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  1. RustedNut

    Stuck in Chill mode!

    Recently I began seeing a notification telling me that I was limited to 85 mph. Thinking that may be coupled to the fact that I was in Chill Mode I tried to change that. I was disappointed to find that I no longer had the opportunity to change modes, they simply were no longer highlighted...
  2. C

    Trying to use CHILL mode but...

    can't. I want to use it because it makes the ride smoother and gives better range to the model 3. But I almost immediately turn it off because I miss the acceleration and power more than I dislike the jerkiness of standard. So, what do I do to fall in love with chill mode?
  3. M

    Control Parameters Do Not Stick

    I set Steering to COMFORT and Acceleration to CHILL but it doesn't stay. Later when I check the screen I find that it no longer shows those choices. My car is a 2017 Model S 75. Does this happen to anyone else?
  4. GMan324

    Does “chill” mode reduce AP lurch?

    I’ve had my CPO with AP1 for several weeks now and have noticed that auto pilot seems to “lurch“ as cars move in and out of its path while using TACC. Does the new chill mode on acceleration make AP’s movements more fluid?
  5. aikisteve

    Ludicrous+ acceleration vs Sport and Chill mode

    Since there was a bit of discussion lately on another forum about the Sport mode acceleration times a few weeks back, I decided to test it. Since it's winter time in Belgium (but not that cold) and I'm running on 19" winter tires and almost-dry roads, I didn't have the ideal circumstances. But...
  6. skhenry81

    P85 can't CHILL?

    Upgraded to 46 yesterday on my Signature P85 and got easy access but no CHILL mode. Anyone know why?