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  1. M

    Not Available 2018 Model X 75D w FSD and Extended Warranty thru 9/5/26

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Model X 75D w FSD and Extended Warranty thru 9/5/26. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2018 Model X 75D w FSD and Extended Warranty thru 9/5/26

    For sale 2018 Model X 75D w FSD and Extended Warranty thru 9/5/26

    Meticulously maintained 2018 Tesla Model X 75D with only 49174 miles. * Transferable extended service agreement through September 5, 2026 or 100,000 miles ($4800 value). * Battery and drive unit warranty (unlimited miles) through September 5, 2026 * Full Self Driving Capability ($12k value)...
  3. L

    2018 Model X Let me leave home without FOB

    Hello all, I recently got locked out of my 2018 MX. I didn't realize it when I left home but I did not have my FOB on me and I had left my phone in the car. When I got out of the car at my destination it automatically locked the doors and I had no way to get in. I eventually was able to use...
  4. T

    2018 X vs 2020 X

    Im looking to buy a model X, and the only years with significant inventory in my price range are 2018 and 2020. Are there any significant changes between these model years I should know about? I’ve heard there was a computer upgrade and that raven motors were introduced at some point (although...
  5. kayrish

    Play/Clunk when rotating rear wheels back and forth

    Had the car up on jacks and heading a distinct clunk when spinning the rear wheel back and forth. Seen a YouTube video that states it’s normal but wanted a second opinion. 2018 Long Range RWD w/ about 90000kms. Video below for reference:
  6. M

    FS: 2018 Model 3 Performance | 43K Miles | $48K | San Francisco Bay Area

    VIN: 5YJ3E1EB2JF055678 Spec: All Wheel Drive Performance Deep Blue Metallic Black and White Premium Interior 20'' Performance Wheels Enhanced Autopilot (HW 2.5) Condition: Normal wear and tear. 100% charge at 287 miles. Safelite repaired chip on driver-side windshield. Minor curb rash.
  7. S

    Missouri - 2018 Model 3 Premium Long Range RWD

    Model 3 - excellent condition, clean inside and out. One owner. Looks and drives like new. Premium package: 19” Wheels Long Range Battery Premium interior 47,650 miles Wireless phone chargers Lifetime premium internet - included free **Full Self Drive** Asking 49,450
  8. B

    Model X Trunk won't latch- Any ideas what it could be?

    2018 Model X P100d So there I was, at my daughter's hs track meet, which is over 100 miles from home. I get an alert that the trunk is open on the Tesla shortly after we arrived at the meet. I thought "that's cool", I will just close it on the app. I didn't recall there being any issues when we...
  9. 5

    2018 Model 3 Performance Stealth - 20k Miles- Full Self Driving - Factory Warranty

    Year: 2018 Model: Model 3 Trim: Performance Stealth Mileage: 20,021 miles Title: Clean Title Accidents: None Repair History: Window regulator, Headlights changed due to dimming DRL Warranty: New vehicle warranty good till 07/31/2022, Battery/Drive Unit warranty good till 07/31/2026 FSD: Full...
  10. S

    2018 M3 Dual Motor Long Range with Enhanced Auto Pilot, 26000 miles, garaged, charged at home! Greensboro, NC.

    Few dents and scratches - thanks to other drivers. No major accidents. Tesla changed the rear glass, charging port cover and tie rods of front wheels free of charge in April 2021. Year: 2018 M3 HW2.5 Dual Motor Long Range 18” Aero Wheels Model: Dual Motor Location: High Point, NC Asking Price...
  11. J

    2018 Model S 100d uncorked

    Pali I have a amazing condition Model S 100d Midnight silver with every option possible except for FSD, instead I purchased the Enchanced Auto Pilot for $5,000. It has smart suspension, premium stereo, black prem leather, carbon fiber, 21 inch rims with BRAND NEW as of 3 weeks ago Continetial...
  12. B

    2018 m3p with fsd or 2021 Sr+

    All right I need help making a decision, I have 2 options here and I need to decide asap...so torn. Take delivery of my order for a new 2021 SR+ with no fsd later this week OR pull the trigger on a local opportunity to get a 2018 M3P with 35k miles and FSD. price difference is pretty negligible...
  13. G

    Aug. 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 15850 miles, FSD with HW3, Excellent Condition, San Diego CA

    Aug. 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, pearl white multi-coat exterior with premium black interior mileage: 15850 FSD and EAP. HW3 installed. Condition: Excellent. Parked in garage at home and at work. Added ceramic coating at Adonis Detail shortly after purchase. Tires rotated/balanced every 5000 miles...
  14. S

    For Sale: 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD / LR RWD w/ Autopilot and FSD

    Hi All, Looking to sell my 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD. Color - Metallic Silver Interior - Black Premium Upgrades Package 21500 Miles Enhanced Autopilot with FSD - HW3 installed last week Free Premium Connectivity for life Full transferable warranty until July 2022/50K miles. (4 year/50k mile...
  15. J

    WTB used Model 3 - SoCal (San Diego, Los Angeles)

    Hello, I am looking to buy a used Model 3 in South California (San Diego, Los Angeles, ...). If you have one for sale, please message me. 2017 or 2018 models would be best. 2019s models are often too close to the new price unfortunately. Open to any trim/color options. Looking to buy...
  16. W

    2018 P3D Stealth + FSD Blk/Blk 7K miles $51K

    I'm thinking of selling my Performance Model 3 Stealth with the 18 inch wheels. It has 3.2 seconds 0-60 and track mode, but with 18 inch wheels for better clearance and winter handling. It is the 2018 model with full self driving. A new model with this configuration will cost you $57,000...
  17. RichieB

    S70 2016 upgrade naar S75D 2018

    Ik heb net mijn S70 RWD pre-facelift uit 2016 ingeruild voor een S75D 2018 versie. Ik ga dus van MCU1/AP1 naar MCU2/AP2.5. Ik heb vandaag 200 km de tijd gehad om de verschillen te ervaren: Afwerking: ik vond met mijn S70 nooit echt iets mis, maar die kocht ik toen deze al 22 maanden oud was...
  18. M

    July 2018 Black Model S w/autopilot 14k miles, $67k or best offer

    Owner needing an SUV so looking into Model X - pretty straightforward base July 2018 model black with autopilot upgrade (has some current FSD features). 14k miles pretty much like new. Details in this craigslist ad. 2018 Tesla Model S 75D black 14k miles no issues, current new $79k
  19. hifipj

    WTB: Parts for 2018 Model X 100D

    Need these parts for a 2018 MX 100D: Front windshield 1076109-01-C Left rearview mirror 1035180-99-H ASY, SHOTGUN, LH 1069419-S0-A ASY - FENDER SUPP LH 1069421-S0-A...
  20. J

    Selling December 2018 Model 3 in Arlington, VA

    December 2018 Tesla Model 3 Black, Mid Range RWD with Enhanced Autopilot Car has been sold
  21. K

    2018 Model 3 LR EAP | 4k mi | Los Angeles | $52k

    We LOVE this car, but moving to Europe and can't take it with us. Excellent condition - no accidents, dents, or even a scratch. This is the LR RWD with premium package. Upgrades include: EAP, 19" wheels, & silver metallic. Also comes with lifetime premium connectivity and CA HOV stickers (red)...
  22. 0

    Question: 2018 Model S 75D rear quarter panel damage

    Hello everyone, I was hit by a Chevy SUV from behind while on autopilot on the freeway. Not sure if the autopilot did something to minimize the damage. But, the damage is there nonetheless. Thankfully no persons were injured in the accident. Now I have a dilemma; the other party owns a well...