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  1. X

    New chime sound in NoA or 42.3?

    while driving home tonight using Navigate On AutoPilot, the car made a “chime” noise I hadn’t heard before. Sort of a “ding” noise with a long decay, and higher pitched than the normal EAP/Autosteer tones. We couldn’t figure out what they meant, seemed to happen when cars were in our blind spot...
  2. rogerbohl

    Chimes -- all the time

    Since the Version 9 update was installed, I'm getting chimes -- chimes -- chimes. Sometimes when there's a car nearby, but most often without any evident cause. Perhaps an average of one chime every two minutes. Any explanation? (I drive our S less, so can't comment on whether the S has the...
  3. I

    Turn Manual Autopilot Engage/Disengage Chime OFF

    I don't have an AP car, and am just curious. Is it possible to turn the autopilot chime off? I am talking about when AP is manually engaged or disengaged using the stalk successfully. I understand the argument why it should not be allowed to turn off in other engage/disengage scenarios, like...