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Braking Brake Pedal Feel

  1. GoHawks29

    First Time Driving Model Y, Nervous About Regen Braking?

    Hey everyone, I’m going to get my MY delivered this week and now that it’s so near, I just realized I have to get used to regenerative braking. I’m actually pretty nervous as this will be my first time ever driving a model Y. I had test driven a model 3 but it was about a month or two back and...
  2. Kentrock1

    Is TACC 100 percent reliable?

    I don't think so. Shouldn't the car automatically come to a stop behind another stopped car every time if TACC is engaged. There's definitely been times when I had to break myself when coming up to a line of stopped cars. I'm sure others have had to. Especially when coming around a bend. Just...
  3. yak-55

    Model S, AP1 - Soft Brake Pedal Feel

    Curious to know others experiences here. I have a late 2014 P85D(+) and recently had the 2year scheduled service completed, which included replacing/flushing the brake fluid. I have noticed since the work was done that with moderate to strong sustained effort I can push the brake pedal to the...