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  1. R

    Europe Model Y - MIC or Berlin

    Hello to all For better understanding, I'm currently in Europe, Portugal. I'm in the process of closing an order on the model Y but then it hit me: Should I get now the model Y (Made in china MIC) or wait (more) for the Gigafactory to get it going with the "2.0" model y with the new battery...
  2. TMC Staff

    Blog Report: Tesla Hiring Design Director in China

    Tesla is ramping up its efforts to design and build vehicles specifically for the Chinese market, according to a Reuters report. The company is currently looking to hire a director in China to lead a “full-function” studio in Shanghai or Beijing. Candidates have been interviewed by Tesla’s...
  3. TMC Staff

    Blog Shanghai-Built Model 3 Shipping With Updated Interior

    The Shanghai-built Tesla Model 3 has been updated with features including a heated steering wheel. Tesla’s configurator for orders in China now lists the heated wheel feature as part of a premium interior option for the Model 3 Performance. It’s a feature that many Tesla owners have been...
  4. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Secures New Lithium Supply Deal

    Tesla’s battery supply is getting a bump from a new five-year partnership with China’s Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co. Sichuan Yahua, a wholly-owned subsidiary Yaan Lithium, announced the deal Tuesday. Reuters reported a Shenzhen Stock Exchange filing that showed the company put the total...
  5. M

    Tesla Model Y sales given green light in China

    Let's hit that 500K/year annual production Tesla China Gives Tesla Approval to Sell Shanghai-Made Model Y - TeslaNorth.com
  6. TMC Staff

    Tesla Looking To Begin Manufacturing Of Superchargers In China

    The plan is to start producing chargers in China in 2021, in a brand new facility that is currently under construction. Tesla has been expanding its network of Superchargers in and around China’s most developed areas, but it has so far only installed chargers that had been imported from the...
  7. M

    Model Y spotted outside Shanghai Gigafactory road testing

    Camo wrapped again? Looks like Model y for sure Alleged Tesla Model Y Spotted Outside Shanghai Gigafactory [VIDEO] - TeslaNorth.com
  8. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Plans Original Cars for Berlin, Shanghai Factories

    Tesla plans to build two newly-designed vehicles to be produced at the company’s Berlin and Shanghai factories, Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Twitter. The comment comes after Musk told investors at the recent Battery Day that the company intends to build a new vehicle with a $25,000 price...
  9. TMC Staff

    Tesla Will Sell The Made-In-China Model 3 To European Buyers

    Would that be an attempt to improve build quality for a very demanding market? Sandy Munro already said that the vehicles Tesla will produce at Giga Austin would be dramatically better than the ones in Fremont. Chinese customers also said more than once that the build quality of made-in-China...
  10. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Shows Off Production Capability at Giga Shanghai

    Tesla has released a time-lapsed video offering a look at production at Giga Shanghai. The video was posted to the Tesla China Weibo account, saying “Production, assembly, quality inspection, waiting for delivery. The rhythm is orderly step on the point, one word: Steady!” Tesla Chief...
  11. TMC Staff

    Tesla Announces Color-Change Wrap Service in China

    Tesla is offering a vinyl wrap option to customers in China. The new Tesla-managed wrap service was announced on the company’s Wibo account. The service has launched in five cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou. Other cities will be announced this month, according the the...
  12. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Open In China: Will People Buy In?

    Perhaps we should consider this a feeler from Tesla. The company needs to gauge Cybertruck interest across the globe. Now that Tesla has a factory in China that’s cranking out cars, as well as continuing to undergo massive expansion, it needs to figure out future plans for the country. We know...
  13. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Closer to Building Performance Model 3 in Shanghai

    Tesla’s Shanghai-built Model 3 has quickly become the top-selling EV in China, to the tune of 11,095 cars in May, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). To date, customers have only been able to order the lower-end version of the car, but Tesla said in April it planned to...
  14. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Launches Vehicle Design Contest in China

    Tesla has officially launched its contest for an EV to be designed and built in China.  Chief Executive Elon Musk said in January at an event at Giga Shanghai that he thinks China has some of the best art in the world, which would be represented in a Tesla vehicle designed in China. Tesla...
  15. TMC Staff

    China: Tesla Approved To Produce Model 3 With LFP Batteries

    LFP batteries may be used in the Standard Range Plus version. Tesla was recently approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to produce in China the Model 3, equipped with lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries. It’s assumed (but not confirmed) that the no-cobalt LFP...
  16. TMC Staff

    Blog Report: Million-Mile Model 3 Planned for China Production

    Tesla’s Model 3 is set to receive a battery pack that will last more than a million miles, according to a report from Bloomberg. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL), which makes batteries for Tesla, told Bloomberg that the company is ready to produce a battery that lasts 16 years...
  17. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Launches Model Y Configurator in China

    Tesla’s Shanghai-built Model Y is now available for configuration. Tesla launched the configurator this week, offering the Long Range AWD and the Performance versions of the Model Y. While no delivery date is provided, production is expected to begin in 2021. Tesla Chief Executive Elon...
  18. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Cuts China-Built Model 3 Price By 10%

