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  1. S

    Does FUSC transfer on CPO vehicles if sold privately?

    Hi all, I can't seem to find a lot of information on CPO vehicles being sold privately so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it here. For some context, I bought my 2015 Model S back in the beginning of 2019 through Tesla's CPO program and now I'm looking to sell it privately...
  2. H

    2016 Model X 90D / 6-Seat / White Exterior / Black Leather Interior / Tesla CPO Full Warranty / Southern California

    Just got delivery of our new Model X LR after a 20 month wait. Putting our pristine Model X 90D up for sale. Info is below. Specs: 2016 Model X 90D – Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive 255 Mile EPA Range Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint 6-Seat Configuration w/ 3rd Row Black Leather Interior Light...
  3. antdun

    Review Of My 2015 Model S 85D at 100,000 Miles

    This week we've now had our Tesla Model S for 2 years! We purchased it as a used CPO vehicle from Tesla and we've driven 36,204 miles in that time mostly on road trips many of which are documented on my YouTube channel. I made a video outlining all the repairs our Model S has undergone in it's...
  4. antdun

    1 Year In Review | Actual Costs + Our Experience: Used CPO Tesla Model S 85D As A Primary Family Car

    It's hard to believe we've lived through a full year already since we purchased our Tesla! The time has flown by super fast partially because we've been so busy going on awesome road trips and other regional adventures in it! I've created a video reviewing our first year of ownership covering...
  5. antdun

    Video series with all the details of our nearly 6,000 mile road trip with a young family

    Today I published the last video from our Tesla road trip series going to Orlando Florida from Salt Lake City Utah with my young family with three girls ages 2, 3, and 5. Here's the link to check out the entire playlist of videos if you're interested in checking it out Our 5,883 Mile Tesla...
  6. Jomak

    Is there value in the Tesla 4yr CPO warranty?

    I am looking at used MS on EV-CPO and you can sort by 4yr CPO warranty and I got to thinking after reading stories and watching youtube...is there any value in this? Why would I not buy a car from a dealer or private party as well? Is this 4yr CPO warranty worth anything? Should you buy used...
  7. C

    Waffling on used 2016 P100D through Tesla (long, but pics!)

    Hey All! I need some opinions. Long post but I'm really waffling on this, so I appreciate you reading. In October of last year, we bought my wife a 2016 X through Tesla with 16k miles (90D, Deep Blue Metallic, 6 seats, tan interior) and everything about the experience was great. The only...
  8. W

    Dilemma: CPO MX 90D vs P90D

    Hi everyone, I have a dilemma right now. I'm deciding which CPO model X should I choose. a high mileage(about 38k miles) MX P90D or a low millage( about 20k miles) MX 90D, the price between these two are very similar. Both car are 2016 build with AP1. Which would you choose ? Thank you
  9. J

    CPO delivery delayed - paint issue?

    hey guys! Need your advice on how we can make Tesla compensate some of our losses because of their negligence... We purchased a 2018 model 3 CPOa month ago. The car was at our local delivery center. Our delivery contact said there was a paint issue that they need to work on three weeks ago and...
  10. Saxgod

    Used Delivery Experience

    Good afternoon. I wanted to start notating my Used experience to share amongst the hundreds of others who have already done the same. 5/2 1200 After searching on EV-CPO and finding exactly what I was looking for I placed the order and put down my 2500 dollars. I had already read the many...
  11. E

    2016 Model S P90D - $59k

    Hello! I'm looking to sell my 2016 Model S P90D for $59,000. As of this posting, it has 44,551 miles, with roughly 3 years/40,000 miles of CPO warranty remaining. I'm located in Bloomington, Indiana. Below are recent pictures and the window sticker with the VIN included (it has a clean...
  12. rafacq

    70 Point Inspection to Delivery

    Seems my delivery date is getting close and the closer it gets, the more EXCITED I am. I am a new user and this subject may have already been discussed, my apologies if it has. There are so many threads, it would take weeks to go through years of posts! Here are some questions regarding the 70...
  13. rafacq

