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3 phase

  1. M

    Wall connector Gen3 using only one phase instead of three.

    Hi, I've recently installed Wall Connector 3gen in my garage. I had 3 phases already prepared for wall box to charge my plugin hybrid. I've connected all three phases, neutral and ground. I've set current limit to 12 amps and I've plugged in my car. It's working and it's charging, so I've...
  2. J

    Tesla Model 3 with Wall Connector only charging on 1 phase instead of 3 phases

    Hi, I have recently installed my gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector. My home equipped with 3x230/400V electricity, 3x25A. With seperate breakers for the wall connector installed. Therefore following the install manual I used the "3 phase 400v" setup, in which each pair of phases has 400v between them...
  3. A

    Model S 3phase charging after CCS upgrade

    Hi, I have a European 2018 Model S. My main charging method at 3 locations is 3phase charging with UMC. It gives me 11kW/16A. It worked flawlessly for 3 years and I never had any issues. Recently I noticed that after 30 mins of charging, the current always drops to 11-13 A / 7kW and stays like...
  4. piro

    FAIL: Car does not charge 3 phase at home

    Tesla has a simple error. If you charge for example at home from 3 phase, and then one of phases is off (due to breaker for example) then car starts to remember, that this place is a single phase place and does not charge from 3 phases anymore. If I move car to neighbour (30 m distance), or to...
  5. WhiteStar

    Charge rates - 3 phase, EVSEs, single & dual chargers

    A long way from home, far from Superchargers, off the beaten track, away from or maybe en route to destination chargers, charging can be slow & confusing. We all want to get back on the road as quickly as possible. With regular 10A or even 15A power outlets - at 8 km/h or even 12 km/h or so...
  6. DanielFriederich

    Roadster Charging with 3 Phases

    Since I haven't seen something like that on the int. forum... here's a link to a guy in Austria who right now developed a prototype for 3 phase charging of the Roadster (less than 20 kg and no big transformer....) EV-Lade Technologie – EVAB if those guys can offer a reasonable price (there's...
  7. emir-t

    Correct way of wiring OpenEVSE in Europe for 3 phase 22kW

    Hello all; I'm about to purchase a few OpenEVSE's to install EVSEs at home, at work and build a mobile one like the Fivari charger to charge 3 phase, single phase in Europe. (whatever I have available) I believe I've looked at everything available online during research, however there's no one...