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  1. U

    Expired WTB 20" M3 Performance Uberturbine Wheel P/N: 1234267-00-A [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing WTB 20" M3 Performance Uberturbine Wheel P/N: 1234267-00-A. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Model 3 Performance Stiletto Wheel/Tire Set for Model Y

    For sale Model 3 Performance Stiletto Wheel/Tire Set for Model Y

    Wheel and tire package, mounted, balanced and includes Bluetooth TMPS, ready to bolt on. This is a set of Model 3 Performance 20" wheels that were set up for my Model Y with larger tires. Fit is flawless, ride is comfortable and tires have excellent grip. This set was on a Model Y Performance...
  3. M

    2023 Model 3 Performance 20" Uberturbine Wheels + P-Zeros + TPMS ONLY 273 miles - Triad Area NC - $2,100

    These only stayed on my new M3 Performance for 5 (mostly parked) days. They were removed with only 273 miles on the odometer. Absolutely mint. $2,100
  4. J

    Expired 20" Zero-G Wheelset Track Package for Model 3 LA/Inland Empire

    Selling a set of OEM Zero Gravity wheels in excellent condition. These retail $5k new from Tesla. Price: $2,950 -Original paint -Comes with TPMS and lug nut covers. +40mm fits stealth and non-stealth performance model 3. -Zero scratches or curb rash. (just a little dirty in the photos) -80%...
  5. D

    Available Tesla Performance Wheel OEM 20” gray

    Two OEM sport performance wheels 2018 for sale: one has a minor curb rash, but otherwise good condition (other hit a pot hole and bent, so went with different style). See photos for details $361 for BOTH. Pickup only in the SF BAY AREA
  6. Barndenn

    FS: Half a set of Vorsteiner VFF-113 with Continental Tires

    Seems like a long shot but I need to get rid of these. Story behind this is both front and rear right side wheels and tires got destroyed by leftover debris from a car crash earlier in the day. So now I only have the front and rear from the left side which are still in good condition. Used for...
  7. rraj2k81

    20" Wheel Fitment and Setups

    Hello All, I am starting to shop for a 20" wheel setup for my 22 Model S and looking into going for a bit of an aggressive stance, more than the stock 19s and 21s. Would like to get some ideas from people who are running 20s on their Model S for fitment ideas. I have some wheels in mind, but...
  8. C

    Stance 20” SF10 Wheelset

    My new wheelset will be arriving shortly and was hoping someone could link me to what set of lug nuts would fit them properly. I’m not sure what depth is needed.
  9. T

    Best All Weather Tires for Model Y 20" Induction Wheels

    Hi All, I have owned several luxury cars including a Tesla Model S for many years. But a year ago I feel like I made the mistake of swapping out my S for a Model Y long range with the horrid 20" induction wheels. OK maybe that's not fair. The wheels are fine but the GoodYear tires that the...
  10. V

    2022 Tesla Model X Plaid 6 seater/cream/20"/FSD $144k

    I placed 2 orders last year with different configurations. I thought I will decide which one I like more and sell another one. And here we are, I am selling this one. It is truly a new car, I did not even take the film off of the screen and lights. Cream interior, 6 seats, standard wheels, and...
  11. D

    TSS 20 Tesla Model Y Wheel and Tire Package BRAND NEW in Vancouver BC

    Brand New TSportLine TSS 20 Tesla Model Y Wheel and Tire Package The wheels are in satin black and the tires are Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 275/40/20, 20x10" front and rear. It will also fit performance model asking for $5500 Canadian or best offer
  12. RangerMac

    20” Turbine Tesla Model 3/Y Wheels, w/Michelin Pilot Sport and TPMS

    $1200 OBO Tesla Model 3 Turbine Style 20” wheels from EV Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (235/35R20) with TPMS installed and Alloy Gator wheel protectors installed. One wheel protector was curbed and the wheel is curbed but if you install a new protector it will cover the curb rash it is...
  13. R

    FS: Model 3 Performance OEM Tires Michelin 235/35/20 TO (Tesla Original)

    I'll soon be selling my M3P and no longer need these.Looking for local sale. 4 x New Michelin 235/35/r20 TO DOT 3120 x 3 DOT 3320 x 1 $1000
  14. SirLaz

    2020 M3P 20" Performance wheels (Satin black) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    Selling my 20" Performance wheels off my 2020 M3P purchased in September 2020. Wheels are powder coated satin black. All 4 wheels are 100% clean, no curb rash or nicks. Comes with the OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, rear tires were recently replaced and have about 1k miles on them, front have...
  15. T

    Rotiform KPS Black 20” Model 3

    Perfect fitment and looks great on the car. in perfect condition: not a scratch or scuff on them. they have been coated with opticoat pro plus. asking $1k and located in San Diego, CA will not ship, but i can drive up to 75 miles.
  16. H

