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  1. M

    Has anyone bought and used Drag DR-83 wheels?

    Has anyone bought and used Drag DR-83 wheels? I know that Drag isn't a great brand, but the wheels do look strikingly similar to the Uberturbines with a smaller 19" form factor that I personally prefer. I know that wheels with a similar look are available from more reputable companies like...
  2. R

    MY Auto doors (Aftermarket)

    Recently I saw someone was offering this as an after market product. Has anyone had any experience with this. Is this product offered by more than one supplier? I really don't want another product from Hansshow as their support process is problematic.
  3. A

    Body shop to do mods in Seattle

    I’m having trouble finding a body shop in the Seattle area willing to install 3P after market mods on my late 2014 S P85D. Anyone have a recommendation?

    Vendor Tesla accessories-Floor Mats | Spoiler | Mud Flaps and More!

    Hello TMC Community, I would like to share the latest about BASENOR with this most popular community. BASENOR aims to change the Tesla aftermarket accessories by creating many innovative pieces that fit together. Add more beauty and performance to Tesla's electric luxury sedan. We focus on...
  5. D

    Aftermarket air suspension for Model Y, what do you recommend?

    Hi all I am considering to install an aftermarket air suspension kit for Model Y 2022. Several reasons: ride too firm, I will tow a caravan (short distances), roads in my region are bad, and why not. I am not aiming to slam the car, but rather be able to increase the height over OEM and get a...
  6. B

    2022 M3 Rims and Skid plates

    So I moded some things to my M3 and I have 2 accessories I’m trying to get rid of due to space! These are are pretty new! ✨ The skid plates are strong plastics front and back that comes with 2022 M3. They can be put on over the old ones if it fits or replace them with these two. reduces the...
  7. X

    WTT: Volks TE37 Ultra 20x10 +30 PnP with lug nuts for 20" Turbine wheels

    Hi everyone, Deciding to give my car to my dad so I want to sell my 20x10 +30 square set up Volk TE37 Ultra's. These are direct plug and play for Model Y and will come with Project Kics R40 lug nuts. Tires have about 4500 miles on them. Wheels are ceramic coated but may need another coat soon...
  8. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #17

    Hello Everyone, Jason, here. It’s been a little over 3 weeks since we last gave an update and looks like we are well overdue. First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/ Kwanza/ etc. and New Year. I also want to apologize for not updating sooner. Our whole team including myself...
  9. P

    Tesla Model X prep work

    I am getting ready to receive my Model X next month. Wanted to do some pre ground work and be ready for my delivery. As part of this I ordered a few things and have a few questions, any suggestions would really help. Bought - All weather mats, cable organizer, Gen 2 Nema adapter. Any other...
  10. R

    Aftermarket Tire Pressure [what tire pressure for my aftermarket tires?]

    So I just got a 2019 Model 3 Performance and this is the most fun car I’ve owned, hands down. The previous owner took the wheels down to 18 and settled for Toyo Proxes Sport 245/45 Z R18. So I said, well lets see if we can find out what tire pressure this car needs with these tires. Well that...
  11. T

    Model X aftermarket hitch receiver options

    OK, I know I'm rehashing this whole topic but I'm trying to figure out some details about doing an aftermarket hitch receiver on a Refresh Model X. The hitch receiver that Tesla provides is limited to 120 pounds of vertical weight (reference page 93 of the current manual), which doesn't work for...
  12. D

    Minimizing blind spots - Tesla Model 3 wing mirror showdown: US OEM vs Europe OEM vs Suma vs Hansshow

    Here's the original article with full methodology and photos: https://www.skytopia.com/project/tesla/mirrors For the lazy however, here's a quick summary: I've always wanted wing mirrors which can minimize if not totally eliminate the blind spot, so I wanted to try them all out to see which...
  13. D

    Best Model 3 aftermarket wing mirrors?

