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  1. X

    How long should I keep my 2016 model X?

    Hi everyone, I have a 2016 Model X 75D with AP2 (bought it in Dec 2016). It has a little over 160k miles on it. The car is still driving well but the warranty for the battery and drivetrain will be up in Dec 2024. Should I keep the car long term or should I consider selling it before the...
  2. S

    2017 Model S 75D 32k miles, Black Ext/White Int, EAP (NYC)

    2017 Model S 75D Black Exterior, White Interior Current mileage 32,500 miles 19" Slipstream Wheels, Powder Coated Dark Gray Autopilot: Enhanced Autopilot (AP 2.5)) Radar still functioning with latest software (unlike some other models that recently had it disabled) Warranty recently ended 6...
  3. OilSucks

    November 2018 Model S 75D with FSD and 14,050 miles - $72k

    Hey all! For sale I have a beautiful red exterior, black with real wood trim interior November 2018 built Model S 75D with FULL SELF DRIVING! Get into the Tesla lifestyle with, in my opinion, the best Tesla model in the entire Tesla lineup. Included in this Model S are the following items and...
  4. S

    For Sale: 2016.5 Model S 75D (Bay Area) Free Supercharging + Upgraded Infotainment

    Asking $55,000 OBO, selling because needed a more family-friendly car. VIN: 5YJSA1E25GF158027 Trim: 75D Full Style Name: 2016.5 4dr Sedan AWD 75D Vehicle Configuration - Deep Blue Metallic Paint - Panoramic Sunroof - 19" Silver Wheels - Tan Next Generation Seats - Dark Ash Wood décor -...
  5. S

    Tesla Model X 75D 2017 (Warranty, Price Negotiable, Specifications Listed)

    *Reposting to include the missing specifications* I've enjoyed my time as a Tesla Owner. I've learned that the things I love the most in a car (quiet cabins, autopilot, low cost of ownership) are found in the Nissan Rogue. I'm looking for a good home for this beauty. Feel free to call or text...
  6. S

    For sale :2017 model s 75d

    2017 Tesla model s 75d Miles:22k Will not include Vossen wheels! ( will put Oem 21 turbine wheels back on) Price:58k Location: Las Vegas Premiums package Cold weather package Carbon fiber spoiler Biohazard ☣️ Package tred.co/9QzQ
  7. S

    Do different model years have different top supercharging speeds?

    Surprisingly I couldn't find a straightforward answer to this question online: I have a 2017 Model X 75D - Will my car be able to take advantage of the 250 kW speed or are older models limited to a different number? If it is different, is there a resource that shows the different charging rates...
  8. K

    2016 Tesla Model S 75D Unicorn: FSD, MCU2, Lifetime Free Charging/LTE, Under Warranty

    For sale is a personally owned December 2016 Model S 75D in excellent condition with 48,500mi. This one is a unicorn because it was manufactured in the few months when lifetime free charging was still available and new Autopilot hardware was introduced. Here are the features: * Under Tesla CPO...
  9. J

    2018 Model S 75D Midnight Silver FSD - NJ

    2018 Tesla Model S 75D Located in Middletown NJ. $70,500 PM me if interested Range 259mi – ( EPA) Excellent condition Model S. Low Mileage at 32,703. Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Midnight Silver Glass Roof 19″ Silver Wheels Black Premium Black Premium Interior Carbon Fiber Interior Décor...
  10. S

    Front fore link replacement

    Hello anyone ever replace their own front fore links? My LH just snapped and was looking to do it myself but cant seems to find any instruction online! Also I was able to find the part on rockauto but not sure if they will work! Anyone ever buy a set of fore links through them ? Any suggestions...
  11. G

    2016 Model X 75D, 6 Seater, Titanium Metallic 53,000, MCU2

    2016 X 75D for sale in Northern California. I am second owner, bought from Tesla February 2020. The car is 6 seater, with black leather, AP1 and upgraded MCU2. Front passenger and driver windows are tinted to match the back tint. Vinyl chrome delete and plastidipped 20 inch wheels(removable if...
  12. A

    BTX5 Battery Versions

    Hello all, Thanks first all users for the knowledge shared in this forum. Impressive. After a few years buying and testing a first EV (Renault Zoe, as a second "city" car) we are very satisfied and I am now looking to buy a Tesla S to replace the family car (3 kids). I went through various...
  13. J