    Tesla Model Y with T Sportline TSV 20" Satin Grey

    Hi Fellow Tesla Owners! This is my first post on here so I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. But I'm waiting on receiving my Tesla Model Y with Gemini Wheels that I've order and plan to upgrade the wheels to something from T Sportline. I really like the Grey Performance wheels that...
  17. D

    FS: Model 3 Performance 20" Tires and Rims Turbine (Charlotte, NC)

    Stock 20" silver wheels that have been professionally sprayed by Autoflex in gloss black. Wheel 1-3: ~8,500 miles with great tread left. Autoflex is in perfect condition. Wheel 4 (photos 4 to 6): Tire was replaced with a brand new OEM factory tire due to a flat and only has ~2,500 miles on it...
  18. KeltekNW

    2021 Model 3 Performance 20” Uberturbines

    Ordered 2021 Model 3 Performance and will be pulling off the wheel/tire combo the day I get the car (Dec 10-28th) Complete set of 20’’ Uberturbine Wheels with factory Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS 235/35/20 I’m in the Portland, OR area. $3000 OBO
  19. MichaelP90DL

    How do I configure a Model S for 20" wheels?

    Today I put on some pretty cool staggered TSW wheels and new rubber. The car noticed a change and told me to configure the new wheels. However I see options for only 19" and 21". Does anyone know a way to configure for 20"? Thanks in advance.
  20. susko

    20" OEM Model 3 Performance Wheels + Tires

    Hi there, these genuine Tesla wheels are in great shape and were taken off a 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance w/ 15k miles w/ original tires. I would give them a conservative 8.5/10, there are some minor chips on 2 wheels and some minor curb rash on one wheel. One wheel is near mint. No issues...
  21. susko

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance 20" Wheels | OEM Turbine 20" Silver

    Hi there, these genuine Tesla 20" wheels are in great shape and were taken off a 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance w/ 15k miles w/ original tires. I would give them a conservative 8.5/10, there are some minor chips on 2 wheels and some minor curb rash on one wheel. One wheel is near mint. No...
  22. B

    FS: Model 3 Performance 20” Dark Gray Wheels w/Tires

    Wheels are in perfect condition and have MP4S tires mounted and balanced with factory TPMS. Pulled off my 2020 M3P with 500 miles on them. $2,300/OBO and will deliver within 100 miles of 06877. No desire to ship!
  23. TTM3

    Any pics of "Tesla's Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps" on performance dark grey 20's?

    Tesla sells carbon fiber wheel caps to replace the ones that come on the 19" Sport and 20" Performance Wheels: Model 3 Carbon Fiber Wheel Cap Kit Does any one have any picture of these with the dark grey ("black") 20" Performance Rims? I don't love the current black plastic ones as the black...
  24. X

    Bay Area - New 20" Grey Performance Wheels + Michelin PS4S

    Selling for my buddy who ended up going with a different set of rims on his performance 3. Ordered from Tesla and never mounted. Grey 20's with michelin pilot sport 4s. Local pickup only. You're going to need a vehicle larger than the model 3 to transport the wheels. 3,400 or best offer...
  25. ElectricTravel

    20" TSW Nurburgring wheels for Model S, semi-gloss gunmetal, Vista, CA

    TSW Nurburgring wheels for Model S. 20" diameter, 9" wide. Rotary forged for strength and light weight. I had these on my Model S, but they have a bit too much "poke" for my taste (the wheels stick out further than I'd like). They will definitely fit a Model S though--see the pictures. The...
  26. Zcd1

    New wheels - TSW Ohm 20" - designed for Teslas!

    After looking at my car on my summer set (Stance SF03), putting the OEM wheels with winter tires back on the car for winter was a real let down. Don't get me wrong - the OEM 20s are nice, but I wanted something a bit more unique. When I bought the Stance wheels, they were one of the few forged...
  27. J

    Performance 20in Wheel Cap Removal Tool

    The first of many stupid new owner questions from me! The manual says that the little hook to remove the wheel caps is in the glove box. I don't see it. Could it be hiding somewhere or do I need my wife to show me that it was right under my nose? :)
  28. Ames

    Model X 20" OEM Silver Rims - New - Middle East

    Recently took delivery of a Model X and wanted to change the rims to aftermarket. - 2 x silver 20" slipstream rims, 9" width for the front. - 2 x silver 20" slipstream rims, 9.5" width for the rear. - 20 x silver lug nut covers - Used for delivery miles - about 80 km. - No marks or damage...
  29. Zcd1

    New wheels - FINALLY!

    Finally had my new summer wheels installed today. :-) Stance SF03 in 20" x 9" wrapped in the OEM PS4S tires. Before: After:
  30. C

    Titan 7 T-S5 Forged 20" wheels group buy?