    Tesla announced Friday a 10 percent price cut for the China-built Model 3, allowing the electric sedan to qualify for government incentives. Tesla needed to bring the price under 300,000 yuan to qualify for the government incentive.  Tesla is hoping the move will spur sales in the country...
  19. TMC Staff

    Chinese-Made Tesla Model 3 Orders Skyrocket: 10 Orders In 1 Minute

    Thousands of orders for the RWD Long Range and AWD Performance Model 3 are booked. According to the reliable website, Tesmanian, orders for the Tesla Model 3 RWD Long Range, and AWD Performance have been robust since Tesla opened the order books two days ago. In fact, They are reporting that as...
  20. TMC Staff

    Tesla’s Wuhan Store Reopens

    Tesla has reopened its store in Wuhan, China as the city begins to return to normal after suffering through the wide spread of the COVID-19 virus. Grace Tao, Vice President of Tesla China, posted to Weibo Monday saying the store at the International Plaza in Wuhan is now open. Tesla was...
  21. TMC Staff

    Rumor Mill: Tesla Gigafactory 3 Production Hits New High 3,000/Week

    Tesla Gigafactory 3 might significantly offset the upcoming temporary shutdown of the Tesla Factory in California. The Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai reportedly surpassed its previous weekly production record of around 2,000 Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3 in 2019 and is now busy at work to meet...
  22. TMC Staff

    Tesla Approved To Produce Long Range Model 3 In China

    Production and sales of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range at the Gigafactory 3 got the green light. According to the latest news from China, Tesla has received government approval to sell the Long Range version of the Model 3 produced at the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. The info comes from the...
  23. TMC Staff

    Tesla Sneaks a Slower Computer into Model 3s in China

    Tesla said it installed older computers in several China-built Model 3s, rather than the latest self-driving computer, pinning the blame on supply chain issues. The issue was discovered when several Model 3 owners in China noticed that the part number of their computer didn’t match the FSD...
  24. TMC Staff

    Workers Return to Giga Shanghai After Shutdown Due to Coronavirus

    Tesla’s Giga Shanghai reopened Monday after being temporarily shut down as China works to contain the spread of coronavirus. Reuters reported Friday that the factory would reopen on Monday with assistance from the Chinese government. The factory has been closed since the end of last month...
  25. TMC Staff

    Coronavirus Epidemic Delays Model 3 Deliveries in China

    Tesla is delaying deliveries of Model 3 from Giga Shanghai as the country tries to contain the deadly coronavirus.  Giga Shanghai has been closed for about two weeks following government guidelines. “The proposed delivery (of cars) in early February will be delayed,” Tao Lin, vice...
  26. TMC Staff

    Tesla Offers Free Supercharging to Chinese Customers Threatened by Deadly Virus

    Tesla has unlocked free Supercharging in China as the country deals with the health emergency caused by Coronavirus. Tesla owners in China received a notification the the offer would be available for an indefinite amount of time, as citizens try to flee exposure to the deadly virus. “To...
  27. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla to Design a New Car in China

    Tesla will invest in a new vehicle to be designed and produced in China for worldwide consumption, Chief Executive Elon Musk said Tuesday at an event at Gigafactory 3.  “I think something that would be super cool would be to – and so we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna try to do it – would be to...
  28. TMC Staff

    Musk Shows Off Dance Moves as Model Y Launches in China

    Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk attended an event Tuesday at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai to celebrate mass delivery of Chinese-built Model 3s. Tesla also officially launched the Model Y at the factory, which is expected to go to production this year. While Tesla’s advancement in the...
  29. TMC Staff

    Report: Model 3 Deliveries to Chinese Customers to Begin Next Week

    Tesla is planning an event for Jan. 7 at its Shanghai plant to deliver the first China-made Model 3s to the public, according to a report from Reuters. Tesla held an event early this week to hand over the earliest Model 3s to be produced at Gigafactory 3 to 15 Tesla employees who had...
  30. TMC Staff

    Tesla Already Producing 1,000 Cars a Week in China

    Tesla is already producing more than a thousand cars a week at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, according to media reports in China.  Several executives at Gigafactory 3 gave interviews at a ceremony this week to celebrate the first deliveries of cars produced in the factory. A group of 15...
  31. TMC Staff

    Man Gets Down on One Knee During Delivery of Model 3

    As if receiving a new Model 3 isn’t exciting enough, a recent delivery in China also included a marriage proposal. During a celebration of the first deliveries from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, a customer surprised his partner by filling the frunk of the car with flowers, then dropping on...
  32. TMC Staff

    Tesla Delivers First Cars from Shanghai Factory

    Tesla has officially delivered Model 3s built in its Chinese Gigafactory. A ceremony was held Monday at the factory, which included handing over 15 cars to employees in China. Tesla seems to now be ready to start delivering in mass to the largest electric car market in the world...
  33. TMC Staff

    Report: Tesla to Deliver First Cars from Shanghai Factory on Dec. 30

    Tesla will start delivering on Dec. 30 Model 3s built at its Shanghai plant, according to a report from Reuters.  The deliveries will take place just 357 days after the factory’s construction started in an empty field, a new record for global automakers in China. The 15 customers that will...
  34. TMC Staff

