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  1. V

    My Tesla model Y 2023 now has fsd?

    Got this today, I guess they started rolling out fsd for 2023 models
  2. D

    Not Available Mint 2023 Model 3 Performance Like New

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Mint 2023 Model 3 Performance Like New. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Mint 2023 Model 3 Performance Like New

    For sale Mint 2023 Model 3 Performance Like New

    Mint 2023 Model 3 Performance Pearl White Multi-coat. Purchased November 14, 2023. 4,000 miles. Upgrading to Model Y or X. Stored in garage, vehicle is in MINT condition. Includes PPF wrap on front bumper, hood, headlights and sideview mirrors. Includes full ceramic coating and ceramic tint...
  4. P

    Add DSP to 2023 Model 3 RWD?

    About the only thing I don't like about my 2023 M3 RWD is the audio. I've read a ton about the speaker activation harnesses, and I don't think I would be satisfied with that solution. I'd like to add a DSP amp to run the existing speakers, and maybe add a couple of rear deck speakers. It seems I...
  5. C

    2023 CA HOV Decals

    Hi all, Is anyone willing to sell their green, 2023 CA HOV decals? Kind of an oddball request, but I'm searching for some 2023 green Ca HOV decals to match my Honda Insight, purely for aesthetics (since it's a show car and isn't driven). Does anyone out there have the green 2023 carpool...
  6. J

    2023 MSM Color Change?

    Has anyone noticed that the newer MSM paint jobs borderline blue and have a much lighter tone?
  7. C

    Looking to replace my charging pad in my 2023 MY

    I'm sure someone has asked this already, but the answers I have found so far all pertain to older Teslas with a different generation center console. The current charging pad makes the phones on it super hot when charging. Since I exclusively use iPhones, I was hoping to replace it with a...
  8. M

    Used 2015 Tesla Model S 85D

    Hello everyone. I am interested in purchasing a 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. It has 78k miles on it and is going for about $29k. It is in excellent condition, with brakes changed, tires replaced, battery health good. The car has enhanced autopilot, unlimited supercharging for life, and a range of the...
  9. LBM4

    (Pics) - 2023 Austin Built MY AWD trunk storage side covers

    Finally can confirm a seller that has the side trunk storage covers that fit the 2023 Austin and Berlin built Model Y AWD. As you can see in the first pic, the left one fits all other Model Y's, while the one on the right is specific to the Austin and Berlin built MY AWD variants. It's more...
  10. T

    Delivery Sydney

    Received a VIN early April 23 (3 RWD) - 3rd update to delivery date in the past month from Tesla ...now 21 May - 11 June I suspect due to port delays - anyone know if my vehicle is likely to be on the Viking Passama currently off the coast of Pt Kembla? or should I not hold out those hopes? (I...
  11. J

    Pristine 2023 Model 3 Long Range Lease Takeover / Transfer (Los Angeles)

    Location: Los Angeles, CA Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor / All-Wheel Drive Model year: 2023 Exterior Color: Midnight Silver Metallic (PMNG) Interior Color: Black Wheel: 19’’ Sport Wheels Miles: 3,600 Allocated mileage: 12,000/year Lease maturity: November 10, 2025 Monthly: $650.00 Looking for...
  12. D

    2023.6.9 battery drain?

    Hi all, I recently took delivery of my 2023 M3SR about 3 weeks ago and loving it. I usually receive some decent range from it, around 220 miles on a single charge (mostly highway driving). I upgraded to 2023.6.9 yesterday, and noticed something other than the park assist having to be...
  13. B

    New customer - Co-restraint email sign up/license issue

    Hello my new family. Hopefully. I ordered a tesla model 3 that will be delivered this Saturday. I am in long island ny. My co-restraint and i are stuck, my co-restraints link is not letting him add his photo id and SSC info. When we press manage in the picture below it only refreshes the page...
  14. S

    Model Y needs more space behind rear center console for additional CANBUS add ons!

    After adding the Commander for the S3XY buttons and the 2nd screen rear display, I’m running out of space in the back of the rear center console for connections! Unlike the Model 3, which has a huge area for stuffing wires and CANBUS connectors, the same area on the Model Y has a plate of metal...
  15. F

    2023 Model Y Unacceptable Build Quality and Issues

    Hello All! I want to share my experience with the delivery of my Model Y yesterday (1/25/2023) a Burbank CA. The car was parked outside and the agent asked me to look around, I started seeing cosmetics issues, Paint bleeding, Scratches, Misalignment, wiring harness and others. The agent...
  16. C

    Long Range ‘23 EU “restyled”

    Picked up my brand new Tesla S Long Range just before NY at the Tesla center in Bruges, Belgium. Probably one of the very first Long Ranges in Euope. Already drove over 3.000 kms and as new-to-Tesla driver I absolutely love the car. It exceeded my expectations, build quality is top notch and...
  17. S

    MYLR take delivery in Dec 2022 or wait it out for HD radar in 2023? Don’t ’NEED’ the car but won’t qualify for Federal EV credits either.

    VIN got assigned yesterday for 2023 MYLR. $3750 credit and 10k supercharger miles being offered. Should I wait it out for the new hd radar potentially being added in Jan/Feb 2023? I know .. there is always something you can wait for.... it just feels like an HD radar would be a big one given the...
  18. M

    New 2023 Tesla Model Y Owner

    Hello Tesla Motors Club, I am pleased to join the community as I am now a new proud owner of a 2023 Model Y built in GigaAustin. The fit and finish were great as no issues found. I did notice drivers side door did close little hard (had to slam to shut) but owning the car for more than one...
  19. C

    Any policy/tax reason to pick up car in January instead of December if AGI >300K?

    We have a December expected delivery date for our Model Y 7 Seater, after we placed the reservation in the end of March. We are above the 300K AGI. Is there any tax benefit/credit/rebate or other benefit to delaying until Jan 2023? We live in California. Would the car itself be any different...
  20. R

    Will the next shipment from Shanghai to Israel be a 2023 model? And when ship Sailing

    I haven't received a vin number yet Will the vehicle be a model 2023 Thanks for the help
  21. J

    Model Y has anyone received 2023 VIN yet?

    Would love to know if anyone received Model Y with 2023 VIN yet or still everyone is receiving 2022?
  22. hirtaza

    Model 3 2023 updates? Or what would you guys like to see?

    Hi everyone…I was just wondering if anyone has seen or aware of any leaks for any upcoming updates to our model 3 for the year 2023. I feel like during the previous years we have seen leaks or rumours at least online on what it could be….I know there was one in the source code about the second...
  23. B

    June 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I didn't see anyone make a thread for June 2022 orders. So here we go! :p I placed my order on 06/14/2022 for my MYLR in MSM on 20’’ Induction Wheels, 5 seater, No tow or FSD. I currently an est. delivery date of Jan-Apr 2023. I've seen people have their delivery date moved sooner than the...
  24. P

    New model y standard range orders

    Is this new lower range model y available for order? According to imsideevs.com or whatever it is says on Tesla’s website it states January 2023 for first deliveries. I can’t find anything on their site about this model.