    Battery Range Question

    Hi i am new to EVs. I have a 2018 Model S 75D and started the trip with 89% battery. Temp outside is 41 deg F. When I left I didn't preheat the battery as I didn't think it was that cold out and the car is stored in a garage. The trip was about 52 miles round trip. When I got back to the...
  14. N

    Selling 2016 Black Model S 75D

    Hi, I have a 2016 Model S 75D dual motor awd: 1. Black exterior with premium black 21” wheels 2. Super charging for life 3. Hardware 3 upgrade 4. Mcu v1. If you want mcu2 add $1500 5. Fsd + autopilot options 6. Smart Suspension option 7. Cold weather package 8. White interior 9. 38,896 miles...
  15. carguysf

    2018 Model X 75D Obsidian Black/White Interior/22" Wheels

    2018 Model X 75D For Sale Selling my 2018 Model X 75D 5 seater. I purchased this 2018 Model X brand new directly from Tesla in late September 2018. The exterior color is the unique and no longer available upgraded Obsidian Black Metallic Paint and has the upgraded White Interior. Includes the...
  16. rshields89

    ISO/WTB Model S 75D or 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled

    I posted earlier this week wanting a Model 3, but after test driving a few today here in Austin, Texas I am set on wanting a Model S. I am looking to purchase ideally a 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled, but would settle for a 75D w/ FSD or EAP...Bigger bonus if they have the 21” wheels! I’m totally...
  17. Kcain

    Dec 2016 Model S 75D, Seats 7, 0-60 in 3.9s, AP2, Bat Warranty thru 2024, SoCal

    2016.5 Tesla Model S 75D Refresh Uncorked 7seats HW2.0 Asking $39,900 I love this car, I wish I could keep it, it’s so hard to see it go. It was delivered to me in December 2016 and has been a fun ride ever since. It has reliably gotten me around for 104K miles without a single issue...
  18. jpk195

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    I've been researching pre-owned model S's over the break, and got some really good insights from this forum (thank you!). I think I've landed on my ideal configuration, and I'm planning to keep an eye on Tesla preowned for the next few months (mainly for FSD and the extra year of warranty)...
  19. B

    For Sale 2017 Model S 75D 33,xxx miles $54,500

    For Sale 2017 Model S 75D 33,xxx miles $54,500 Model S 75D Enhanced Autopilot Tan Tesla Premium Seats (heat & cool) 19" Slipstream wheels Red Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof (sliding sun roof) Black Alcantara Headliner Premium Upgrades Package Figured Ash Wood Decor Ultra High Fidelity...
  20. P

    2018 Model S 75D - Bay Area - 34k mi -Hardware 3 upgraded FSD

    For Sale: $51,000 (Accepting best offer) VIN: 5YJSA1E25JF266705 Mileage: 34,201 (as of 11/8/2020) Full Self driving with traffic light and stop sign stopping. Selling because starting a family and purchasing a house. I'll probably start saving next year and buy a Tesla again. That said: I love...
  21. kilowatts

    2017 Tesla Model X 75D Blue 40k Miles Single Owner No Accidents

    Hi All - I have a 2017 Model X 75D for sale. The car is single owner with 40k miles, originally purchased December 2017 and has been in Orlando FL ever since. It has Enhanced AP and third row. See the carfax or view the car more in depth here: 2017 Tesla Model X | MyCarListed Please let me...
  22. R

    Model X 75D run flats Recommendations

    Just had an incident on a highway overpass where my tire went from 22psi to 2psi in a matter of seconds. I pulled over and the tire was flat as could be and wouldn’t hold air. I had a portable compressor and a couple Good Samaritans stopped with a huge compressor and tried as well. No luck. No...
  23. D

    FS 2017 Model S 75D - FSD and FUSC - 39k miles - $52,500 OBO

    Hi everyone - This is our first post but my husband and I have been long time lurkers on the forum (since 2016)! We are selling our 2017 Model S to make room for a MY that we have on order. There's nothing wrong with the car, but we need more room for the family and the MY fits that need...
  24. T

    Is this rust or just dirt?

