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360 degree

  1. T

    I can’t believe that I rely on 360 camera views this much!

    New owner of model y but I do miss the 360 camera view I had in my bmw quite a bit! parking and navigating in tight spaces are harder without that surround view camera. I’d pay more if that’s offered as an enhancement.
  2. Jomak

    Where are the camera views?

    So I am in a 20 LR M3 only AP and I look for the 360 view, don't see one...huh. I look for the front camera view, nope! My wife is very disappointed this car doesn't have either of those...her VW has them, a VW! This is a Tesla, with cameras everywhere and I don't have a front camera view or...
  3. insaneoctane

    360 "birdseye" parking assist

    This topic comes up a lot. I know that Tesla does NOT have the hardware to make this happen in a conventional stitch and process the image sort of way, but...... Since we know that the FSD/AP computer is constantly generating a 3D map of our surroundings (think = cones, trash cans, stop...
  4. Lasairfion

    Protean goes 360 with in wheel motors

    360 degree electric swivel motors that can raise and lower created by British design company Protean for use in transport as a service travel pods. The video on the website is quite cool. Technology - Protean From the website: Transport-as-a-Service urban mobility is gaining momentum, and...
  5. P

    Autopilot in 360 Degrees

    Here is a quick demo of a 360 degree video I made using data from the autopilot cameras. Shoutout to @verygreen for providing me with the raw footage. Video was generated in after effects and current version in missing mian, narrow, and rear cams. (main camera is an after effects rendering...