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  1. T

    Public chargers issue

    Hi all, I am new to this forum so kindly excuse any 'out of etiquette' posts or comments. I was wondering if anyone has recently been facing issues using non-Tesla public chargers? I seem to be consistently getting 'unable to charge....unit nor powered' error and it take a few tries before I...
  2. LukeUK

    3rd party chargers 2020

    I'm sure this has been a frequent topic over the years, but I've looked through the first few pages of this board and I can't see a similar topic that is up to date for 2020. Like a few people, I'm expecting delivery after the next boat arrives, so I'm now revisiting my previous research on...
  3. WannabeOwner

    Charging in York - join CYC?

    Going to York tomorrow. Now doubtful that charging at Grantham on the way up will leave me enough to get to Leeds on the way back as it looks likely that there will be "quite a lot of running around" ... No idea what the hotel arrangements are, but I will check that out shortly (need Management...