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  1. Y

    Autopilot 7.0 or 7.1

    I am still on 7.0 because it just feels so good and powerful not having to put your hands on the wheel while driving! I am willing to bet a whole dollar that if Elon is on 7.1 he must have a hacked version that does not nag him because Elon wants hands-free autopilot and that is the only...
  2. Y

    Firmware 7.0 vs. 7.1

    Am I the only one left who has not upgraded from 7.0? I held off on the 7.1 upgrade due to concern over excessive autopilot nag. The main new feature summon seems more like a gimmick than a practical solution for my garage on a slight incline. Auto park perpendicular seems unnecessary. Then I...
  3. Ziska

    adding an app to the screen?

    Is there any way to add an app to the touchscreen?
  4. M

    TACC with 7.0 - unexpected slowdowns

    Hi everybody. I just updated my Model S to the 7.0 firmware and everything works fine. There is however a small glitch that has me wondering about the new tacc. Here is the situation: I am driving along on a clear almost straight road at 70 km/h. No cars in front of me but suddenly my Model S...
  5. C

    Version 7.0 tried - Where Is Vehicle Hold? How to activate it?

    Hi, I've been trying out 7.0 software since it came out yesterday. The autopilot is ok. It has tendency to stay away from concrete walls on 101, making the car right-sided on the carpool lane. Other than that, it's not bad for the first and I'm sure things improve over time with OTA. How do you...
  6. thegruf

    V7 Software anticipation: when and what new features?

    I guess more snippets will come out in due course, I only heard new updated graphics, and how many more builds of 6 before we jump to v7? Maybe v7 will be timed to coincide with Model X launch?