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  1. S

    🏎💨2015 Model S 70D for sale w/ FREE SUPERCHARGING!🔋🔋

    Shines just as beautifully as it did on delivery day! I am the original owner with title in hand. Garage kept. Coming from a non-smoking / no-pet household. Well maintained, no accidents. Free Unlimited Supercharging, with Autopilot & Convienence features and unlimited Premium Connectivity...
  2. D

    2015 Silver AWD Tesla Model S 70D 53.5K miles- Autopilot, Free unlimited supercharging and connectivity, Bay Area CA- $42K

    For Sale in Northern CA (Bay Area): 2015 Silver AWD Tesla Model S 70D 53.5K miles Autopilot Free unlimited supercharging Free unlimited connectivity Subzero weather package Heated black next gen seats Wood matte accents All Glass panoramic roof 19" wheels It has a few dings/scratches on the...
  3. D

    2015 Model S 70D AWD Autopilot Free Supercharging

    Selling my fantastic Black with Grey Interior 2015 Tesla Model S 70D only because I bought a P85D. I purchased the car from the original owner in NJ around 67,000 miles. - Under Unlimited Mile powertrain warranty (battery and motors) until 2023 - Free Super charging for life - Free Premium...
  4. B

    2016 Model S 70D For Sale

    Price: $45,000 VIN: 5YJSA1E2XGF130479 I purchased the vehicle used from Tesla in 2019 and love it. But I've recently relocated from LA to SF and unfortunately, my family no longer has a need for this second vehicle. The vehicle is currently garaged (indoor) at my parent's house in Sacramento...
  5. AutobahnEV

    FS 2015 Model S 70D

    I am selling a very clean 2015 Model S 70D The car has 37,900 miles Clean title, one owner LTE and Navigation Tech Package + Premium Audio (currently has an incredible aftermarket system - speakers, tweeters, mids and a sub) Autopilot AP1 enabled 21" Turbines w/ new tires Recently rebuilt Tegra...
  6. K

    Any success in getting low SC rates addresses?

    Coming up on 5 years with my ‘15 70D and still love the car. The only downside is that at 62k miles it is now essentially no longer a road trip car. The reason is the supercharging is so slow. I sealed my driveway yesterday so couldn’t get to my charger. I drove over to a supercharger this...
  7. RBeck79

    2015 70D For Sale

    Hi All - I am looking to part with my Black 2015 70D. No accidents, non-smoker, clean car and existing warranty coverage. Routinely charged to 80%-90%. Shows 237 miles at 100%. Includes extra set of wheels. The specs: - 2015 70D (AWD) - ~32,700 Miles - 4 Year / 50k Warranty valid until March...
  8. G

    2015 Model S 70D for sale

    Selling my 2015 Model S 70D for $43 .5k. Car is located in Greenwich, CT Solid Black Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof Black Next Generation Seats Obeche Wood Gloss Decor Accents Premium Interior Lighting Manufactured 07/2015 New Tires (less than 1000 miles ago)
  9. P

    Wtb: 2015-2016 Black Model S 75d/85d/90d/70d With Sas.

    As the title says. I'm looking to buy a 2015-2016 Black Model S 75D/85D/90D/70D with Smart Air Suspension. I like both pre- and post-facelift cars. Interior doesn't matter too much, as 90% of the interior configurations are pretty sweet. I'm slightly less interested in the 70D than the other...
  10. Dutchmeeuw

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Lost 20km of max charging within 2 weeks on my S85D. At the 12th of May I was able to charge to 399km at 100% charge. 2 days ago the max charge has dropped to 379km all of a sudden. Temperatures at both charge times were around 18 degrees Celsius. Called Tesla and they’re telling me the car...
  11. C

    CPO delivery checklist ?

