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60 kwh

  1. EstebanP212

    model s 60kw how is your battery doing?

    Hello, I have a question for all of us who have 60kw NOT Software locked actually 60kw pack How is your range doing or and if failed what mileage did you make it to I am getting ready for when mine fails as I drive a lot and supercharge a good amount I have been looking at wk0057 for...
  2. S

    2014 Model S 60 25,8xx miles - $41,999 - Clean title on hand! - FL

    Hello everyone! Silver metallic Gently used, clean, always garage kept, never smoked in ~170+ mile range on full charge Free unlimited supercharging enabled (should transfer) Black leather interior; Light alcantara headliner, black carbon fiber - all good/clean condition 19” factory alloy...
  3. M

    First Time Model S Buyer

    Hi All, this is my first post so apologies if I mess something up. I am looking at buying my first model S but need some help. It is a 2013 Model S Signature 60 KWH (191 miles per charge). The car has 175k miles on it, has no accidents, and has a clean title. Black with black leather. Tech...
  4. L

    110 mile range with 330wh/mile consumption!

    The real-world range on my 2014 60Kwh model S has degraded big time in the last few years, despite having driven only 35K miles, never supercharged and rarely charge to full. After my last 90% charge, I let it run down to almost empty with before and after pics. Right after charging, the dash...
  5. K

    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    I've got a 2013 Model S 60 with ~42k on it. Drive normally in LA (traffic, no freezing weather). Original range was 208, now can't get past 165, about 20% down. Repeated visits to Tesla service end up with the same answer: the battery is fine and nothings wrong; essentially, "sit down and shut...
  6. thesnooch

    $Offers/Trades$ 15' Model S60 Pre-Refresh AP1 NAV LTE SLIPSTREAMS SUBWOOFER 4YR WARRANTY

    Up for sale is my 03/2015 Pre-Refresh Model S60 (pure 60 no upgrade avail) Mileage - 46k 4 year 50k warranty and then 4 year CPO warranty. Free supercharging for life. Southern California area Things I've added/had done to the car: Ceramic coating (will input name of installer/coating, can't...
  7. M

    A CPO Model S without Free Supercharging?

    Got an odd one for the group...I reserved this CPO Model S last week and noticed immediately after that Supercharging wasnt included: 2014 60 kWh Model S EXTERIOR Red Multi-Coat Paint Black Roof 19" Wheels INTERIOR Black Nappa Leather Seats Piano Black Décor Standard...
  8. J

    For those that paid for 60kWh to 75 kWh upgrade, was it worth it?

    Hi all, I have a refreshed 60 kWh Model S, and was thinking of possibly taking the jump to update to the 75 kWh. I've read some threads saying that the 60 kWh configuration (actually 62 kWh usable) is a great value while the 75, not so much. I also really appreciate the lack of significant...
  9. R

    2015 S 60 Auto Pilot w/26k mi

    2015 Midnight Silver Metallic S60 for sale. Tesla maintenance, and garage kept. Located in Orlando, FL. 26,000 miles. Asking $62,000. Extended Warranty Auto Pilot v1 Tech Package Fog Lamps Duel Chargers Supercharger enabled and free for the life of the vehicle Midnight Silver Metallic All Glass...
  10. D

    Help me overanalyze - new or CPO?

    I am considering a Model S, and trying to decide between CPO and new. The most important feature I need is the rear facing seats. After that, my wife will veto black paint and black interior, so I need those upgrades. Sunroof or glass roof is preferred, but not essential. Everything else (sound...
  11. T

    SW limited 60 BMS hacked and shows more than 60 kWh usable

    I just saw this post on electrek and didn't see it posted here. Tesla’s hacked Battery Management System exposes the real usable capacity of its battery packs It looks like a Model X 60D showed around 62.4 kWh usable while the full usable capacity of the 75 kWh pack is around 72.6 kWh... This...
  12. T

    Model S 60: Made a document to help me decide (could help you too)

    I am new to the forum but have been trying to read up as much as possible in the last 1-2 weeks (when I have time) to help me decide on my purchase decision (pulled trigger tonight and am in my 7 day grace period now). I decided to put all my thoughts onto paper (literally ppt slides), and I...
  13. J

    2014 S60 in Upstate of So Carolina

    My well-cared for (always garaged, paint correction and Opti-Coat Plus applied upon delivery, non-smokers) Pearl white S with rare painted black roof, needs to find new owner so that I can pick up my Model X!! -39,000 miles -Tech package -Navigation -Heated seats -Classic nose -Supercharger...
  14. G

    ~$80-100 off 3yr lease for inventory s60 and 60D

    not sure why my last thread was deleted but heads up to people that there is a promo until the end of the month on inventory s60 and 60d for an additional $80-100 off the price of a new car. I've heard that some have been able to downgrade inventory s75 and 75d to 60 kWh and received the...
  15. S

    CPO Deal or Not?

