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2012 tesla

  1. T

    FS Tesla 21” wheels and tires Black Arachnids

    Black arachnids, staggered set with extra front wheel and tire. Michelin pilot super sport tires, Great condition, ~3k miles on tires. Also a spare 19” Michelin tire. Looking for 2800, OBO. See pictures for the wheels.
  2. T

    2012 Model S Signature P85 Vin:S00564 For Sale

    Hey guys, I am considering selling my 2012 Signature P85 Vin #564 of the original 1000. FREE LIFETIME SUPER CHARGING All Glass Panoramic Sun Roof Smart air suspension Dual chargers Tech Package with navigation Premium Interior Package Seats 7 with Rear facing jump seats Color: San Simeon...
  3. N

    I created a registry for 2012 Model S VINs

    Hello all! This is my first post, but I have been a follower of the forum for a while. If you are not familiar, VINwiki is a website/app which allows users to upload information about cars and track vehicle history. On the app, I created a list for all 2012 Model S on the site, and decided to...
  4. M

    WTB 2012 Model S Nose Cone

    I'm looking to replace my 2012 Model S nose cone. Ours was dented in a minor fender bender. Other than that, it is in great shape so I'm looking to replace it with one in great shape (with no dents/scratches). Live in PA.
  5. M

    ISO 2012 Model S Nose Cone

    Looking to buy a 2012 Model S Nose Cone in GREAT condition. We had a little fender bender, and ours now has a dent. Would like to purchase a used one to replace ours. Not interested in the after market carbon fiber or wrapping.
  6. F

    Looking to purchase: 2012 Model S

    I am looking to purchase an 2012 to 2013 Tesla Model S, Consumer Reports as well as Kelley Blue Book states this cars value to be in the low to mid twenties. I can’t find one this cheap for the life of me and am wondering if anyone is looking to sell for this price
  7. skhenry81

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Just finished charging to 100% ahead of a long day of driving. I have a 2012 Signature P85 Model S. My 100% charge is 406 km or 253 miles. I have an original "A" battery pack with 98,855 km or 61,427 miles. To date I have lost 4.7% of my total range from when the vehicle was new. I...
  8. ModelS1079

    2012 Model S, 85kWh battery, 134K miles, 234 miles max charge, blue.

    2012 Model S, 85kWh battery, 134K miles, 234 miles max charge, deep blue/tan interior, obeche gloss. Free Supercharging, For Life. Over 2 year warranty on drivetrain/motor and battery; Over 2 years service prepaid; WHEELS MATTER Comes with 13 wheels/tires (really): Elon's ARACHNID 21"...