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  1. K

    Help Evaluating Battery Analysis

    I am looking at a used Tesla, model S. 2012, 85, RWD. It has 202,000 miles. Yes I know that is very high :) I paid the owner to take it to Tesla for a pre-purchase inspection and they looked at a lot of the basics (no major red flags) and then he had them do a battery analysis so I can gauge...
  2. E

    Sold 2012 P85 Signature Red - FUSC, MCU2, TPMS Retrofit

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2012 P85 Signature Red - FUSC, MCU2, TPMS Retrofit. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. 2012 P85 Signature Red - FUSC, MCU2, TPMS Retrofit

    For sale 2012 P85 Signature Red - FUSC, MCU2, TPMS Retrofit

    TESLA Model S, 2012, Signature Red P85 You may be able to claim the USED EV tax credit (if you qualify). I am interested in selling through KeySavvy, which may allow the used EV tax credit for the buyer. Find out if you are eligible for the EV tax credit: Is Your EV Eligible for the Used EV Tax...
  4. K

    2012 Model S self-destruction after parking brake warning

    My 2012 Model S (134k miles) popped up a message telling me that the parking brake had suddenly engaged while I was driving to work, luckily at only 20 mph in the neighborhood. (I did not press/hold the P button.) A few seconds later, as I was still deciding what to do with this information, I...
  5. Hank42

    "A" Pack upgraded to "D" pack - slow supercharging

    Not sure where to post this exactly. My 2012 S 85kw "A" pack was replaced with a "D" pack. Yay me! (Thanks Tesla!!) When I supercharge I never get close to 90Kw let alone 150 or 250 Kw. Did Tesla forget to flip a virtual dip switch? Is my 2012 too old to support higher charging despite the...
  6. NoGasNoBrakes

    The Issues With Tesla's 2012 Model S - Repair

    2012 Tesla Model S owner JT Stukes shares the many, MANY vehicle repairs he's had, ranging from battery replacements to SIX drivetrains. Thank goodness for Tesla's design improvements over the years. This is a clip from TMC Podcast #11.
  7. N

    I created a registry for 2012 Model S VINs

    Hello all! This is my first post, but I have been a follower of the forum for a while. If you are not familiar, VINwiki is a website/app which allows users to upload information about cars and track vehicle history. On the app, I created a list for all 2012 Model S on the site, and decided to...
  8. S

    Tesla P85+ Battery Pack Module Location Diagram 1-16

    Hate for my first post to be a technical question but hopefully the answer to this will help others. I have a weak #10 Module on my battery pack and I do not plan to replace the entire battery. I’m looking at locating exactly which module it is so I only have to peel the battery cover far...
  9. F

    Reliability Survey of the 'Nose Cone Model S' (2012-2016)

    Hi everyone, I am Fabien and currently drive a 2020 VW E-UP (I live in France). It's a hell of a car but need something bigger and will use the E-UP as a second car. I drove a 2012 Model S last summer in California and it I have been obsessed with it every since. However, reading forums and...
  10. D

    For sale: 2012 S 85 Metallic Green - all options

    Car number 1495 off the line in 2012. Very solid beautiful clean car. 44K miles Ultra High Fidelity Sound Air Suspension Power Liftgate Charges to 251 mi New drive motor (due to noise) at 43K Original battery & drive warranty until Oct 2020 No accidents Located in Seattle Asking $39K
  11. T

    Whispbar roof rack and bike racks, from 2012 Model S

    Whispbar roof rack and 2x bike racks. It came from my 2012 Model S with sunroof, comes with all the necessary bolts, brackets, covers etc to install to the car. There are also keys to secure the bike racks once installed on the car. Looking at this forum, I'm guessing, $350 for the roof rack...
  12. N

    2012 Model S Signature Performance 32k miles #21

    VIN: 5YJSA1DP8CFS00021 Price: $38,999 2012 Tesla Model S P85 Signature Performance for sale. As you're able to tell, this is a very low VIN being the 21st of 1,000 Signature Performance models sold in the U.S. The car is in perfect condition with low miles. Only 31,xxx miles. I always have kept...
  13. E

    Canadian Model S??

    Hello, I am looking to buy an older 2012-2014 Model S that's in good condition from anyone in Canada, Preferably Ontario. If you are selling one please let me know. Thanks
  14. M

    WTB: 2012-13 Model S 85 ASAP

    Hello, I'm looking forward to joining the Tesla family, I currently have a Model 3 reservation that is due to configure sometime in April/May, and finally got a chance to sit in one (still haven't driven it yet) and it's just a bit too small for me - I'm 6'3"/250lbs - so I'm looking for a...
  15. J

    2012 Model S 85 kWh - only 27k miles (salvage/rebuilt title)

    Up for sale to the Tesla Motors Club community is my 2012 Model S 85 kWh with 27k miles - VIN - 5YJSA1CN6CFP03224. This is a non-smoking vehicle that has been kept in clean and pristine condition inside and out since I have owned it. The vehicle is located in Massachusetts and is available for...
  16. P

    2012 Signature Red Model S 85

    My lovely and historic Model S #653 has 39,970 miles and these options: Signature red paint Signature tan leather interior All glass panoramic roof 19" Silver Wheels Obeche Wood Matt Décor 85kWh Battery (Warranty updated 10 miles ago) Tech Package Sound Studio Package Active Air Suspension...
  17. Tico


    Asking - $28,000 OBO. I picked up a used Model S last month and I'm trying to get rid of this car payment. There is a lien (USAA) on the vehicle so that would need to be paid off first. Still under factory warranty until February 2018 and maintenance is prepaid until 2019! I have a beautiful...
  18. R

    2012 Blue Model S 85kw for sale.

    Navy metallic blue Tan leather interior Still under warranty Tech package and sound studio package Panoramic roof for welcome extra headroom Paint armor 31,000 miles and newer tires Super charger ready Garage kept, one owner, and very good condition Can be readily shipped anywhere MSRP was...
  19. J

    how to best sell my Model S

    I am an early adopter and have a 2012 Model S 85kw with 60,000 miles... I bought a new one with the auto pilot feature to be delivered in late February. Tesla did not want my car as a trade-in but lined up an "auto broker" who offered $39K... I would like to think that it is worth more like 50K...
  20. malcolm

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    In case you missed it: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/653028177896312832
  21. B

    Guesses on Last Production # to be Delivered in 2012?

    Anyone want to speculate on the last production number to be delivered in 2012? I realize that there are a lot of factors that go into the timing of deliveries -- battery size, other configuration options, delivery location, etc. -- but thought it would be interesting to see everyone's...