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  1. tpedwards

    Need an UMC - Mobile Connector with 5-15, 6-50 and 14-50

    My UMC died (seven flashes) now I need a replacement. I see Tesla offers the 32A that ships with new cars for $275 and I would need to buy adapters - 14-50, 6-50 and 14-50 ($380). So can anyone do better? PM if you have what I need or close to it.
  2. S

    2014 Model S - 5-15 adapter

    Hello folks, I lost the 5-15(110v adapter) that came with the car charger. Could anyone pls suggest a replacement adapter? I am aware that tesla sells that for $45, but just wondering whether there is a cheap alternative. Thanks.
  3. U

    TESLA GEN 2 5-15 Adapter(Free Shipping)

    Brought the wrong adapter, thus selling it at $30.
  4. U


    Looking to sell used 5-15 Gen 2 adapter at $35 with shipping.
  5. Ostrichsak

    Did I Make a Mistake Buying a Quick 220 w/L6-20 Outlet?

    I got a good deal on a Quick 220 w/L6-20 outlet (assuming it was a Leaf owner) and now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have bought it. The idea was to add it to my adapter bag in case I needed it to try to get 220v @ 20amps (16A manually limited of course) in instances where two 110v outlets on...
  6. Electric Joe

    240v through the 5-15 plug?

    Does anyone know what happens if you use both flat prongs of the Tesla NEMA 5-15 plug adapter with hot wires to effectively send 240v through the UMC? I'm too chicken to try it. I figure the UMC might see the 240v and use it at up to 15 amps, or it might self-destruct because it was expecting...