    Tesla Gives a Look Inside Gigafactory 3

    Tesla has released photos inside Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai that show the production facility is poised to start pumping out Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. In its Q3 2019 earnings report, Tesla confirmed that trial production has started at the plant, and pending government approval, the...
  35. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Posts Q3 Profit

    Tesla posted a surprise third quarter profit on Wednesday. The company reported revenue of $6.3 billion versus estimates of 6.45 billion with a gross margin of 18.9% versus estimates of 17.7%. According to the company’s Q3 2019 Update: Last year, our story was about ramping the Model 3...
  36. TMC Staff

    Tesla Ready to Begin Production in China

    Tesla has received approval to begin production of vehicles at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, but still needs a “product certification” to start selling the cars in China. That final certification requires an initial run of vehicles to be inspected by the Chinese government. Model 3 sedans in...
  37. TMC Staff

    Blog China Will Exempt Tesla From Auto Tariffs

    Tesla vehicles will be exempt from a purchase tax in China, the country’s automotive regulatory body announced Friday. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the memo, which outlined broad tax exclusions for electric vehicles, but did not give a reason why the car’s were...
  38. TMC Staff

    Photos Offer Look Inside Tesla’s China Factory

    New images reportedly from inside Tesla’s new factory in Shanghai further highlight how close the electric carmaker is to building cars in the country. The Gigafactory 3 photos were shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo by a user known as Battery King _ (电池王_). They show the interior...
  39. TMC Staff

    Blog Report: Tesla to Partner with LG for Batteries at Gigafactory 3

    Tesla will reportedly contract LG to supply batteries for vehicles built at its Shanghai plant. The deal would diversify Tesla’s battery suppliers, as the company currently sources batteries from Panasonic. Reuters, citing sources close to the deal, reported that Tesla is still likely to...
  40. Lasairfion

    Boring China

    Musk decides to take the Boring Company to China as he attends the AI conference there. Elon Musk to visit China for World AI Conference, local Boring Company launch Perhaps we will see not only a huge increase in the pace of boring tunnels created and actively used there, but also the full...
  41. TMC Staff

    Tesla Sends Software Fix Following Shanghai Model S Fire

    Tesla said a Model S fire in Shanghai was caused by a single battery module. The fire, which broke out in April, attracted international headlines, prompting Tesla to issue an explanation. Additionally, Tesla issued a software update it said will help prevent the failure from occurring in...
  42. willow_hiller

    Chinese Q2 rush incentives, can we expect something similar in other countries?

    Just saw this morning that one Twitter account is saying that Tesla is offering FSD included plus 7500 KM of free supercharging for purchases of a LR Model 3 with deliveries before June 30th. Source here: Twitter I haven't been able to establish whether this is authentic or not, but I haven't...
  43. A

    NoA passed Chinese regulation, now pushing to EAP members in China

    After 7 months of waiting, it's finally here! (latest official version in the Greater China area is 2018.8.4) PS: poor EU guys. Source: 微博
  44. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Orders Open In Europe, China

    European Tesla fans have noted that the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is now available for ordering. Tesla unexpectedly delivered a lot of major news this evening, mostly centered around the Tesla Model 3. The electric automaker announced that deliveries of the Standard range model will begin as...
  45. TMC Staff

    Tesla Reportedly Talking With CATL For China Battery Order

    Tesla must secure batteries for China market explosion. There’s little doubt Tesla is going to explode in China, but there’s a lot the company needs to put in place. For starters, finishing construction of its Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. But also, assuring there are battery suppliers in the area...
  46. TMC Staff

    Aerial View Update On Tesla Gigafactory 3 In China: Videos

    Progress is mounting as anticipated on Tesla Gigafactory 3 in China. While the Tesla shorts and naysayers want to prove that the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China will never come to be, we have new information and aerial footage that goes against that narrative. Honestly, what doesn’t go against...
  47. TMC Staff

    Tesla Slashes Model 3, S & X Pricing In China: Up To $51,000 Less

    Yuan the base (price) drops. Telsa vehicles are now a lot cheaper in China. Yesterday saw the introduction of the $35,000 Model 3 in the U.S. and reductions in prices of all variants of the mid-size sedan, as well as Model S and Model X. But the changes made to the company’s sales structure —...
  48. TMC Staff

    Tesla China Gigafactory Video Update

    Foundational work is fast and furious. The building of the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai continues at a rapid pace. At the official groundbreaking of the factory, where the automaker will produce the Model 3 and Model Y for China and other far east markets, the large plot of land was a flat...
  49. TMC Staff

    Over 1,600 Tesla Model 3 Roll Off Ship In China: Video

    First customers received their long-awaited Model 3 A major shipment of Tesla Model 3 arrived in China. The reports say about 1,837 Teslas, including over 1,600 Model 3 arrived in Shanghai. Earlier this month, we also read about the first delivery at the Tianjin port near Beijing. Tesla also...
  50. A

    M3 EAP now free in China

    Looks like Tesla added EAP for free on all china M3 sales. I wonder if it is to increase the current demand?