    First time poster, long time lurker/ reader. Love the community and looking to join the fun of owning a Tesla. I found a possible dream car 2017 Mod S 75D. It's pretty loaded expect for FUSC but I can live, my issue is, when looking at the photos, it seems like there is some kind of rust or dirt...
  25. I

    Tesla X 75D For sale

    Black 2017 Specs Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Solid Black 20" Silver Wheels No Ludicrous Enhanced Autopilot Standard Interior Package Black Textile Interior Free Unlimited Supercharging Subscriptions Premium Connectivity Free Unlimited Mileage: 68,012 Price: 55,000
  26. C

    2018 Model S 75D $61.5 - Los Angeles - New Tires + Car Pool + AP

    2018 Model S 75D Current mileage 27,331 19" Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires installed 6/28/20 - have ~300 miles on them No accidents Garage Kept Non-smoker Auto Pilot (no summon, autopark) Computer version 2.5 Cold Weather package Premium Sound Air Suspension ~200 miles on daily charge - ~240 miles...
  27. B

    2017 Model X 75D with FSD for sale

    Listing for $65,000 Selling my 2017 Model X 75D with Full Self Driving 37,125 mi (at time of posting) 6-seat configuration Full Self Driving (upgraded after initial purchase) Performance Pedal Set (Tesla-installed upgrade) Black Leather Interior with Figured Ash Wood Décor Premium Upgrades...
  28. S

    Was I given a 70d instead of a 75d?

    When I first bought my new MS 75D in late 2017 my maximum range at 100% was 235. A few years later that still hasn’t changed. I didn’t think to compare the number with what was advertised and just assumed it was what it should have been. This doesn’t appear to be a battery degradation issue...
  29. D

    I'm renting a 75D for a crazy coast-to-coast -- little help, please.

    I am a prospective owner and here we are in Corona-time with my son in LA and me in NJ. NYTimes recent survey of 511 epidemiologists: 20% would fly this summer; I'm down with the 80%, hence the idea of renting the Tesla. The car is a 75D and just to get that information from Enterprise was a...
  30. D

    Hello! I'm David! EWR > LAX needs help!

    I am a noob (obviously) and I do not own a Tesla but will be renting a Model S for a deranged coast-to-coast trip to see my son in Corona Time! Planning to leave end of next week and...I'm gonna need help! NNJ > LA; more specifically in airport terms, EWR > LAX! I'm also using this trip an an...
  31. P

    2018 Model X 75D (~20k miles) Midnight Silver/Cream FSD - NC

    Listing for $72,000 Selling my 2018 Model X 75D which is in great condition, loaded with options and some extras. 20,164 mi (at time of posting) 7-seater Full Self Driving (upgraded after initial purchase) Enhanced Anti-theft (Tesla-installed upgrade) Performance Pedal Set (Tesla-installed...
  32. J

    Tesla Model S 75D / 7,850 Miles / Denver, CO

    2018 Tesla Model S 75D in ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS condition. Only 7,850 miles. Always kept detailed and only ever parked in a garage. $61,999 Enhanced Autopilot Navigate on Autopilot Auto Lane Change Autopark Advanced Summon Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Smart Air Suspension Premium sound system...
  33. J

    2018 Model S 75D / 6,500 Miles / Los Angeles, CA

    Overview - Offered at $63k. - 6,500 miles. - Excellent condition. - Original owner. - More photos available to interested buyers. Specs: - 2018 Model S 75D - Range: 259 miles - AWD - Midnight Silver Metallic Paint - Glass Roof - 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels - Black Premium Interior -...
  34. P

    2016 Model S for Sale

    Beautiful 2016 75D model S for sale. Midnight silver metallic with 37,000 miles and still under full factory warranty. New tires and Weathertech floor mats. Autopilot 1 Located in Rochester NY Asking $48,000 Thanks.
  35. MNBlues

    2017 MX 75D — Fully Loaded

    Fully loaded Model X, this is the SUV for you! Already equipped with Enhanced AutoPilot; offers Adaptive Cruise Control, Autosteer, Summon, Autopark, and Navigate on Autopilot, so relaxing to use in the crazy California freeways. 6 Seat option is great for easy access to the second and third...
  36. Jomak

    All used 75D uncorked?

    When I look at all the used MS 75D all of them report 4.2 sec 0-60. Does that mean all of them are uncorked even the 2016 models which are the ones I am looking at? I know I saw a thread about misleading info and one even said 2016 75Ds can't get the upgrade. Can you please explain the...
  37. X

    Model S for Sale in Seattle area

    Hopefully it's okay to do this...I have a super clean S for sale in Seattle, Tesla fan boy for year so it pains me to sell it. Here's some more info, please feel free to reach out here or email me. [email protected] Thanks! 2017 75D Tesla S with Autopilot - cars & trucks - by owner -...
  38. R

    Choose my Tesla: Comparing True Cost of Ownership

    Looking for others opinions on depreciation. I see model S's now going just below the $30's. Thinking about a used and face lifted 2016 model S 75D vs a model 3 performance. Thinking about total cost of ownership over say 5 years, even with another update to the S I'm thinking it shouldn't...
  39. R

