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  1. J

    2019 mid-Raven update - battery code and drive train.

    I’m looking at buying a 2019 model s LR and am wondering about the battery code and the fact that it doesn’t have CCS adaptor support. Are there any red flags w this battery (see attached photo)? I was expecting to see an -H or a -G at the end of the code. Not sure what -E indicates. Anyone...
  2. T

    Is my Model 3 totaled?

    I have a 2019 tesla model 3 Midrange with color roof glass (TK-Choppa) that was rear ended. How bad is the damage? Pyro fuse blew upon impact no airbags deployed. Interior looks un damaged. No other damage besides the rear. Collision center is looking like it’s totaled. I hope it’s not! I hired...
  3. B

    Buy 2019 Model X Long Range or 2020 Long Range Plus?

    Found a 2019 Longe Range with prepaid FSD, 35k miles, 6 seater for $57,000. The owner is willing to give up tesla account for free supercharging. Has the cream interior. The car was owned in New York City (not sure how much rust would be an issue from the salt and show in this region). The...
  4. P

    Previous owner search

    Hey all! Some time ago I bought a salvage Tesla S 100D, 2019 grey, with aTm letters next to registration (prob stands for A&M university). Due to insurance company policy no previous owner information can be obtained from them. Basically I am looking for previous owner to transfer ownership...
  5. D

    Guide to Install Secondary 12v Outlet Without Splicing or Cutting

    Hi all, I wanted to install a secondary 12v outlet in my 2019 Model 3 but wasn't content with other solutions, which included splicing the existing wiring or dragging a line to the battery. It was difficult to track down the parts list, but I managed to compile a list of connectors and terminals...
  6. kriskross

    2019 White/White Model S 100D with FSD, 18,xxx miles, $69,999

    This comes with Full Self Driving, Summon, Sentry Mode, Cold Weather Package, Premium connectivity pre-paid. New Performance Acoustic front tires installed 1/24/23. Pearl white exterior with white interior, 100D (about 330 miles of range). 21" staggered Turbine wheels, some curb rash...
  7. K

    What should I do first? Just bought 2019 model 3 with acceleration boost

    I just brought home my used 2019 model 3 long range (15k miles). I would consider myself a Tesla novice. What settings should I adjust? Should I restore factory settings? How often should I reset? Anything I should or shouldn’t do? All input is welcome. Super pumped! Thanks!
  8. A

    2019 Tesla Model X Performance w/Ludicrous, Red Ext./Cream Int., 7-seater, FSD w/beta, 65k+ miles - $87k

    for sale is my 2019 Tesla Model X Performance with Ludicrous, FSD (purchased) with beta currently running, 7-seat configuration. Red exterior, cream interior. Hitch, mobile charger, two keyfobs. Car is in Maryland.
  9. F

    2019 Model S Long Range, 21" rims, 38,000 miles Boston Area - $69,000.

    Just finished a 3-year lease and purchased the car from Tesla. Ordered a new 2022 Model S which should be arriving shortly. 2019 Model S Long Range. Midnight Silver Metallic. White Premium Interior with dark ash wood decor. 38,300 miles. Zero mechanical issues. No accidents. Gargared all three...
  10. F

    2019 Model S Long Range, 21" rims, 38,000 miles Boston Area - $69,000.

    Just finished my 3-year lease of a 2019 Model S Long Range and purchased the car from Tesla. I ordered a 2022 Model S which is scheduled to arrive shortly. 38,300 miles. Zero mechanical issues. No accidents. Garaged. Excellent condition! Midnight Silver Metallic. Black and White Premium...
  11. P

    Selling 2019 MS Performance 14k miles, Los Angeles $93K obo (low miles)

    Would you be interested in buying my MS raven? Thanks for reading. 14,674 miles FSD 21”s Electronic suspension Midnight metallic Black interior Garage kept Located in Los Angeles Clean
  12. I

    Best year model 3 long range

    So i’m looking to get into a model 3 long range, I’m specifically gunning for the ≈350 mile range version. I know the 2021 has the better range, but what about 2020? 2019? and how can i determine which battery a car has without going there in person and checking the range? and the premium...
  13. J

    2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus with FSD and the new chip For Sale in Raleigh, NC

    Listing: Mid-April 2019 Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3 For Private Sale! Vin: 5YJ3E1EA2KF306613 Miles: 23,500 Location: 27616 zip-code Contact: [email protected] or 732-773-0479 (please text first before calling) Now is a great time to purchase this original owner, clean...
  14. WildeFox

    Looking for a Used Model 3

    Im planing on buying a used model 3 in January 2022, but am debating on if I should get one from 2018-19 or or the new 2021 refresh. is the update really worth it for me?
  15. 3

    Model s 2019 asymmetric tire front 245/35r21 replacement.

    My model S 2019 standard range dual motors front tire 245/35r21 has worned down after 15k miles. My back tires are looking ok, 265/35r21. OEM tires are ContiSportContact 5p. Can I just replace the front tires with another brand? like Yokohama Advan sport which is all season and has thicker...
  16. R

    Black 2019 Model 3 Performance 25k miles (w/FSD) for sale So Cal.