    Hi folks, My CPO 2015 MS 70D will be delivered tomorrow. Is there a recommended checklist for the delivery ? Based on the photos tesla sent, the key fobs have cosmetic damage. Other than that, I don't see any issues. Hoping a smooth delivery. :) Thanks,
  12. CrazyCarl

    Rebuilding wrecked 2015 Tesla Model S

    Hello All, I recently acquired a front end wrecked Model S 70D, and am in the process of rebuilding it! The only code its showing is "Car needs service Contact Tesla service" It had a the codes "Battery power very low" and "Car may not wake up, charge immediately to remedy" Due to sitting...
  13. maxse

    Model S 70D 19” to 20” or 21”

    Has anyone gone from their stock 19” wheels to bigger Tesla wheels with any feedback on performance/battery? My factory range was 240 and after 40k miles I’m at 234. I’m wondering how much range I’ll be sacrificing. Thank You
  14. J

    Transfering ownership and upgrading to 75d

    Greetings, i have bought a used model s 70d from germany ( I am in Croatia). And i was wondering what is the procedure i have to follow to get my tesla account, and what do i have to do to upgrade my battery from 70 kwh to 75 kwh. Thanks in advance :)
  15. Jomak

    70D uncorked?

    Did the 0-60 on the 70D get updated? The base was 5.2 seconds, wondering if it's in the 4s now?
  16. Ostrichsak

    Is There a Difference Between Early 2015 and Late 2015 85D?

    We currently have a 2015 70D and at the time of shopping for it I thought that ALL 2015's were devoid of the previously defunct "Tech Package". I'm now seeing 2015's (which I assume are earlier model year versions) which indeed have Tech Package. Is there a significant difference from a 2015...
  17. BLKMDL3

    Things to look out for with CPO- Advice needed

    I am flying out on Friday to SFO to pick up a 2015 CPO 70D and driving home with my friend who is buying it. Its black/black with white headliner/pano roof. Anything I should watch out for. Bringing a detailing light, and ONR, bug and tar. I have taken countless roadtrips in my X and 3 but they...
  18. P

    2016 Model S 70D w/ Autopilot - $57,000

    2016 Tesla Model S 70D (AWD) with Autopilot and Summon Features. Metallic Silver Exterior, Premium Black “Next Generation” Leather Seats, Black Alcantara Headliner, Carbon Fiber Décor, Premium 19” Cyclone Wheels, Premium Interior and Lighting, Premium Black Center Console, *FREE SUPERCHARGING*...
  19. B

    FS: 2015 Model S 70D / 42K Miles

    IMG_1856 by bmc posted Oct 2, 2018 at 10:31 PMIMG_1857 by bmc posted Oct 2, 2018 at 10:31 PMIMG_1858 by bmc posted Oct 2, 2018 at 10:31 PMIMG_1860 by bmc posted Oct 2, 2018 at 10:31 PMIMG_1855 by bmc posted Oct 2, 2018 at 10:31 PMIMG_1864 by bmc posted Oct 2, 2018 at 10:31 PMIMG_1865 by bmc...
  20. Danny_

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D CPO (Worth it or not?)

    Hey guys! I was due to pick up my 2015 Tesla Model S 70D yesterday but it was delayed due to a "nail in tire" & "scratch on wheel", so they are ordering a new set and rescheduling my pickup, which is fine by me because then I get new wheels and tires.. I think. Tell me, did I snag this CPO at a...
  21. M

    2015 Model S 70D with autopilot! Low miles (58k)

    36500 miles Received 1 October 2015 Original owner, no accidents AWD Autopilot Panoramic Sunroof Rear jump seats Free supercharging Brand new in box blue LED cupholders for rear seat
  22. K

    70D upgrade to 75D

    I recently upgraded my model 70D to 75D. When I top off during charging, I get only 248 miles and not 259 miles as advertised in Tesla website. Does anyone seen this anomaly? My S is an year old and has 18K miles. I am not sure this is due to degradation or cell unbalance issue
  23. David29

    Happy with Efficiency on Latest Trip (but with a small mystery)

    My spouse and I made a trip from the Boston area to Philly and back last weekend for a wedding. We drove down on Thursday and back on Sunday. Thursday (June 1) was a lovely day, sunny, blue skies, temps in the low to mid 70s. Sunday started out overcast in Philly, a bit more humid, and...
  24. DrJeff