    How many FOBs for a CPO Model S

    I have been reading some stories in the Forum and see that some people are only getting one FOB for their CPO purchases. Does anyone know if that is OK? Shouldn't every car, new or used be delivered with 2 FOB's?
  14. rafacq

    Firmware on CPO Deliveries

    I placed my deposit for a 2015 CPO last week. I got the call from the sales advisor today so things are starting to happen. I have a question. Does Tesla update the vehicle's firmware before they deliver the car?
  15. Eevee

    Still No Title

    It has been over 2 months now since I bought my 2016 CPO MS. Still no title. The most recent update: a local Tesla rep sent me a HALF BLANK Vehicle Inspection Certificate that she's already signed herself. She has NOT inspected this vehicle (at least not to my knowledge, not since I've been an...
  16. Eevee

    Lost Connectivity

    Last weekend I seemed to have lost internet connectivity in my Model S. I have not tried to reboot yet (I forget how to do it). What could cause this?
  17. hmmm

    CPO financing questions

    I've reached out to Tesla with the questions below over a week ago. I'm still waiting for an answer however, so I'm hoping someone can help: 1- Does Tesla care about a co-signer when making a financing decision, ie does a co-signer help? 2- Has anyone qualified on assets rather than Income...
  18. Pandalus

    Obtaining a dealer license to buy used Teslas?

    So this forum has been filled with a litany of disastrous stories about buying used Teslas through their customer-facing website. As we all know, used car sales for Tesla are now handled through Manheim, which is why there are so many problems getting good pictures and stuff. But I'm wondering...
  19. Eevee

    Takata Air Bag Recall - STILL!?!?!

    I received a notice 3 days ago that my 2016 CPO that I bought nearly 2 months ago needs to come in for airbag replacements. WTF??? Seriously? This Takata airbag issue has been known for years and years now. And my car was supposedly inspected and deemed safe to drive before I took delivery. So...
  20. S

    Timeline of my CPO buying experience so far...

    I wrote a fairly detailed review on my CPO buying experience on reddit, but here’s sort of another review from my day-to-day experience so far. Hopefully it provides some insight on those of you looking at purchasing a CPO to help save you some time and hassle when dealing with Tesla...
  21. Eevee

    TeslaTari Game Controller

    I read that the most recent update (2018.48.12) allows people to play the video games via an XboxOne or PS4 game controller when plugged into one or the USB drives. This sounds great to me as I have a video-game obsessed kiddo and we have multiple gaming systems at home. I MUCH prefer handing...
  22. E

    CPO Autopilot w/ Convenience Features NOT Activated

    Picked up my 2015 70D last week. It was listed as "Autopilot HW1.0 with convenience features" However, on my way home from delivery, I noticed that autopilot was definitely NOT enabled. I have since, returned twice to the Service center. On my last visit 3 days ago, they told me that they...
  23. S

    tesla will now ship used vehicles for $2000 transport fee

    Just got this email from a Tesla advisor: Great news! Transport is back! You can also now Automatically Request Photos directly on the website. You will have 7 Days to take delivery after you see pictures, place your nonrefundable order payment and confirm a delivery appointment once your...
  24. JoRey

    Model S depreciation

    I have been keeping tabs on the prices of used Model S. It has been my observation that there seems to be a disconnect in the price of used Model s and the price of a CPO model s. I have observed that as of late Tesla has been pricing their CPO cars more competitively then used car dealer and...
  25. cpobuyer

    Pulled the trigger on 2015 P85D CPO

    Just ordered the beast through Tesla used website. Pictures here: Dropbox - 5YJSA1E43FF103088 - Simplify your life I will keep the thread updated with my buying experience. The car was located in San Diego, and I am in Bay Area. Hoping to have a smooth process, however, I am mentally prepared...
  26. BLKMDL3

    Things to look out for with CPO- Advice needed

    I am flying out on Friday to SFO to pick up a 2015 CPO 70D and driving home with my friend who is buying it. Its black/black with white headliner/pano roof. Anything I should watch out for. Bringing a detailing light, and ONR, bug and tar. I have taken countless roadtrips in my X and 3 but they...
  27. cpobuyer

    CPO buyers with > 40k miles, any concerns?

