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Auto steer

  1. J

    Auto Lane Change Stays in Passing Lane

    Hi, I have EAP and auto lane change works in every situation except to move out of the passing lane. After passing someone on the left lane, the car simply stays there... regardless of the vehicles behind me waiting for me to move over. I know it's capable of moving lanes to the right...
  2. B

    Autopilot error -- turning into left-hand turn lane

    I think I have read that this forum is visited by Tesla development engineers on occasion. Hopefully they will read this. I use Route 1 in southeastern PA many times and on the Southbound Ln. near Chadds Ford, PA there is a left turn lane that autopilot never fails to want to turn into even...
  3. IROAR

    Auto steer Not ready for prime time

    I am on a 30 day trial of the auto steer so I took the opportunity to try it out on a 700+ mile round trip from Phoenix to San Diego. The route is nearly all interstate 75mph in Az and 70mph in Ca. Observations: 1. The "put pressure on the wheel" occurs about 3x/mile a real pia 2. When you...
  4. bolton2160

    My Model 3 Punished Me Yesterday

    So, we had the Enhanced Auto Pilot installed yesterday on our M3 at the Costa Mesa SC. It's about a 1 1/2 hour drive for us back home so after about 1 hour of driving we stopped setup the auto pilot and wanted to test it out the rest of the way home. It went well for a few miles then it kept...
  5. aikisteve

    AutoPilot 1 vs AutoPilot 2.0: why AP1 is still better

    In my test videos I frequently talk about AP1 still being better than AP2. This tie, with the help of another Model S driver I took it to the test and compared the 2 in the same conditions. As I claimed before, the dreaded S-curve is a lot better with AP1, whereas a lane shift is better with...
  6. rush6410

    Smooth auto steer disengagement

    Wanted to share this in the right forum with a more informed heading. AP 2.x - Learned something new