    Wanted 70D Rear Axles

    Looking for both rear axles from a xxD (e.g. 70D). Really interested in the inner CV Joints, rest of axle not important. I'm building a custom set of axles for an EV conversion and need the inner CV Joints compatible with the 2015 70D rear motor.
  25. C

    2015 Model S 70D, 29k miles, $63,000

    Hi, I'm selling my Model S because I am moving abroad for an international work assignment. I bought the car new in May 2015. It has been well taken care of; no accidents, smoking, or pets. Main driving is on highway to and from work, about 80 miles both ways. The car has the following...
  26. mjcostajr

    2015 (Nov) Model S70D ~33k mi, Pano, Obsidian black, Blackvue Dash Cams $63k (in NC)

    I was planning on trading my late 2015 Tesla Model S 70D for my new S 90D with late December delivery, but thought I'd post here to see if there's any interest. Located in Wilmington, NC. Tesla Model S 70D Obsidian Black Carbon Fiber Next Gen Black Seats Pano roof Dual chargers 19" Wheels...
  27. R

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D Low Miles /w AutoPilot

    I am selling this 2015 Tesla Model S 70D on behalf of my company. This used to belong to one of the partners. It is single owner and in excellent condition. It only has around 8950 miles and has only been driven around town and for commute. The car has been maintained at Tesla and it did have a...
  28. Bargo

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D /w AutoPilot and extras

    I have for sale a Pearl White, Tesla Model S 70D with 19,XXX miles. This vehicle was purchased new on 2/10/2016. The car has been well taken care of and is super clean. It has never been smoked in nor have I ever allowed animals inside. The car is still under the manufacture 50,000 mile four...
  29. GasKilla

    Should I charge to 100% (night before trip) if my first supercharger stop is only 80 miles away?

    I understand that you actually supercharge faster the lower your SOC when you arrive at the charger. The first leg of my trip will only be 80 miles, so I'm wondering if it really matters if I charge to 100% the night before or if 90% is better or won't really make a difference. I have a MS 70D.
  30. travwill

    Value/Interest in 70D

    Looking to potential move into a Model X here soon and was considering selling our MS 70D. Any thoughts on a good value for this listing? It is solid white, in pretty great condition (maybe 1 little paint chip), and its never had any issues. Garaged always and about 8000 miles on it in near...
  31. jwilf

    Road trip blog with Model S 70D

    Hi all, I wrote about the planning of my trip at Planning a trip through Austria, Switzerland and Germany in a rented Model S Well we just got back from the trip and it was fantastic! I just finished blogging about day 1, in which we travelled from Salzburg, Austria to Mannheim, Germany, a...
  32. hacer

    Rated miles vs Wh/mi

    I'm a new owner, model S 70D refresh (and thus an actual 75 kWh battery but software limited to 70); I've had the car 12 days now. I notice that every day when I go to charge my car that the rated miles consumed exceeds the actual miles, even though my Wh/mi since last charge always seems quite...
  33. C

    Lease Takeover: 2015 70D

    Hello everyone! I recently had a wave of unexpected expenses and financial changes hit that is forcing me to part ways with my wonderful Model S. It's a 2015 70D with almost every option. Exact details listed below. I will be contacting Tesla to explore the option of a lease takeover and wanted...
  34. omgwtfbyobbq

    Model 3 Specification Speculation

    Since it's fun to speculate, I threw together a little python script that uses the EPA FTP-75/HWFET traces and the unadjusted EPA rating of the S 70D to guess at Model 3 range. Using an admittedly crude comparison, I'm guesstimating a 55kWh 3 will hit 240+ mile combined and 75kWh 3 will hit 325+...
  35. C

    Thoughts after my first week owning a Model S

  36. N

    Any 70 D or 90 D delivered in NE area?

