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7 seat

  1. M

    Expired 2021 Model Y Long Range / 7 Seater / 3rd Row / Tow Hitch / 20" Induction Wheels [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2021 Model Y Long Range / 7 Seater / 3rd Row / Two Hitch / 20" Induction Wheels. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. B

    Expired Tesla Model X Perform Ludicrous+ [7 Seat] [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Model X Perform Ludicrous+ [7 Seat]. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. T

    UK - Model Y 7 Seater

    Does anyone have any information or insight as to when the 7 seater variant will be available in the UK? Surely they must make it available at some point. I would hate to place an order for the Model Y now just to find out that 4 months down the line you can order the Model Y with 7 seats...
  4. B

    Pet Barrier for 2017 Model X

    What solutions have you guys found for keeping your dogs in the back of your 7-seat (third row folded down) Model X's? What are you using that you are happy with? I've already found a ton of maybe good/maybe sucking vendors, I'm hoping someone here has a known-good setup that they are very...
  5. L

    White on Black 2022 model X refresh 7 seater for sale in FL

    Picked up 2 months ago a refresh model X, white exterior, black interior, 7 seat configuration. Perfect condition 2k miles PM me if your interested.
  6. M

    2022 Model Y. 7 Seats. Blk/BLK. 24k miles.

    2022 Model Y. 7 Seats. Blk/BLK. 24k miles. $6999 obo.
  7. E

    2022 Model X Long Range - Deep Blue Metallic / Black - BRAND NEW! SCHEDULED PICK UP FOR 09/26

    Hello, Im brand new to the forum and am looking to sell my Brand New Tesla Model X Long Range - Will have less than 100 miles on it. Pick up scheduled for 09.23.22 in Michigan. The exact same car if reserved now has msrp of $144,940. Please email at [email protected] with offers. Model X...
  8. S

    Model Y 7-seat Delivery Vancouver

    I just wanted to share what I found about the delivery of MY 7-seat in Vancouver. I ordered mine back in Jan 10th, estimated delivery back then was 2-5 weeks, showing Feb 14th on my account as estimated delivery date. I was so excited to get MY as Valentine's gift, but it's been extended to...
  9. Eddieg778

    Model Y 7 Seater Video

    Hello everyone, my local Tesla Showroom here in Newport Beach, CA is one of the first to have the new Model Y 3rd row 7 seater out on display. I tried my best to document this event as best i could so that it can be of service for the community. I learned how to edit videos and created a you...
  10. J

    M3 Owner - Looking to add 2016 MX - Advice?

    Hi everyone- We’ve had out 2019 Model 3 for over a year now and are loving it. We are a family of 5 w/ 3 kids - 15, 11 and 6. The older 2 had quite big growth spurts in the past 2 months, and even though we managed to drive across the country in the M3 last summer, its getting too tight for...
  11. M

    For Sale: 2018 Model X, FSD, 7 seats, Brand New Tires

    Model X / 2018 / Blue - b954a | Only Used Tesla Asking: $87,900 2018 TESLA MODEL X LR (100D) 17,300 Miles AUTOPILOT FULL SELF DRIVING 7 SEAT INTERIOR Model X Long Range (100D) Deep Blue Metallic Paint 20” Silver Wheels All Black Premium Carbon Fiber Upgrade Front Console Dark Headliner Towing...
  12. jotango

    Second Row (7 seat config) not sliding up

    hi all, i have a 7 seat config that the second row no longer slides forward for easy entry. i keep the car cleaned of any debris and get it detailed often, nothing visibly blocking the seat. When i press the shoulder button (passenger side w/ 1 seat) i hear the unlatch, but the seat doesn't...
  13. B

    Anyone have any ideas for reseting 2nd row seat?

    New 7-seat configuration, the single (passenger-side) 2nd row seat gets locked halfway down. The SC wouldn't tell me how to reset it. They can do it very quickly, but they're an hour away. A new seat has been ordered, but who knows how long that can take. It's like the seat has no power. The...
  14. BLKMDL3


    Went to the store while I was on a trip to Boston and they had the new 7 seater in the showroom. Vin in 55,900s. The seats slide forward a little to ease entry but not much. What do you guys think? There is a hidden button on the second row seat like on the third row. It was much more cramped in...