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75 kwh

  1. S

    FS: 2016.5 Model S75

    Price: $50,000 Location: Portland OR Miles: 54,xxx Warranty: Unlimited Drive Train and Battery Warranty through December 2024; General and Roadside Coverage December 2022. Title: Clean, no accidents - 2016.5, AP2 Enhanced autopilot, refreshed front - MCU2/HW3/Infotainment upgrade done by...
  2. ElectricIAC

    New owner has stupid question.

    I tried searching a bit about this but couldn’t really find anything that answered my questions. We just took delivery last week of our new (leftover) 2019 MX Standard Range Raven. While we were waiting for delivery we were hoping we would score a software locked BTX6 but no such luck, got a...
  3. R

    For Sale - 2016 Model S 75 - Under warranty

    Why selling ? – I am selling this beautiful and trusted car because, I am purchasing another Tesla (Model Y) – 75 kWh Battery Pack (8 yrs warranty), 220 miles range – Rear Wheel drive – 19″ Slipstream Wheels – Solid Black Paint – Sun/Moon roof (with All Glass Panoramic roof) – Front Row Power...
  4. F

    2019.12.1.1 on S75D AP1- Improved supercharging! (Slightly)

    Last night I got 2019.12.1(was on 2018.50.6 on my 2015 Model S(was a 70D but pack was replaced with a 75) and was pleasantly surprised this morning when I supercharged. 20% left and the moment I plugged the car jumped to 96kW right away and ramped up to 102kW(Jumped to 103 for a few bursts). I...
  5. D

    CPO 2013 Model S 75kWh 56k mi 35,950 in Boston area

    2013 Used Tesla Model S. Watertown. Massachusetts Vin History report available upon request Blue Metallic Paint Body Color Roof 19in Wheels Tan Nappa Leather Seats Obeche Wood Gloss Decor Supercharger Enabled Packages: Tech Package Ultra Fidelity Sound Package Subzero Weather...
  6. F

    Tesla replacing some battery packs with larger capacities 60/70->75kWh, 85->90kWh

    My 2015 Model S 70D would overheat at superchargers(Heat levels would severely cripple acceleration/braking if supercharging for 45+ mins). Service center told they will be replacing the battery under warranty and it got me thinking about a trend I've been noticing for bat packs that are less...
  7. fasteddie7

    75 S and X discontinued

    I saw this coming. Kinda stinks as that model works for my family and it was a good price. Oh well, 100d here I come...
  8. dakine1

    Did I get a "good" lease deal?

    I ordered a "Inventory" Model S Last week Specs: S 75 Midnight Silver Metallic Glass Roof 19" Slipstream Wheels Black leather premium Carbon Fiber trim Enhanced AP Premium interior package 50 miles MSRP was 90,250 Vehicle was marked down to 82,050 - referral = 81,050 Lease is 36 months...
  9. J

    For those that paid for 60kWh to 75 kWh upgrade, was it worth it?

    Hi all, I have a refreshed 60 kWh Model S, and was thinking of possibly taking the jump to update to the 75 kWh. I've read some threads saying that the 60 kWh configuration (actually 62 kWh usable) is a great value while the 75, not so much. I also really appreciate the lack of significant...