and no significant curb rash. I finally took pics- please see attachments. I can sell for $800. Located near San Ramon supercharger...
  35. AndreyATC

    FS: Model S - Avant Garde M510 wheels, tires and TPMs included

    Selling Avant Garde M510 wheels + tires Price $1,700 I will ship if required, additional cost Color: Smoked Graphite Size: Front rims: 20x8.5 ET30 Rear rims: 20x10 ET32 Tires, under 500 miles : 245/40ZR-20 CONTINENTAL EXTREMECONTACT DW XL 275/35ZR-20 CONTINENTAL...
  36. S

    20-Inch Performance Michelin Summer Sport Tires with Performance Wheels

    I decided to buy after market tires and no longer have a need for these. I will be shipping them mounted. They already have the TPMS as well so they are ready to thrown onto your car! The tires have about 5,000 miles on them so they are basically brand new still. The wheel itself is about $800...
  37. S

    For Sale: 20-Inch Performance Michelin Summer Sport with Performance Wheels

    I decided to buy after market tires and no longer have a need for these. I will be shipping them mounted. They already have the TPMS as well so they are ready to thrown onto your car! The tires have about 5,000 miles on them so they are basically brand new still. The wheel itself is about $800...
  38. Rich Lee

    Signature Wheels SV104 x M3P

    Pulled the trigger on some 104 Signature Wheels. I'm obviously into the stealthy look. Jamie over at Signature was great...really good communication and followed the delivery all the way through the install. Been a little busy with work but managed to carve out a little time to take some pics...
  39. M

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 20" Tires for sale (235/35/20) from Model 3

    I'm selling the stock Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires that came with my Model 3 (performance). The tires have about 900 miles on them - plenty of tread life. Specifications: 235 / 35 / R20 (will fit any 20 inch wheel that can fit 235 width tires) Price: $600 I live in the DC / NoVA area -...
  40. B

    Model X Slipstream OEM wheels, tires, TPMS, 20 inch Continentals set of 4

    These are my OEM wheels, tires and TPMS off of my 2017 Model X. The tires are mostly worn. Have about 15, 000 miles on them, very evenly worn, and have about 5/32 of tread left. This is the 20 inch staggered set up. Continental Cross Contact LX Sport (All-Season) 2x 265/45R20 2x 275/45R20...
  41. Xenoilphobe

    Group Buy Poll for Mono-Block Forged Alloy Wheels by Titan

    TMCer's I have been in dialog with Titan 7 Forged Wheels on a product made just for the Model 3 and would like to do a poll to gauge interest. I don't work for them and don't get any benefit, besides getting a high quality mono-block forged wheel at a reasonable price made specifically for the...
  42. SomeJoe7777

    For Sale: T-Sportline 20" Model S Turbine Wheels + TPMS + Telsa Center Caps

    For Sale are 4 used T-Sportline 20" (20x9) turbine wheels for the Telsa Model S. The wheels are used, but have no scratches or curb rash on the outside. 4 Tesla 433 MHz TPMS modules (for Model S VINs 050900 and above) are included. Tesla center caps are included. Specifications: Size: 20X9.0"...
  43. M

    Anyone installed TireRack Flow One F2 or F3 wheel?

    Just saw the lower weight 20 in wheels offered with tires as a package at TireRack but don't see any reviews there or via Google. The prices seem very reasonable compared to all the other alternatives out there. Has anyone installed these wheels? Please share your experience - do they hold up...
  44. B

    20" Model X Slipstreams - DC

    I'm selling my second set of 20" slipstreams. These are currently plastidip in matte black, but I can remove that if you wish. They are the stock staggered 20" wheels with the Contisilent tires. Approx 5k miles on the tires. The wheels do NOT have TPMS installed, the sensors can be picked up...
  45. T

    Never used OEM 20" Model X tires for sale!

    Hi all, Got a Model X a couple months ago and had the dealer put winter tires on the stock rims. Thus, I am selling the OEM all-season tires -- they are NEVER USED. They have approx 10km on them because the odometer was not technically at zero when I picked up the Model X. I never drove with...
  46. SneakyMind

    Tire Sizes for 20'' Wheels

    Hello Folks I have P85 with 21'' wheels which I'm planning to replace with 20s ( Axis MS Staggered 20x9 front & 20x10 rear) from TireRack. I'm confused with the tire sizes and after doing some research I think I have following options: 1. 245/40-20 for 20×9.0″ (front) and 275/40-20 for...
  47. jpwe10

    New Wheels??

    Elon tweeted this on the 20th as a teaser for the battery swap event. The wheels on the Model S that was featured in the picture seemed smaller than the 21s and larger than the 19s. They also had a silver ring around them. Could these be 20s? is the silver ring around them just the glare from...