    I had a semi-scary incident today, where someone was in my blind spot for a good few seconds when merging on to the motorway in the UK. I'm usually slow at changing lane, so it all ended well (I reacted just before the car's AI sounded an alarm), but it got me thinking about convex/aspheric/wide...
  14. Kirill

    2021 Model 3 LR: My Latest Build

    This thread will be updated regularly showing the progress of my latest build. Here's a photo from delivery day, June 10th:
  15. chipcaldwell

    After-market door/window noise suppress gaskets advisable?

    While I am awaiting delivery of my new MYLR I've been learning in this forum. Thanks so much. I read in a couple of posts recommendations for after-market door and window noise canceling gaskets. In order to gain some Tesla experience I rented a model 3 from Toro this week and must admit that...
  16. L

    Do I need to recalibrate autopilot after installing coilovers?

    I’m installing coilovers in my Model Y for a softer ride, and to give about an inch more clearance that I sorely need in my neighborhood. My question is: will this change in height affect autopilot functionality? Should i recalibrate autopilot after installation?
  17. tshields

    Vendor Right Hand Drive Floor Mats

    Introducing our new Tesla Model 3 right hand drive mats. Designed specifically for right hand drive Model 3 with our 3D scan technology to fit every contour of your interior like a glove. Using durable, odorless, non-toxic and easy to clean triple-layer TPE rubber with a no slip grip bottom...
  18. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    3rd Party 4 Wheel Alignment Providers

    Incase you didn’t know, Tesla Service Center will not do an alignment if you have any aftermarket parts, wheels, suspension, etc. I have the UP Lowering Springs and Wheel Spacers installed and can’t seem to find anywhere that will do an alignment on a Tesla. I have seen a few mentioned in...
  19. bwherry

    21" BC Forged HC010 on 2016 P90DL - a photographic journey (thread)

    Hi all, I've had these new wheels on my Model S for a few months now - just never got around to posting some photos & information. That all changes now! First, the details: BC Forged HC010 Brushed clear finish (inner and lips), hidden hardware Front: 21x9" ET30 w/ Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in...
  20. corndog

    Stock amp power for aftermarket amp turn-on?

    Working through my Model 3 Premium audio upgrade. There is a lot of discussion/advice about where to get your turn-on signal for your after market amp, but I'm not sold on running a line all the way from the front of the car (VC left or cigarette socket). I haven't seen anyone mention using the...
  21. rileys

    Tesla Model X Aftermarket Wheels Questions

    Hi, I couldn't find direct answers to these questions. I purchased some lovely aftermarket wheels for my Model X. They are 22". I've not yet had them installed as I've got a few questions 1 - Should I have a shop familiar with working on Teslas do this work or is this a pretty standard service...
  22. Jomak

    Aftermarket accessories list

    Does anyone have a list of sites for aftermarket M3 parts? Looking for: Body kits Spoilers Interior accessories
  23. T

    Question about aftermarket Volks wheels

    Hi all, Quick question: will 18" Volks CE28 wheels by Rays Engineering clear the calipers on a Model 3 Performance? I have a set of these wheels from my last car (Subaru STi), and I'll be getting a M3P in January! I would REALLY love to use these wheels (as winters) since they are super light...
  24. D

    Is there a an easy, quality solution for a quick swap of the speakers?

    I'd like to upgrade my speakers in the premium system but am wondering if a simple enough set of speakers exists today. I'm only semi familiar with this and know that the speaker's size and impedance must match. So yeah, are these speaker's parameters common enough to find quality replacements...
  25. EVS Motors

    Vendor *NEW* FS: Vorsteiner 20" VFF-107 Carbon Graphite Wheels *Special Pricing*

    Hi everyone, I have for sale 4 sets of Vorsteiner VFF-107 wheels. We sold out pretty fast the last one we did, so we wanted to bring it back in a new finish for those who missed out. "The 107’s mesh design is a modern take on the classic mesh often seen in 70’s and 80’s era motorsports scene...
  26. D

    The first true aftermarket audio guide

    Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Stereo Installation : teslamotors The real breakdown of the electrical system and connections that will let you install anything you want on your own terms. The only real difference vs a normal car is that Tesla puts itself and the 12v battery to sleep. When it comes...
  27. nikhil726

