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  1. F

    White 2013 60kWh 94k miles $24.9k

    I'm selling my solid white exterior/cloth seats 2013 60kWh Model S. I've been the only owner and it has a clean title. It's been my daily commuter with about 94k miles on it. Drivetrain was just replaced to the latest revision, and also has brand new tires. Selling because I just upgraded to an...
  2. AutobahnEV

    Vendor Tesla Battery Modules + Packs Available

    Hey everyone, just a reminder I have Model S battery packs and individual modules available! GEN 1 Model S 60 4.5kW 384 cell module: Tesla (60kWh) OEM Lithium Battery Module 22.8V 4.5kWh 18650 384 Panasonic Cells | eBay GEN 1 Model S 85 5.2kW 444 cell module: Tesla Model S/X OEM Lithium...
  3. C

    2013 Model S60 21K miles for sale

    I love this car but have decided to upgrade to the new Model S with auto drive features so I'm putting this one up for sale. Asking price is $47,000. It's a great car in excellent condition. Tesla just checked it out (and gave me an estimated re-sale value of $47,400). The car is driven...
  4. R

    2015 S 60 Auto Pilot w/26k mi

    2015 Midnight Silver Metallic S60 for sale. Tesla maintenance, and garage kept. Located in Orlando, FL. 26,000 miles. Asking $62,000. Extended Warranty Auto Pilot v1 Tech Package Fog Lamps Duel Chargers Supercharger enabled and free for the life of the vehicle Midnight Silver Metallic All Glass...
  5. T

    SW limited 60 BMS hacked and shows more than 60 kWh usable

    I just saw this post on electrek and didn't see it posted here. Tesla’s hacked Battery Management System exposes the real usable capacity of its battery packs It looks like a Model X 60D showed around 62.4 kWh usable while the full usable capacity of the 75 kWh pack is around 72.6 kWh... This...
  6. W

    2013 42,xxx mile S60 Black on Black

    19" Wheels 60 kWh Battery All Glass Panoramic Roof Black Leather Interior Black Solid Paint Obeche Wood Gloss Décor Standard Suspension Tech Package Brand New Tires (2 weeks old) $43k
  7. T

    Model S 60: Made a document to help me decide (could help you too)

    I am new to the forum but have been trying to read up as much as possible in the last 1-2 weeks (when I have time) to help me decide on my purchase decision (pulled trigger tonight and am in my 7 day grace period now). I decided to put all my thoughts onto paper (literally ppt slides), and I...
  8. R

    60 vs 75, am I thinking about this correctly?

    I've just placed an order for a 75 RWD after I deciding I don't really need to spend an additional $15K for the 90D. The 249 EPA rated miles is enough for 95% of our daily driving. For the 2-3 trips a year we would possibly take from Phoenix to SoCal or Las Vegas the additional 1 or 2 hours...
  9. S

    2015 Model S 60kW vs used a used 2013

    I am looking for a used Tesla Model S and they are going for about $55K right now in Southern California. The value is holding up extremely well; However, Tesla just announced a new MS 60 for about the same price (may be less with tax credit). With the new 2015, you get the full factory...
  10. Z

    Purchased 60kwh model s, received 40kwh!!! Upgrade help???

    Recently I purchased a 60kwh model S through my clients who own a car dealership. They purchased it via OVE. When we received the vehicle it was actually a 40kwh model S instead of the advertised 60kwh. Through a number of circumstances we're stuck with the vehicle. I love everything about the...
  11. Pilot_51

    Model S 60 videos

    In the Dashcam video bucket thread, I posted the below video of a little race I had last week. I wondered what other races people have had with the 60 and searched YouTube and Google. After roughly 15 minutes of searching, I gave up and concluded my video must be the first and only public video...
  12. D

    Contemplating Model S... anyone ordered the 60KWh?

    Hi, I took a test drive last week in a 85KWh... I probably don't need to tell you how great a car it is, you already know! I was contemplating spending somewhere around £40-45K on a BMW 435i Gran Coupe for delivery later in the year until I tested the Tesla Model S. I was totally smitten with...
  13. callmesam

    First Supercharger-Only Coast to Coast Road Trip in a Tesla Model S 60

    Call me Sam. I’ll be your driver for the next week (or so). Guy . . . girl. Doesn’t really matter. This story isn’t about me. This is about a Tesla MS60. And the Supercharging Network. The smallest battery currently offered by the company, the Model S 60 is the bare bones of their line...
  14. Babylonfive

    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    AFAIK no one with 60kWH model S has yet gotten a detailed delivery notice or a 'finalize your delivery' email. Who will be first? I suggest that us 60-ers be ready to report the first known delivery notice email, verbal commit, or Tesla website 'finalize' button here. As we've discussed in...