    Choose my Tesla: Comparing True Cost of Ownership

    Okay well today is the day, well tomorrow is when I buy so I decide today. This is a follow up post to one I created yesterday and got some much appreciated feedback from the community here. I really do appreciate it and will also monitor those. I wanted to update some numbers, streamline...
  40. K

    2017 Tesla Model X 75D FSD in Georgia

    Selling my 2017 Model X 75D Excellent condition. Details are as follows: 75D AWD version with miles (around 26,600). Well cared for and garaged when not in use. Range is 235 miles plus on a full charge. ZERO accidents. CLEAN TITLE in Bank lien. Asking $70,900.00 Options added include: -...
  41. B

    Losing major amounts of mileage while parked

    I noticed last week that I was losing significant amounts of mileage while the car was parked in my garage. Realizing I can’t argue my case without facts, I started keeping a log on Excel showing all trips and the mileage shown on the dashboard following each trip. Then each morning I would also...
  42. BlackHammer

    2018 White Model S 75D w/ Enhanced AP for Sale

    Hi Everyone, I am putting up my 2018 White Model S for sale. Asking for $63k. The car is located in California! This is my daily driver which currently has 14000 miles on it and does not have unlimited supercharging that could be transferred. Just purchased Enhanced Autopilot in January. Always...
  43. ForTheLoveOfX

    Make Me an Offer on: 2018 Model X 75D. 5k Miles. Pristine. 6 Seater.

    Serious offers PM me. Taking offers on my gorgeously wrapped 2018 75D Tesla that is pretty much brand new! This thing turns heads! Many people stop and ask if they can take pictures of it. Bought brand new directly from Tesla for $102.5k, last December (2018). Added a $6k wrap with wrap + chrome...
  44. ForTheLoveOfX

    2018 Model X 75D. Only 5k Miles. Gorgeously Wrapped. Pristine. 6 Seats.

    Gorgeously wrapped 2018 75D Tesla that is pretty much brand new! This thing turns heads! Many people stop and ask if they can take pictures of it. Bought brand new directly from Tesla for $102.5k, last December (2018). Added a $6k wrap with wrap + chrome delete. The Model X only 5,090 miles...
  45. N

    Model S 75D for Sale

    Have a model s 75d manufactured 12/2016 with the following specs for sale: - all wheel drive - enhanced autopilot - full self-driving capability - full glass roof - 21” grey turbine wheels with brand new tires - black exterior color - grey next generation interior seats - black alcantara...
  46. K

    Is high mileage really a reason for such a low asking price - 2017 Model S

    Hi all, I am currently thinking about selling my 2017 75D Model S and would some advice. Its a beautiful car - midnight silver exterior with all the luxury upgrades (sunroof, premium white leather seats, sub zero, carbon fiber, air susp, Ultra High Fidelity Sound, BioH), No AP activated but can...
  47. Mansonville

    2017 Tesla Model X 75D 33000 Miles, extended warranty, mint condition

    2017 Tesla Model X 75D (built in November 2017, purchased December 2017) 54,000 Kms (33,500 miles) Multi-coat Pearl White paint ($2000 CAD option) 75kWh battery 385km (240 miles) range Dual motor Falcon-wing doors Pay as you go Supercharging 6-seat white interior with figured dark ash wood trim...
  48. P

    Wtb: 2015-2016 Black Model S 75d/85d/90d/70d With Sas.

    As the title says. I'm looking to buy a 2015-2016 Black Model S 75D/85D/90D/70D with Smart Air Suspension. I like both pre- and post-facelift cars. Interior doesn't matter too much, as 90% of the interior configurations are pretty sweet. I'm slightly less interested in the 70D than the other...
  49. G

    S75D better than 85D for road trips?

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a used Tesla mainly looking at S75D/85D/90D w AP1 as that most fits my budget. Performance-wise I understand all 3 are about the same with range being the only difference. My daily commute is 40 miles each way with charging at work so even in the worst conditions I'm...
  50. Airhawker

    2016 Model S 75D (Upgraded & Uncorked from 70D) w/ AP1 $60,750

    Ready to pull the trigger on a P100D and looking to sell my black 75D. Approximately 73,000 LA freeway miles Solid black paint Dual motor, all wheel drive All glass panoramic roof (Sunroof) Powder-coated 19" slipstream wheels Grey next generation seats Obeche wood gloss décor Light headliner...

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