    For Sale: Modified 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Comes with EAP & FSD (added after delivery so not shown on the window sticker). Also has T-Sportline forged rims ($4000), tints ($1000), new badging, puddle lights in all 4 doors ($100), carbon fiber door handles ($50), chrome delete ($800), reflective brake calipers ($200), carbon fiber mirror...
  28. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Brixton 20" RF7 Wheels for Model 3 *Special Pricing*

    **UPDATE** 09/05/19 : Only 1 satin anthracite sets left! Hi everyone, I'm offering special pricing on Brixton RF7 wheels for the Model 3. I have 3 sets of Satin Black and Satin Anthracite/Gunmetal in stock and once these 6 sets sell out, the special pricing ends. Size: 20x9 | 20x10.5 Finish...
  29. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Vorsteiner 20" VFF-109 Wheels for Model 3 *Promo Price* *RESTOCKED*

    ***UPDATE*** 07/11/19 I have secured 5 more sets of CARBON GRAPHITE. SEE POST #18 FOR MORE INFO. Hi everyone. I have worked out a special pricing for the new VFF-109 wheels Vorsteiner is releasing for the 3. "The 109 is our rendition of a modern day 10 spoke design. Featuring spoke cuts to...
  30. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Vorsteiner 22" VFF-109 Carbon Graphite for Model X *Promo Price*

    Hi everyone, Vorsteiner released their popular VFF-109 design for the Model X in 22", so I'm doing special pricing for all the sets I've ordered. "The 109 is our rendition of a modern day 10 spoke design. Featuring spoke cuts to reduce weight and add a subtle detail to the design. In addition...
  31. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Vorsteiner 20" VFF-107 Zara Gray Wheels for Model 3 w/ Tires & TPMS *Lightly Used*

    Hi everyone, I'm selling a set of lightly used Vorsteiner VFF-107 20" wheels & tires w/ tpms for a Model 3 off of our personal shop Model 3. Rims: Vorsteiner VFF-107 Flow Forged Size: 20x9/20x10.5 Finish: Zara Gray w/ black center caps (see pictures below) Condition: Lightly used (~ 200-500...
  32. C

    Titan 7 T-S5 Forged 20" wheels group buy?

    Anyone interested in doing a group buy for the Titan 7 T-S5 in 20"s? I called Evasive and unfortunately the 19s are backordered until May. I figured if we were gonna wait, I might as well and get a set of the 20"s. I have no idea what the minimum would be if we are to do a group buy. May be one...
  33. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Vorsteiner Flow Forged Wheels for Model 3 and Model S *Black Friday Sale*

    Hi everyone, I'm kicking off Black Friday early for all fellow Model 3 and S enthusiasts looking for some beautifully designed, well constructed flow forged wheels. For Tesla Model 3: "Our lightweight technology produces wheels that are lighter in weight compared to a conventional cast...
  34. Colgate2004

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    Brand new owner here (actually not-even-owner yet; I pick up my car in 2 weeks). I am planning to buy a second set of wheels to run studded snow tires (we get a lot of snow & ice where I live). My car is a non-Performance dual-motor AWD, long-range/extended battery Model 3. I've done this on...
  35. kgroschi

    Nice shot of my car with 20" Avant Garde Niche M117 Wheel

    Hey guys, I've had these wheels for about a year now and couldn't be happier with them. I think they look absolutely amazing and I also strongly believe that 20" are the PERFECT size for the Model S. 21"s compromise the comfort too much imo, and base rims are just way too small and boring. My...
  36. EVS Motors

    Vendor *For Sale* Prior Design PD-S1000 Aero Kit for Tesla Model S - Used

    Hi everyone, I have for sale a used Prior Design PD-S1000 Aero Kit for the Model S. Our shop Model S' lease is up, so I'm converting it back to stock. In this kit you'll receive PD-S1000 Front Bumper PD-S1000 Side Skirts PD-S1000 Rear Bumper PD-S1000 Rear Spoiler This will fit pre-facelift...
  37. H

    Replacing after market tint on a Model S affecting rear defroster?

