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5 seat model x

  1. S

    Prediction: Model X price will be reduced to $78K in January 2024

    I predict Model X 5-seater will be priced at $78K in January 2024. My reasons: 1) Federal EV tax credit enables SUVs priced under $80K to get $7500 discount. And starting January 1st, this will be a point-of-sale discount, given upfront. 2) Model X Long Range was already priced at $80K from...
  2. M

    2018 - X 75D - Blue + Cream + carbon fiber - 75K OBO

    The X has been good to my wife and I for 19,000 miles, but the Cybertruck is coming which means at least one car must go and it shan't be the S. Plenty of pictures here where I've got it cross listed but happy to send more if you've a particular request. PM me or do the autotrader link. I'll...
  3. IslandRoadster

    New Model X 5-Seater All Weather Floor Mat

    Have a new, all-weather floor mat that I never used before I sold my Model X. New from Tesla this will cost you $160 plus shipping. Here's Tesla's link: Model X All Weather Interior Mats You'll need to choose the mat you want from the drop-down. Yours for $80 + $25 ground shipping. Payment...
  4. T

    Aftermarket X'ccessories

    Hi All, Disclaimer -- no intention to promote these products, only to see if others have an opinion and rate how beneficial each may be to a new X. I have a 5 Seater on the way & it's time to consider ordering any or all of these. Due to price, I'd like some opinions first. 1: Wheel...
  5. A

    Any Regrets on Buying the 5 Seater

    I still have a few days to change my mind on my MX 90D 6 seat configuration. I was originally focused on 5 seater fold down seats but ordered the 6 seater because I was concerned it resale of 5 seater vs 6 seater when I trade for a more powerful battery in 4 or 5 years. I don't have a family...
  6. beths11

    Model X 5 Seat Deliveries

    No one has created a November deliveries thread, but this is not that thread. I want to follow the first (and following) five seat deliveries. I believe there are several with VIN and Nov/Dec delivery dates. I look forward to sharing your long awaited arrivals (as I continue to wait for mine).