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  1. push2eject

    How hot should the batteries get while charging?

    I had always assumed that the battery pack required some heating before high-speed DC charging, but that once the charging got underway most of the noise the car makes was due to cooling. I had also assumed that ~25°C was best for the batteries. See this (admittedly old) post which mentions...
  2. deBoerisTroef

    Model S/x (eu) Ccs Conversion

    Hi, As many will know, starting June 1st, Tesla is offering to convert existing Model X and S to be compatible with the CCS charge adapter that's available for now S/X builds. Has anyone actually gotten this conversion done already? I (NL) had an appointment planned for June 4th, but it got...
  3. Cloxxki

    Mid Range charging speed.

    I'm curious for the first reports on how this thing will perform charging. Long Range seems to top out the Super Charger at 120kW for a bit of a session, as do Model S and X in some versions and conditions. Will the MR just charge slower or will it in fact hit a similar peak speed? This might...
  4. reddy

    Texas Electrify America fast charging locations

    AMARILLO Just found a surprise at the local Sam's Club at Westgate Parkway in west Amarillo. Behind a fenced off area (with dark plastic, to prevent peeking inside) were 4 Electrify American units with CCS and Chademo plugs on them. They appear to be a couple weeks from completion, and they...
  5. M

    CCS adapter for Tesla: When's it gonna be?

    CHAdeMO are getting less and less popular with time and CCS are getting more and more popular. Tesla started by making the CHAdeMO adapter, but when is the the CCS? Right now, there are lots of BMW and VW dealers that offer free CCS Charging at 24kW and there are lots of brands that can use it...