    Tempted to go for a P85D which has ~44k miles on it. However, I am concerned with high miles that the car has. Interested to hear thought form people who also bought CPO at similar miles.
  28. cpobuyer

    Find out if CPO was used as loaner car?

    Is there a good way to find out if the CPO car I am looking at Tesla website has been used as demo/loaner vehicle or it was a lease return. Can the sales agent disclose this info?
  29. spy4007

    Facelift CPO (not Performance) vs. Performance CPO (no facelift)

    Currently on Tesla, these cars with about the same features are about equal price (within 5% -ish, there are exceptions and mileage is always a bit higher on the P-models). Curious as to what folks think which CPO Teslas will hold value in future better: Facelift Tesla's (not Performance)...
  30. David29

    Lots of CPO cars with good prices -- suddenly?

    I have been keeping half an eye out on the CPO prices, mainly because my lease is ending and I am thinking of buying my car, so i want to see how the buy-out price compares to the market. The CPO prices seem to have been about the same, until this week. Maybe it is my imagination, but it seems...
  31. tpedwards

    Used Tesla in California

    There seems to be a confluence of forces: 1. Change in HOV lane sticker policy (tainted Model S that no longer qualify) 2. Ending of $7,500 Federal credit 3. Tesla no longer ships used Teslas that they have for sale 4. California collects sales tax by any commercial seller of used vehicles 5...
  32. thesnooch

    $Offers/Trades$ 15' Model S60 Pre-Refresh AP1 NAV LTE SLIPSTREAMS SUBWOOFER 4YR WARRANTY

    Up for sale is my 03/2015 Pre-Refresh Model S60 (pure 60 no upgrade avail) Mileage - 46k 4 year 50k warranty and then 4 year CPO warranty. Free supercharging for life. Southern California area Things I've added/had done to the car: Ceramic coating (will input name of installer/coating, can't...
  33. thesnooch

    SoCal - Potential CPO Buyers

    I have established a good relationship with a CPO Sales Advisor in the Southern California area. I found my CPO experience to be great, and much faster than the horror stories that are on here. It took 1 week from deposit to delivery for my 2015 MS60. If you are in the market for one, and are...
  34. cdub

    CPO 2013 Model S 85... $35k.

    This seems like a great deal: New & Used Electric Cars | Tesla What would be the current range of a 2013 s85? When I looked into CPOs a year ago a similar car was in low 50s. That's almost 20k depreciation in a year. Is it worth it? I'd be giving up autopilot but getting lifetime charging...
  35. B

    Quick Story on a 2013 CPO MS60

    This all occurred late July. Thought I'd share my experience after getting my CPO MS60. I live in Vegas, and found a 60 for $39.8K out of LA with ~90K miles. It's equipped with the sound upgrade (which I can differentiate the quality between the Ultra and standard options; there's definitely...
  36. F

    2013 P85 with Rear Facing Seats and Full Warranty

    Private message or call/text me if seriously interested only. Feel free to call/text me anytime. Asking for $48,900 obo which is about Kelly Blue Book value (see screenshot). Go to this link below to see 40+ PICTURES that I just took of the Tesla MS P85: iCloud Photo Sharing If this ad...
  37. B

    Bought/picked up CPO Saturday, had to get serviced next day

    Basically what happened was that I bought a MS 2013 CPO ~90K miles. I picked it up this past Saturday and then Sunday the car began to shut down in the middle of the highway right after charging to ~70%, so I had it towed to a conveniently located Tesla Service Center. I got the car in Palm...
  38. B

    Cracked Glass on CPO

    I just picked up my first CPO MS yesterday, and the day before I was notified last minute that whoever was handling the CPO noticed a Crack on the screen. Sure enough there was one that gross straight down the center of the screen. I was told by my Sales agent that when I take it my home...
  39. B

    CPO 2013 MS 60 $39.8K Good Buy?