    Hey all, Firstly, many thanks to all the contributors on this forum! It helps many of us looking to join the Tesla family to be more informed. Leaning on you guys for guidance on this one. First a little context, or just scroll down for the question. Context: I made the decision to join the...
  16. TexasTeslaRacing

    Max 60 kWH battery Online DS

    Most of you on this forum have been predicting a 60kwh battery for the MX sometime this month and you turned out to be correct. MX 60kwh 200 mile range for $74,000. 130mph top speed. 0-60 6 seconds. This is an excellent value. The battery can be upgraded to a 75 after purchase, however the...
  17. R

    60 vs 75, am I thinking about this correctly?

    I've just placed an order for a 75 RWD after I deciding I don't really need to spend an additional $15K for the 90D. The 249 EPA rated miles is enough for 95% of our daily driving. For the 2-3 trips a year we would possibly take from Phoenix to SoCal or Las Vegas the additional 1 or 2 hours...
  18. krazineurons

    60D owners, why did you not choose 90D?

    Hi, I have ordered my model S and am inside the 1 week grace window to change the configuration. I am sure it gets asked a lot here but i am confused if I should stick to 60D and upgrade to 75D later or straight up get the 90D. Following the threads so far, the recommendation is to go for the...
  19. Master One

    Our First Test Drive With A Model S

    Recently we finally had a Model S at our disposal for a day, and we drove with it fully loaded (2 adults, 3 kids, 1 dog) 265 km. With such an average consumption a new S60 really would do It was a colorful mix of country road, city traffic, highway and a whole line of acceleration tests. Air...
  20. krazineurons

    what metrics to use for MS 60D on evtripplanner site?

    I swear i had read it as a comment on one of the threads but the search is not turning up any results. If i want to compare how much extra time i will have to spend at the super chargers if i bought a MS 60D, what metrics do i need to use on the evtripplanner.com site? Appreciate any help :)
  21. T

    Announcement of new Model S June 9th

    There was a Twitter post by a Danish auto news site saying a new Model S will be announced today (around 9:00EST): AutoWeek on Twitter The news/rumor was also posted here: Today a new version of Model S will be announced. • /r/teslamotors Not sure what to make of it but wondering if it will...
  22. G

    Moving to NYC - 2013 Tesla 60 Priced to Sell - Silver, 34,000 miles; $51,000

    Ok, I really need to now pass along my 2013 Silver Tesla 60 . Love this car but I am moving. Car is in the Hamptons. Tesla Model S 60 kWh in GREAT shape. Car is in the Hamptons. I am moving to NYC and need to sell. Was just checked completely top-to-bottom by Tesla. All good. Everything...
  23. marcad80

    Supercharging a 60kWh

    I have read some posts about supercharge rates of a 60kWh MS that dont seem to match what my experience has been. So I went to the St. Lucie, Fl supercharging station this weekend and gathered the following data. For those who dont like data, here are the results: 105 kW peak charge rate...
  24. Babylonfive

    60KWH roll-in - B5 theory: they won't do it til after Jan1

    Perhaps, but I think that they won't even think of the 60s before the end of the year, even if everything was approved. Here's why: anything different might slow the factory, and they want to blow their delivery estimate for the end of the year out of the water - therefore reduce the risk, and...
  25. SuperCoug

    When will we know the 5 Cycle Range numbers for the 60 KWH Model S?

    I am going to order the 60 KWH Model S and I've already received my Email from Tesla saying that it's time for me to lock in my order and configure my car. However, I have not yet confirmed my order because I'm still waiting to see the 5 cycle range estimates. I think most of us are expecting...
  26. M

    Supercharging option pricing/60 kWh pack fee discussion

    -- Update 2 -- GeorgeB's post that those already under contract for 60kWh batteries will not be charged extra, after all: Supercharging and 60 kWh Model S Orders - Message from George B -- Update -- Here are GeorgeB's posts: Supercharging option pricing/60 kWh pack fee discussion - Page 11...

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