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  1. S

    Dual Motor Performance - Single On-Board Charger?

    Hello All, My family recently took delivery of a fully-loaded Dual Motor Performance Ludicrous mode X and was amazed to learn that it only came with the standard 48A on-board charger. This was not listed anywhere on the website and there is no factory option to "upgrade" to the dual 72A...
  2. J

    Car refuses 72A charge?

    Hello! Just brought home our new X 100D and loving it. Had the HPWC installed on a 90A circuit tapped off our 200A main panel feed. The car starts charging at 72A just fine, but after approx 5 minutes, the charging stops with no error message in the car. It's necessary to unplug and plug in...
  3. houstonian

    48/72amp Charger - Longevity, Best Practice, Durability, Failure Rate, etc.

    Saw various reports of the 1st gen charger - or chargers, if equipped - failing. As the 1st generation chargers (40 or 40x2) were replaced with the 2nd generation chargers (48 or 72) earlier this year (I think?), I am seeking information as to how the 2nd generation chargers have held up...
  4. chipmunk

    48 amp charger upgradeable after delivery for $1,900

    It looks like rumors that the new 48 amp charger in both Model S and Model X is upgradeable after delivery to 72 amps were true. The cost is $1,900. See the bottom of this image from the current Model S design studio. The same language is on the Model X studio as well.
  5. M

    48 amps or 72 Amps... Why should I get either?

    OK. I am a Naval Architect, not an Electrical engineer. Besides the obvious... "72 Amp charger can get you to charge faster", why do I need a 72 Amp charger? Why does Tesla say that 110 and 220 charge times wont change? Is that because I wont pull more than 48 amps off the basic home...
  6. D

    Single vs. Dual Charger Poll for Your Future Model X

    Thought we'd take an informal survey of the TMC group here to get everyone's true feelings on the 48A vs. 72A Charger debate. Please indicate whether you would truly need (and I mean real world need, not first world want) 72A charging versus 48A.