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  1. G

    240V home charger installation

    Electrician coming tomorrow morning for 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet installation , he said he will use 6awg and 60 amp breaker and Bryant . Please suggest any other things to take care. Thank you
  2. K

    Looking for the right adapter for 240v 30amp

    Hi guys, I have this 240v outlet in my garage and looking for the right adapter. Does anyone know which one it is? A link or would much appreciated
  3. P

    Panel full. Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am looking to join the Tesla family but want to get the plug installed before making the purchase. My panel is currently full. I do have 10 gauge wire running into my garage but it’s not currently connected. From what I understand I can install a NEMA 14-30 with that current...
  4. S

    Tesla HPWC Charging at Very Slow Rate

    Hi! Crowd sourcing here...Any help will be most appreciated. I just moved into new condo where I have a deeded dedicated spot that by contract is to have a Level 2 240 V 40 Amp outlet. I had my electrician install the HPWC (The black one that has Elon's signature on it. It's about 2 years...
  5. B

    Okay to have electric radiant heat and Tesla charger on same 240V/20A circuit?

    I've read some great posts on here about mobile connectors and thought I would run an idea by you. We currently have electric baseboard heat in our finished mudroom that runs off a 240V/20A circuit (per breaker). No idea on wiring used. My wife hates the baseboard since shoes put too close to...
  6. JimDog

    Electricians, did I totally miss an opportunity here?

    Apologies in advance for the noob question... Earlier this summer we had a whole house humidifier installed. A 240v line was run through the garage to the basement to power it. At the time I thought it would be "years" before we got an EV. But now I'm expecting a M3 in a couple of weeks. I...
  7. B

    Simplified solar charging for Model 3

    I am planning on keeping my Model 3 at a second home where I only drive it on alternating weekends. The home is a condo with a long (200 feet+) run from my meter to my carport. Including permits, I estimate that the cost of running power conduit and placing a 120V outlet at my carport would be...
  8. D

    Recommend electrical for garage to enable ultimate EV flexibility

    My brother is going to get his first EV within the next 12 months. Likely a Tesla (he likes mine) but perhaps he will buy something else. He's looking to wire his garage ahead of time--getting the permitting and electrical work that he has to deal with out of the way now. What electrical...
  9. planetary

    Continue with 6-20 (15 miles/hr) or go with wall charger?

    New Model 3 owner! Have had the car for about a week and a half. I'm on the fence about buying the wall charger. Right now, I'm getting 15 miles/hour of charge with a 6-20 plug (which I just happened to have in the garage) on a 20 amp circuit. My daily commute is 90 miles, and my company...
  10. D.E.

    Safety plug for 240V outlet

    I had a 30A 240V outlet installed to charge the car. We have a grandchild that visits 2-3 times a week. They make household plugs to block 120V outlets in the house but as far as I know there aren't any for large 240V outlets. I bought a matching plug at Lowes, about $15. With the plug...
  11. n2mb_racing

    Building NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter

    I thought I would make a new post with pictures I took while building my NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter. This adapter allows you to charge at 12A or 16A at 240V from a NEMA 6-20 receptacle. The NEMA 6-20 receptacle is easy to install if you have an existing 120V outlet on its own dedicated...
  12. M

    48 amps or 72 Amps... Why should I get either?

    OK. I am a Naval Architect, not an Electrical engineer. Besides the obvious... "72 Amp charger can get you to charge faster", why do I need a 72 Amp charger? Why does Tesla say that 110 and 220 charge times wont change? Is that because I wont pull more than 48 amps off the basic home...
  13. D

    Where can I find 30 Amp NEMA 14-50 cords?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a good idea as to where I could find short 30 amp extension cords (one male end, one female end)... ideally with at least one end having a plug that is in line with the cord (instead of being turned out 90 degrees)... also no more than 10ft in length (the...
  14. F

    Extension cord for 240V outlet?

    Hi! I am a brand new member and a very serious Model S prospective buyer. Apologies in advance if this question was already discussed, but I did not find it raised anywhere. We would visit our in-laws frequently in our Model S, so of course I would want some way to charge my Model S at their...
  15. B

    San Diego: Recommendations for electricians to install 240V outlet in condo garage?

    In my ongoing research on dealing with the feasibility of buying a Model S, I have to deal with an HOA for my condo, and get board approval for any alterations to the common garage space to install power to my parking space. Anybody been there done that already in the San Diego area? Any...