    Anyone interested in doing a group buy for the Titan 7 T-S5 in 20"s? I called Evasive and unfortunately the 19s are backordered until May. I figured if we were gonna wait, I might as well and get a set of the 20"s. I have no idea what the minimum would be if we are to do a group buy. May be one...
  31. tiltmode43

    Is There a Definitive Answer? 20" Sport Wheel Includes Rear Upper Fore Links / Control Arms

    As you may already know, the 20" Sport wheel option seen here -> Model 3 20" Sport Wheel and Tire Package includes the following: 4 x 20X8.5J Sport wheels 4 x 235/35/20 – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires 4 x tire pressure sensors 4 x Tesla logo Sport wheel center caps 2 x rear upper fore links I...
  32. D

    Model X - Officially Ordered (plus a Wheel Question!)

    Hi all! This forum was invaluable in my decision making. After having to bring in my Ford SHO for (another) ICE issue, I decided I was tired of being part of the problem and decided to be a part of the solution. I have been wanting to pull the trigger for 6 years now! My wife and I test drove...
  33. B

    20" Performance (P3D+) Wheels & Tires for SALE

    Currently expecting delivery of my P3D+ "by late September," basically meaning any day! Doing a bunch of modifications upon delivery, including changing out the wheels and tires. If you're considering upgrading to the 20" Performance wheels, now is the time to get them direct from Tesla, without...
  34. hdAge

    20" Turbine wheels (either EVWheeldirect or Tsportline)?

    Does anyone have 20" wheels on their Model3 here in socal area? I have seen pictures from both evwheeldirect and tsportline, but hoping to see in person if anyone have em and are willing to show. I still have couple of months before my Model3 will be built and I'm definitely going with 20"...
  35. SomeJoe7777

    For Sale: T-Sportline 20" Model S Turbine Wheels + TPMS + Telsa Center Caps

    For Sale are 4 used T-Sportline 20" (20x9) turbine wheels for the Telsa Model S. The wheels are used, but have no scratches or curb rash on the outside. 4 Tesla 433 MHz TPMS modules (for Model S VINs 050900 and above) are included. Tesla center caps are included. Specifications: Size: 20X9.0"...
  36. SomeJoe7777

    For Sale: T-Sportline 20" Model S Turbine Wheels + TPMS + Telsa Center Caps

    For Sale are 4 used T-Sportline 20" (20x9) turbine wheels for the Telsa Model S. The wheels are used, but have no scratches or curb rash on the outside. 4 Tesla 433 MHz TPMS modules (for Model S VINs 050900 and above) are included. Tesla center caps are included. Specifications: Size...
  37. heytae

    My experience with Tesla's new Mobile Service (documented with pictures)

    After a 5 hour road trip (S. Tahoe to home in South Bay Area) in our MX yesterday, we got a low tire pressure warning during the last 15 mins before reaching our home. Thank gawd it happened then and not during our trip in Tahoe or worse, during the drive to or from. We tried out the new Tesla...
  38. T

    Never used OEM 20" Model X tires for sale!

    Hi all, Got a Model X a couple months ago and had the dealer put winter tires on the stock rims. Thus, I am selling the OEM all-season tires -- they are NEVER USED. They have approx 10km on them because the odometer was not technically at zero when I picked up the Model X. I never drove with...
  39. S

    NEW Staggered TSportline TST 20" Gloss Black wheels + TPMS + Cont'l Extreme Contact DWS06 + Caps $3K

    Selling essentially brand new staggered TSportline TST 20" gloss black wheels that I received from TSportline on 2/2/2017. Mint condition for the wheels (20x9" fronts and 20x10" rears) and the tires have less than 100 miles on them. I put them on my 2013 P85, but just bit the bullet and...
  40. heytae

    Brand new 2017 Model X 20" wheels FOR SALE

    We're getting our MX in early March and I'm going to be selling its 20" Slipstream wheels as soon as we get the car, probably with less than 100 miles on them. Set of four (4) wheels and caps only, since I'll be replacing them with aftermarket chrome wheels. They'll look like this per the Design...
  41. sethstein

    20" Model X Wheels/Tires - $1900

    Selling 4 stock 20” wheels and tires from my Model X with less than 200 miles. Tires are Continental CrossContact LX Sport Located in Santa Monica. Prefer pick up though will ship if need be at actual cost to ship. $1900
  42. C

    More aftermarket wheel pics, with specs to get the fit dialed in.

    Thanks to inspiration from other's posts with detailed specs and help from Oscar Arias with Ace Alloy and the pics he posted of the 22" Ace Alloy wheels from a few weeks ago on the Tesla Owners Facebook page, I decided to do a similar setup, but in 20" size. I actually had searched a long time...
  43. jpwe10

    New Wheels??

    Elon tweeted this on the 20th as a teaser for the battery swap event. The wheels on the Model S that was featured in the picture seemed smaller than the 21s and larger than the 19s. They also had a silver ring around them. Could these be 20s? is the silver ring around them just the glare from...