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  1. Adrian Cockcroft

    Free track mode telemetry viewer

    Creating this thread for discussion of the tool, announcements of updates to it, and sharing results at different tracks. For those of you who have Model 3 or Y Performance cars with track mode, the car saves telemetry files and videos. In my spare time over the last few months I've written an...
  2. willow_hiller

    SolarReviews.com isn't a review website, it's a lead generation website (an analysis)

    I've seen some concern stemming from the poor reviews of Tesla Solar on SolarReviews.com. The average review was so low, it raised some red flags for me. As it stands right now, they rate Tesla at 1.5 stars out of 5 (and claim an average of $5.09 per watt when it's $2.01 as of writing). I'm a...
  3. J

    2018 Model X Build Quality

    I'm considering purchasing a Model X but there are a ton of build quality issues reported online. I understand that build quality has improved since initial release but was wondering if there is anyone who has taken delivery within the past couple of months and what their experience has been...
  4. Brando

    iea Global EV Outlook 2017 - 2 million EVs

    Executive summary (partial, see report for diagrams/figures) New registrations of electric cars1 hit a new record in 2016, with over 750 thousand sales worldwide. With a 29% market share,2 Norway has incontestably achieved the most successful deployment of electric cars in terms of market...
  5. Cfinck

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    The Tesla is the last car I will ever own, simply due to its incredible technology and comfort. I am interested in what you don't like about it though? Personally, I find it annoying that even with passive entry enabled, I am unable to tap any of the passenger handles to have only that one...
  6. dhanson865

    Model 3 supercharger rate example, help me with the math

    OK so the Semi will get 7 cents per kWh guaranteed (meaning it could get cheaper than that someday). So my next thought is when what rate would it take for the Supercharger 10 miles from my house to be cheaper than charging in my garage (still more convenient to charge at home, this is a...
  7. Callahan

    Model 3 Owners: What's Your One Favorite Thing?

    Hey all! After spending a few minutes in You You Xue's Model 3, there were so many amazing things about the car I enjoyed, but the one thing that specifically stood out to me was the handling. It felt incredibly tight and immediate. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt one with the car in a way I'd...
  8. Cfinck

    Looking for a Tesla, but why have these not sold yet?

    So I have been in the market for the low end of a Tesla MS (Under $45k) and I keep seeing these on autotrader, cars, car gurus, etc. My question is why have they not sold like I see all of the others under $45k on here go like butter?? 1. Used 2013 Tesla Model S Signature 2. Used 2013 Tesla...
  9. Brando

    2 million mile Semi? Disruption described by "Tesla Fan Insight"

    I can see electrified transport disrupt the repair/parts business. Creates refurbished interiors and battery upgrade businesses - but after 10 years? or even 20 or 30?? (my 900 Saab 27 years old). Seems too far into the future to predict. How about "cabs"? Take a look back 1922-1982 Checker...
  10. lunitiks

    Now young Tesla, you will die

    Warning: This is a @buttershrimp'y kind of thread. If you're looking for cold, technical, informative pieces of information for your brain, well... Hoosh! Go look elsewhere. Tesla is under attack. According to experts, Tesla is approaching Terminal Decline. The company is a mess, and Model 3...
  11. Brovane

    An Assessment of Cost Improvements in the NASA COTS/CRS Program

    Some board members might find this paper and presentation interesting that tries to assess the cost improvements in the NASA COTS/CRS program and possible implications for future NASA missions. Paper https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20170008895.pdf Presentation NASA...
  12. strangecosmos

    The economics of self-driving

    People on this forum have been generous enough to share their research on the technical aspects of self-driving with me. I thought I’d share this article I wrote, which presents my research on the economics of self-driving. I put way more hours into writing this article than I will ever be paid...
  13. A

    Cool analysis of Supercharger network

    I thought the TMC community would appreciate a cool analysis of the Tesla supercharger network. The link is: Qlik Demos. I like how you can see the density of the network, and how you can see how its grown over time. The analysis is updated daily, so you can can see a few chargers which were...
  14. databen

    Tesla vs Competitors: Maintenance Costs

    I recently did some analysis on the cost of maintenance for a Tesla Model S and comparable ICE cars. No surprise to the crew here but thought I would share in case you like looking at charts about Teslas like I do :) More details + Charts here -> Tesla Model S vs Competitors: Cost of...
  15. thenaimis

    Battery data and what to do with it

    I just charged my 60kWh S from ~23% to 100% while recording the CAN bus messages off bus #3 (which has power train and battery information). What might be interesting to look at? Everything is tagged with a 1ms resolution time stamp (just the one you get from the Arduino millis() function that...

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