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Auto Wipers

  1. Sonny-Jim

    Tesla Owners Auto Wipers Poll

    Wanted to get a better idea via a poll, to find which items cause you the most aggravation 🤬🤬🤬
  2. ionsphere

    Just purchased 2023 Model Y. Some questions

    Hey there everyone I'm a new member just bought a model y 2023 long range. Still getting used to everything it's only been a couple weeks but in about 10 days my temporary registration runs out and I still haven't gotten my new registration yet. Anybody else have this problem and have any...
  3. UncleCreepy

    Auto wipers no longer mandatory when using AP?

    Hi folks, II noticed some unexpected behaviour today. I was driving on AP, and although it was raining, the windshield wipers remained off. When I checked, they were indeed "off", as opposed to in "auto" mode where they also might not do anything if the camera decides that there is not enough...
  4. Padelford

    2023.7.30 and Loss of Autowipers

    Since I received 2023.7.30, I've lost Autowiper functionality, and it's VERY annoying after all the years of Autowipers not working, then working poorly, then finally working reasonably well as the many firmware updates flowed out of Tesla. I've called the nationwide support number and have...
  5. V

    auto wipers

    Hey guys! Quick question to see if anyone else has had this issue. 2016 X P90D. My car has had auto sensing wipers ever since the software came out a few years ago for it. I just recently went to have a cracked windshield replaced(YEAH!!!!) and also needed to replace the wiper blades. I...
  6. I

    Wipers Turning to Manual from Auto

    Like most Tesla owners, I have set the wipers to Auto. But there are instances when I need to give a voice command to 'Turn wipers on'. But the problem is that wipers keep going on when there's no need or there's no moisture on the windshield until I command again to 'Turn wipers off'. The...
  7. H

    Autonomous wipers not working on Model S 2015 85D

    Hi I have a Model S 85D. On the wipe stalk it has off, auto slow, and auto fast and then the two speeds. On the two speeds the wipers work fine. However, the two auto positions either do not work at all. Or when first switched to these position they will operate the wipers once. Very...
  8. M

    Auto wipers way worse with 2022.20.11 (

    After updating from FSD 10.12.2 to I noticed the last two days that the auto wipers won't turn on at times they previously would. The car even has some issues with object detection, and they still aren't on. Has anyone else noticed this?
  9. J

    Autowipers in 2021

    Wonder if this is the final version of the auto-wipers Tesla is planning as we haven't heard a beep for a long while. They really do not work, not even during the middle of the day. Let alone when it's dark. Thoughts?
  10. TessieEddie

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    I have had my M3 for about 18 months now. I still absolutely love driving it but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with multiple issues. I was not able to find similar threads so I have started a new one. I took it in to a service center once, which is 2 hours away from home, only to be...
  11. M

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper issues

    I can almost never use auto wipers. It seems under most conditions my visibility gets to borderline to outright dangerous before they activate. Even in a steady downpour they only wipe intermittently leaving intervals of near total blindness. Adding to the danger is the fact that to change...
  12. T

    Auto High Beam and Auto Wipers

    Hey everyone, Can someone please explain why Auto High Beam and Auto Wipers are such a dumpster fire on AP 2.0 Model S? In spite of the numerous software updates that have come along in the past year, with each update I hope that they will fix this annoying, useless feature but no, I feel it...
  13. Joe F

    AP2 Auto Wiper Test and video

    The short story: Here’s a video of my AP2 MS with release 50.3 testing auto wipers and Auto Steering in various road, speeds and rain conditions, on both highways and local roads. The rain ranged from heavy to light. Bottom line, as you’ll see if you watch to the end, auto wipers are not...