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60 to 75kwh

  1. BobCio

    Model X 60D holdouts?

    We received our Model X 60D in August, 2016 (during their short production run). When they dropped the price for the Range Upgrade to 75kWh in 2017, we were (initially) excited, but then learned that they dropped the Model S upgrade to $2,000, but the Model X range upgrade is still $4,500! I...
  2. fasteddie7

    60 to 75: what are you charging to now?

    For those who upgraded, what are you charging to now? I used to charge to the "trip line" about 197 mile range, on super cold days or on trips I'd charge to the 100% or 219 miles. Now the trip line is about 230 miles. I changed it to the line before the trip line, photo attached, is this what...
  3. steveho

    Did you upgrade 60 ->75?

    Ok, instead of asking if it was worth it to upgrade from 60 to 75, and yet hearing nothing about the upgrade, let's run a poll to see how many upgraded from 60 to 75. I for one, will not upgrade. Even in Minnesota winters, so far the 60 is still enough range (133 miles at 450wh/mi in the medium...
  4. T

    SW limited 60 BMS hacked and shows more than 60 kWh usable

    I just saw this post on electrek and didn't see it posted here. Tesla’s hacked Battery Management System exposes the real usable capacity of its battery packs It looks like a Model X 60D showed around 62.4 kWh usable while the full usable capacity of the 75 kWh pack is around 72.6 kWh... This...
  5. R

    60 vs 75, am I thinking about this correctly?

    I've just placed an order for a 75 RWD after I deciding I don't really need to spend an additional $15K for the 90D. The 249 EPA rated miles is enough for 95% of our daily driving. For the 2-3 trips a year we would possibly take from Phoenix to SoCal or Las Vegas the additional 1 or 2 hours...