    Just put in my deposit today for a MS 60. Currently has 89K miles. It's been equipped with the sound upgrade and tech package. I live in Las Vegas, and after talking to the CPO rep over the phone, I'll be able to go pick up the car in Palmdale, CA in the next few days. The condition of the car...
  40. mambro

    Is TeslaHunt.com still operational?

    Is anybody else having teslahunt.com display "No results found for this criteria" from the main page, regardless of what parameters are selected or reset? I tried the "[email protected]" feedback email address and it redirects to a gmail account which gives an error. Anybody?
  41. R

    Tweedehands S-je van Tesla zelf - positieve ervaring

    Na meer dan 10(!) jaar lid te zijn van dit forum is de "S" eindelijk budgettair binnen bereik gekomen. Op de Tesla website stonden twee tweedehandsjes voor €56.000 (incl BTW) die iedere dag €500-700 omlaag gingen. Bij €47.500 vond ik het wel mooi geweest en heb ik m'n reservering geplaatst. De...
  42. D

    My CPO story - a long and winding journey to Tesla ownership

    I began looking for a used Tesla back in August of last year. I have a friend with two model S, and riding in his helped me decide what I was looking for. I was looking to pay $45k or less, and therefore expecting that I would likely end up with a 2014 or older. Unfortunately, my requirements...
  43. Amclymon


    Up for sale is a meticulously cared for Tesla Model S P85. I purchased this car directly from Tesla as a certified pre-owned model in Dec 17. At that time it had 46k miles on it and the car came with a CPO Bumper to Bumper Warranty. You are essentially getting a car with the new car warranty and...
  44. D

    Buying a CPO Model X

    So I want to buy a cpo model x, any battery size. However, I need autopilot and white seats. There are very few if any cpo model x vehicles on Tesla’s site. Do you think that more will pop up soon, and what kind of prices should I expect for say a 75d. -Daniel
  45. J

    Model S For Sale

    2013 Tesla Model S for sale. $49k. 85P. 40,560 miles. Under transferable CPO warranty till Sept. 4, 2019 or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. Clean title in hand. Drivers edition: because this is a performance version you would not want to use AP anyway. Really. Head turning metallic...
  46. Sprandt23

    Being led astray by TurboTax?

    I bought a 2015 CPO 85D in 2017, and I was under the impression that I was not eligible for the tax credit. However, when working through the software, I got to the section about EV purchase - I entered the vehicle info (including year, full VIN etc) and it said I was eligible. I do know it...
  47. fataldeadlock

    Looking for Clear Wrap in Central Illinois

    I am currently awaiting delivery of a CPO Blue 2015 Model S 85 kwh with AP 1.0. The last vehicle I bought was a 2011 Mazda RX-8 which I bought new and was very disappointed by the massive number of rock chips eating away at my paint. Looking to prevent that with the Model S by installing a...
  48. twonius

    High CPO prices?

    Is it just me or has the used market been really expensive lately? I hear rumors of cars in the low 40's and I remember the CPO sales from months back, but I would've thought the S would've depreciated quite a bit more by now. Am i only seeing a subset of what's out there on ev-cpo? I did...
  49. R

    2013 Model S P85 64,000 miles $44K in Silver Spring, MD

    Selling my 2013 Loaded P85 with 16,000 miles left on the CPO bumper to bumper warranty. Need to reduce the Tesla fleet by 1/3:) Blue Metallic Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19" Wheels (much better ride than the 21's) Tan Performance Interior Obeche Wood Matte Décor Unlimited Supercharging for...
  50. MikeBur

    WTB 2014+ Leaf SL or e-Golf Premium SEL

    Hi all. Looking for first car for my daughter. Very proud when she stated “I’ll only consider an electric car, as I mean to start as I will continue”. I’m trying to find right balance between cost, reliability, etc. range of 60-70 miles is great as it’ll be local runabout. Ideal would be...