    Please post info on any deliveries in NE
  37. C

    My first 48 Hours in Model S

    First Impressions of my Model S 70D. Loving every minute in this car!
  38. DrJeff

    The TesLorean

    The TesLorean project is to integrate technology (including the drive unit) from a Model S into a DeLorean DMC-12. The DeLorean is rear-wheel drive and rear engined. This isn't going to be easy or quick, but it is going to be fun. On the exterior it will - to the casual observer - appear to...
  39. gaurav91pandey

    Amount due at Lease signing and Monthly charges.

    I could not find this topic in the forum and hence started a new thread. (There was one, but the google spreadsheet in that was locked.) Good new! My lease got approved for the Tesla Model S 70D almost fully specced out. I just want to know what the TBDs will amount to. I don't want any...
  40. gaurav91pandey

    New Credit Tesla Leasing

    Hi everyone! I just ordered my Tesla 70D and I have applied for Tesla leasing. It has been my dream to get Tesla since they launched the Tesla Roadster. I am now a Software Engineer in a tech company and earn $118k a year with no loans etc. I am also not a US citizen and hence have very less...
  41. David29

    Some practical observations about the range of a 70D in winter

    The purpose of this post is to report some practical experience with a Model S 70D in winter. The focus is on energy consumption and real range, not on other aspects of performance. When I ordered my 70D last summer (July 2015), the model had only been available for a few months, and no one had...
  42. David29

    Inaugural overnight trip with my Tesla into coastal Maine

    [Note: This may be a bit long compared to most posts, and I apologize for that. But I wanted to share the story with other Tesla owners in the New England area. If a moderator thinks this is too long, just please let me know. Thanks!] My best friend from childhood lives in Camden, ME, so one...
  43. R

    70D and Winter Performance/Range

    Now that the meteorological winter is here I would like to start a very self serving (looking to order a MS in the next 3 months and live in Minnesota) thread on the 70D and winter performance (specifically around real world range). Questions: 1. What was the longest trip you've taken during...
  44. N

    Journey with my New 70D

    I would like to say that after many months of reading the forum, I am a new member with an expected 70D delivery in the coming weeks. It all started earlier this year when I test drove an acquaintances standard 85. First time behind the wheel of a Tesla. I didn't even play with the...
  45. R

    One month review and some pics

    It’s been almost a month that I took delivery of my red 70D. It’s an exceptional car and exceeds all my expectations. I am kicking myself for not jumping into it a lot earlier. So to all those folks waiting, do take the plunge and you will not regret it one bit. This is the costliest car I have...
  46. SwedishAdvocate

    Nick Murray reviews a brand spanking new Model S 70D

    Nick Murray – the guy who got ~1.7 million hits on his 991 911 Porsche lemon Youtube video recently put up a rather detailed review on one of his friends brand spanking new Model S 70D (MC Red, Tan Leather and Sub Zero). Unfortunately Nick replaced that 991 911 with a Bimmer M4, and is now in...
  47. B

    Supercharging the 70D

    Hello everyone, As promised, I have taken data down when supercharging my 70D. I have supercharged her 4 times so far. The attached graphics are from 3 supercharging sessions. There were 2 in Drummondville on Supercharger 1A and 1 at the Ferrier Street Tesla Store on 1B (as per Kushari's...
  48. GregoryWelch

    70D Road Trip range

    Hello all, I have had my 70D for about a month and am preparing for my first road trip. I need to make the jump from Worthington, MN Supercharger to Council Bluffs, IA Supercharger. Distance appears to be 199.6 mi. I have a lifetime average of 286 wh/mi over 2k miles, but no long distance...
  49. N

    Disappointed in Upgraded Audio System

    I just picked up my 70D yesterday (6/6/15). I ordered the upgraded sound without ever hearing it. When I pickup up the car, I played with the audio controls. I was surprised that $2500 only gets you a 3 channel equalizer and L/R, F/R fader controls. The front speakers sound full, but when I...
  50. jskenney

    70D - great improvements in quality over my 60

    I picked up my White 70D today (VIN 87xxx) and traded in my S60 (VIN 33415), and there were significant refinements throughout. Things I have noticed so far: - absolutely no motor noise, I have had this very loud motor whine with the S60 for quite some time, I heard it more when going by...

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