    Hello. I am interested in selling my 2019 Model 3 performance in Black with White interior. INCLUDES Full Self Driving. Family has gotten bigger and am looking to get a truck (unfortunately the CyberTruck is a ways away). Approximately $3,500 in upgrades. Clean title. 1 owner. Garaged and...
  17. R

    Significant range drop

    Is anyone else getting this range on there 2019 Tesla model 3 SR+? Today morning I charged my vehicle to a 100% since delivery 5 months back, and noticed a significant drop in range. The first night after delivery I charged till 100% and it displayed 374km didn’t get close to 386km advertised...
  18. MichaelP90DL

    2019 Model S Raven Performance

    Not my car but I found this on Autotrader. Build date is 08/19, which makes this a Raven. No mention made of the kind of autopilot/FSD, but if you're in the market, check out the listing. Ford dealer, they are probably clueless about Tesla autopilot stuff. Advertised price is $95,988. Only 4,352...
  19. B

    2019 Model X 100D Lease Transfer

    We are looking to transfer our Model X lease as we have recently moved and the commute does not justify the lease. We have a 2019 Model X 100D. Current mileage is 10,000 with 20,000 remaining. The current lease ends in March, 2022 (about 26 months remaining). The current payment is $1,751.56...
  20. W

    lease and federal tax credit for Model 3 delivered in 2019

    Is there any place where Tesla publishes their policy on calculating the 2019 Federal Credit for leased vehicles? Do they give full credit or only a partial credit? Does this calculation show up on the lease agreement? Thanks!
  21. MichaelP90DL

    EMusk, his mom, the local club, the food trucks, the factory...just wow.

    At the Tesla factory in Fremont, EMusk and his mom help take care of hundreds of customers on the last day of 2019. AND mom handed out $10 vouchers for the food trucks. AND the East Bay Area's Tesla club was on hand to help with orientation of new owners. AND a Twitter user named Caroline G...
  22. D

    2019 Model X Long Range Raven Acceleration Noise

    I have a 2019 Tesla Model X Raven that is making a grinding noise on “harsh” acceleration (3/4 to full). The noise is most evident on “cold starts”. I have had the car in service for this issue and Tesla has replaced the Front Half Shafts, but it has not resolved the issue. Tesla is now telling...
  23. engle

    Tesla Fremont Factory New Car Parking Lot ALL Cameras: 1/1/2020 @ 12:40 AM - Count the leftovers! ;)

    (start at 0:50) Greetings Fellow TSLA (and TSLAQ, too ;-)! My New Year's gift to you'll is 6 minutes each of the Tesla front, left repeater, right repeater, and back cameras of the ENTIRE Tesla Fremont Factory New Car Staging Parking Lot that was used to buffer ALL the cars delivered en masse...
  24. P

    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    I ordered my White M3 LR AWD on October 19th. I was told that I'd take delivery by the end of the year, but still don't even have a VIN. I've talked to three Tesla reps, none of whom can give me an estimate of when my vehicle might arrive in Denver. Has anyone else in Colorado placed a...
  25. M

    Model X New seats (Q4 2019)

    Hello all, Today I took the model x delivery. My understanding was that the orders placed after October 29, 2019 would come with a newer (or sleeker) seat design with seat pockets. I ordered my car at the end of November. Delivered today. But it doesn’t have seat pockets for front row seats...
  26. K

    Cast your Vote to make model 3 car of the year on Carwow

    Looks like the model 3 could do with support from the fan base. Watch this video or skip to the end to cast your vote. Lets make the Model 3 car of the year!
  27. J

    HW3 Not in SR+ Built 5/24/19

    Customer support informed me that my new SR+ (built 5/24/19) is equipped with HW2.5 rather than HW3. The agent apologized saying that this was "abnormal," but that I would need to get the free upgrade from a service center in the future. I ordered FSD with my vehicle. Has anybody experienced...
  28. P

    3D Maxpider floor mat fitness on 2019 MX

    Hi all- The 3D Maxpider floor mat seems only fit to 2016-2017 model years, I have read some owners said the 2018 model year also fits well, but I found no words or reviews on its fitness on 2019 model year. Does anyone have this mat (link below) on their 2019 MX and can share your experience...
  29. S

    New Sandy Munro interview on Model 3 (2/28/19)

    There's a new Sandy Munro (Munro & Associates) interview with Alex Guberman as of today. Just sitting down to listen to it now. One of the first questions asked was about the fact that seemingly all of the legacy automakers are having delays in their release dates for one reason or another...
  30. S

    New 2019 California HOV stickers are PURPLE!

    Just read that the new 2019 (1/1/19 - 1/1/23) HOV stickers are Purple. :eek: of all colors. Guess I'm glad I have a white car that I was going to be applying for a sticker for. California's New Purple HOV Sticker To Debut In January 2019
  31. S

    Calif. HOV stickers for cars applying 1st time for program (in 2019)

    Having recently taken delivery of my new Model 3, which will sometimes be used on the highway in the HOV lanes, I was wondering whether it made sense to apply now for the remaining time left in 2018 or wait for a new program sticker for 2019 and get a full year out of the new program. Found this...