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90 battery pack

  1. P

    2016.5 90D Charging Questions

    Hey all, first time, short time. I'm looking at purchasing a used 90D with 55K miles on it (my first tesla). At the non-Tesla dealership where I found the vehicle they charged the car all night and it only showed a range of 252 miles. Is this an indicator of issues with the battery or is...
  2. T

    VIN shows Model S 90D as 70 KwH

    Hello, we're going through the purchase of our first Tesla,a used 2016 90D and just added it to our insurance. I gave the VIN to my agent and the temporary insurance card shows the car as a 70 KwH. I'm confused why this would be. I ask our Tesla advisor and he said that the drive motors have...
  3. P

    2016 Model X 90D with Original Autopilot - Chicago, IL - For Sale

    13,700 miles. I'm trading this in for a new Model X. Every year my company replaces my car. I love this car. It's in excellent shape. My loss is your gain. Original Vehicle Spec: Description Model X 90D All-Wheel Drive Included Solid Black Paint Included 20" Silver Wheels Included...
  4. O

    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    As your Tesla gets older the maximum kW you experience while charging at the SuC will drop and charging take longer. Unofficially several Tesla employees have explained this as a limitation that has been implemented to protect the battery, but the details of the "algorithm" seem to be unknown...
  5. TaoJones

    When can S85 owners upgrade to the 90 pack, and will they get a 90 badge?

    When will S85 owners who want to upgrade to the 90 pack be able to do so via their friendly neighborhood SvC? Has the cost of $4500-$5000 been confirmed? $3000 as a new option is all well and good. If such an upgrade occurs for an existing S85, will it come with a 90 badge aft and suitable...