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  1. drtko147

    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    I am throwing this out there for those of us who still own the original 40 kWh battery Model S. We are a rare breed. I was wondering if an email campaign to Tesla to ask for a one-time upgrade to the 60 kWh battery for a lower cost, say $5000 or even less. I am not sure what you guys think...
  2. T

    Poll on 40KW battery actual rated range vs age(miles) of car

    I'm seeing a dramatic drop-off in range on my 40KW battery so I'd like to see what others are experiencing. So this is only for the few of us with 40kw models. What is your current "rated" (not ideal) range at 100% (not 85%) range?: What is your current mileage?: My answers are: Rated Range...
  3. Z

    Purchased 60kwh model s, received 40kwh!!! Upgrade help???

    Recently I purchased a 60kwh model S through my clients who own a car dealership. They purchased it via OVE. When we received the vehicle it was actually a 40kwh model S instead of the advertised 60kwh. Through a number of circumstances we're stuck with the vehicle. I love everything about the...
  4. H

    Removing ballast from a 40KWh Model S

    I understand that the 40KWh and 85KWh variations of the model S weigh the same due to the model with the smaller battery having some added ballast where the missing battery packs go in order to simplify the crash testing process. Once a car is delivered, I wonder if removing the ballast would...
  5. J

    Options / Pricing gripes for 160 mile version

    Just saw Tesla has the long awaited options info for the Model S on their website. A couple things I found very disappointing about the 160 mile version: 0 to 60 in 6.5 I was always under the impression the 0 to 60 would be 5.6. Granted, they never specifically stated this, but they...