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360 view

  1. Jomak

    Where are the camera views?

    So I am in a 20 LR M3 only AP and I look for the 360 view, don't see one...huh. I look for the front camera view, nope! My wife is very disappointed this car doesn't have either of those...her VW has them, a VW! This is a Tesla, with cameras everywhere and I don't have a front camera view or...
  2. Jomak

    Used LR MS 17 or LR M3 21?

    Looking at prob a 17 used MS from Tesla with FSD. If I go new 21 M3 prob wouldn't get FSD unless I got a used M3. My question is what would the 17 MS be missing? If it had HW 2/2.5 it would be on the list to get upgraded right? The MCU? I still get 335 miles range vs 322/353...I mean the MS...
  3. insaneoctane

    360 "birdseye" parking assist

    This topic comes up a lot. I know that Tesla does NOT have the hardware to make this happen in a conventional stitch and process the image sort of way, but...... Since we know that the FSD/AP computer is constantly generating a 3D map of our surroundings (think = cones, trash cans, stop...
  4. rycart

    360 View only shows cars in front

    I just purchased a 2016 CPO 70D. The 360 view only shows the cars in front of my vehicle and not beside or behind me. I've applied all the software updates. I looked through all of the settings. Am I missing something?