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  1. 4

    Small amount of condensation in all taillights today. 2023 LR

    It has been cold here and today it warmed up And I noticed a small amount of condensation in every one of my taillights. I tried to search on here for if this is normal or if I need to get it checked out. But I found conflicting answers. So any advice would be helpful.
  2. N

    Repair Negligence or Coincidence?

    Hi Tesla family! Let me begin by apologizing if this is being posted in the wrong location (please reach out if there is a better location for me to post). I could really use some advice on how to proceed with a Tesla repair nightmare: Back in May, my wife was in a minor accident with her 2012...
  3. canadian.bacon

    Camera condensation - expected or service call ?

    It seems there is some condensation in my left pillar camera housing. Is this expected ? Should I call service ? Also has the message that the camera is blinded. See pic.
  4. dandrewk

    Charge Interrupted. Condensation in J1772 Plug w/Adapter?

    Purchased Model 3 in November 2019. We have been using a Clipper Creek EVSE for three years prior to that, using Tesla's J1772 adapter for the Model 3. No issues charging the Model 3 until recently. A couple of times, I noticed the EVSE was flashing a red error when plugged into the Tesla...
  5. Colgate2004

    Condensation inside camera glass?

    Hi all, A number of times recently I’ve seen condensation on the inside of the glass between the side cameras and the exterior. This morning I got a “camera obscured, blind spot detection compromised” error message. Has this happened to others? Is there anything I can do about it?
  6. E

    Navigate on Autopilot fails, Autopilot continues

    Yesterday I experienced something I thought I'd share. When I began a road trip in the morning after a heavy rain, Navigate on Autopilot (set ON by default) frequently would drop out with a message to the effect (not a quote) that it was unavailable, and if the problem persisted, I should...
  7. deadlion

    First Mobile Service - Recall and Repair Items

    First mobile service was a very positive experience. The tech was excellent (and arrived early). Repair - Wheel well liner grommets - installed 6 on each side, aligned liners - Mirror triangle trim - replaced both (they actually latch on, one of the old ones stuck out quite a bit) - Inner tail...
  8. R

    Condensation on windshield on the inside

    In recent days, when the temperature has gone quite low (around 0 deg Celsius), there has been a build up of condensation on the inside of the windshield in front of the driver seat. Temperature inside the car has been 3-4 degrees Celsius, which is understandable given the low temperature...