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3rd row seats

  1. M

    White perforated upholstery

    Hello, I recently bought a new to me December 2018 Tesla Model X P100D 6 seater with the Ultra White interior with perforated seats. There was a bad stain on the back rest of one of the 3rd row seats. This stain had been tried to be remove, but the upholstery was damaged when I tried to make...
  2. T

    Sold 2013 Tesla Model S Rear Facing Jumpseat

    Hello, I have the rear facing jumpseat and bolts, came out of a 2013 Tesla Model S, very lightly used. Slight scuff marks on the rear of the seats, pictured, but other than that in great shape. Can ship for additional cost, or local pickup is welcome as well. I’m located near Fort Worth, TX...
  3. houstonian

    Aftermarket Alternatives to 3rd Row Model X Seats (e.g. converting the two small seats to a single throne)

    Greetings All, Starting to seriously consider the idea of picking up a 7 seater X here and am trying to understand what the realistic options are for seat options. If given my way I'd opt for a three seater X with the two front captain chairs, nothing in the middle row, and a single fold...
  4. A

    2017 Model S Rear Bumper Re-inforcement for 3d Row Seats

    Hi. I have installed a class 3 hitch on my 2017 Model S and removed the rear number support and the rear bumper reinforcement bar that comes with the 3rd row sitting option. Please make me an offer if you need them. I live in the Niagara region in Canada. Thanks Arman
  5. A

    Model S Rear Bumper Reinforcement for Sale.

    I have installed a hitch on my 2017 Model S and no longer need the Rear Bumper Reinforcement (that comes for the rear facing 3rd row seats) and the bumper support cover. I am selling the bumper reinforcement and the bumper cover for $500. PM me if you are interested. No shipping. Local...
  6. D

    Tesla Model S 3rd Row Seats From My 2014

    Very light use (used 2x, then they got too big too fast) Just removed from my 2014, should fit 2012-2018 with the proper brackets - only have the T45 bolts removed, you will need the other parts discussed in these forums for cars not delivered with these seats (the SCs have them)/ Prefer SF...
  7. G

    Looking for a Model S

    Hello I am looking for a Model S that has high mileage. The features I want is 3rd row seat, AutoPilot, and Unlimited Super Charging. I would like to not have air suspension. If you know of an S for sale please email me at [email protected]. I live in Port St. Lucie FL. I would like...
  8. R

    3rd Row Seats Inoperable when 2nd Row seats are removed

    I'm working on a project to remove the 2nd row in my 6 seat config Model X. I removed the 2nd row seats only to find that the 3rd row would no longer operate. No actuator sound at all. Just dead. I checked all the connectors for the 3rd row and all were connected. I set the 2nd row chairs...
  9. briancul67

    Model S Rear Facing Seats 3rd Row Jump Seats Kids Seats - SEATTLE

    I have a set of Rear Facing Seats for sale. They are in great condition and have very little use. I do not have the brackets or bumper reinforcement. Price is $1,200 for local pickup in Seattle. I can pack and ship on the train to any Amtrak station in the country for $100 or via UPS ground...
  10. M

    3rd row headrest won't fold

    One of the headrests on my 3rd row seat won't fold down. The seat folds forward but I obviously can't fold the seat away since the headrest gets in the way of the 2nd row. Anyone else have this happen?
  11. S

    Model S Rear Facing Seat Cooling

    So we are quickly approaching year 3 of Model S ownership and it's always been a goal to try and make the rear facing seats as comfortable/useful as possible even in the hot summers. One would think that Tesla does not care for the well-being of it's 3rd row passengers when you look at how...