    I have a 5 month old Model S that i recently got tinted. I had ask for a 50% ceramic and after a lot of convincing by the tint installer, ended up going with 35%. After seeing the car with 35% I immediately told them it was too dark and made an appointment to have them take it off and replace...
  38. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 lighted applique

    Gaging interest in a light rear applique for the Model 3. The Model S and X have had a lighted appliqué for years now. The question is, are Model 3 owners interested in creating a unique look for their Model 3.
  39. S

    Roof screen should be opaque.

    As we get into the hot part of the year, people are going to start seeing the effects of heat and a glass roof. I'm thinking of buying the roof screen, but it just seems so stupid that even that screen isn't totally opaque. It's semi transparent. So you're paying for an additional semi...
  40. TSportline

    Vendor Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock Tesla Accessories!

    Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock T Sportline Tesla Accessories until April 2, 2018 11:59 PM!* *Free Shipping is only available for US and Canada only. Excludes items on Pre Order.
  41. TSportline

    Vendor Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock Tesla Accessories!

    Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock T Sportline Tesla Accessories until April 2, 2018 11:59 PM!* *Free Shipping is only available for US and Canada only. Excludes items on Pre Order.
  42. TSportline

    Vendor Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock Tesla Accessories!

    Happy Easter & Passover! Free Shipping on In-Stock T Sportline Tesla Accessories until April 2, 2018 11:59 PM!* *Free Shipping is only available for US and Canada only. Excludes items on Pre Order.
  43. hobbesdaboba

    20" Avant Garde M621 Wheels For Sale

    My 20" Avant Garde M621 wheels are for sale. $2000 picked up in Los Angeles or Orange County. I will not ship these! They are a gunmetal color and look absolutely fantastic on the Model S. The front tires have some tread left but the rear tires are done. The wheels will come with tire pressure...
  44. selfbp

    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    While being overwhelmed of all the other features of the car during the ordering process, I kept telling myself that the Air Suspension wasn't that big of a deal. Long story short.. I am wrong. To the point; has anyone retrofitted the smart-air-suspension to a vehicle post-ordering process? I...
  45. D

    Thoughts on M3 wheels? Especially after market options?

    I just bought a white model 3 with the Aero wheels. I haven't received the car yet but Ive been debating what to do with the wheels. Im not sure if I want to keep the Aeros. I prefer the black/grey turbine look on the white car. The Sport wheels are cool but the silver wheel on white car look...
  46. Murphy’s Law

    Vendor Model 3 jack pad adapter tire service tool

    It took me a few months to get the Model 3 prototype fully tested but here it is ready to go. Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter Tire Service Tool. | eBay Facebook https://m.facebook.com/Teslajackpadadapters/ Model S Tesla Model S Jack Pad Lift Point Adapter Pad Tool For Tire Service | eBay...
  47. A

    Question About Service center. Should I repair or do the annual service?

    Hello, My current model s is almost 4years old with almost 50000 mi, so I am almost out of warranty at this time. I didn't decide whether to purchase the extended warranty or not, so current what I want to do is to use the warranty to fix everything I noticed. My current concerns are: Chassis...
  48. UnpluggedP


    UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE UP-03 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT FORGED WHEEL PACKAGE FOR TESLA VEHICLES $6,695.00 – $7,995.00 DESCRIPTION In our never-ending pursuit for efficiency through weight savings, we have developed the world’s lightest weight wheel option, designed specifically for the Tesla Model S...
  49. RedModel3

    Tow hitch bike rack?

    Searched for this but couldn't find anything so I'll ask. Now that people are actually driving Model 3's in the real world, I need to hear from other bicycle enthusiasts about how they are transporting their bikes. For several reasons I do not want the rooftop mount which I can get from Tesla. I...
  50. PoitNarf

    What aftermarket accessories are you ordering?

    Thought it would be helpful to see what everyone else is ordering in terms of aftermarket accessories and parts. I’m aware of many of the vendors out there: T Sportline, Unplugged Performance Are there any other good aftermarket vendors? What aftermarket items have you ordered or are...

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