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Condo charging

  1. N

    Ideas for concealing backboard / panel / meter / electrical boxes for parking lot EV chargers at condo.

    Hey all, I joined my condos BOD for pretty much the sole purpose of completing an EV charging project. The project was finally approved and the install started today. We pulled out a new electrical service, so needed a backboard, electrical panels, and meter. I might be overly paranoid here...
  2. N

    Condo got budget approved for 2 chargers - electrician is installing a new 200 amp service (to expand later) - should we buy 40amp or 48amp chargers?

    I'm on the board of my COA and have been the project manager for getting EV chargers installed at our building. I just got some budget approved and we're going to start with 2 chargers, but want to have some room to expand down the line. We're going to put in two units, and I'm trying to...
  3. N

    Condo Charging Station Install in Chicago

    Hey Everyone, Exploring some options to install a Tesla charger at my property in Chicago. I live in a multi-unit setting with deeded parking spaces outdoors. The installation would tap into my panel and run the conduit along the wall until the parking lot. This is where it gets challenging...
  4. Z

    Gen 3 Wall Connector BUT I don't have access to WIFI (Condo Garage)

    Hi All, I searched and searched but couldn't find the answer on this forum or google. If it is indeed here somewhere, but i've missed it, my apologies. So I took possession of my 2021 model 3 on December 18th, 2020 and installed the Gen 3 connector on that same day by a certified electrician...
  5. S

    Tesla HPWC Charging at Very Slow Rate

    Hi! Crowd sourcing here...Any help will be most appreciated. I just moved into new condo where I have a deeded dedicated spot that by contract is to have a Level 2 240 V 40 Amp outlet. I had my electrician install the HPWC (The black one that has Elon's signature on it. It's about 2 years...
  6. M

    Condo charging station insurance in personal spot?

    I've been working 2 years to get a charging station installed in my deeded parking spot. I finally have the final docs and the condos attorney wants me to get general liability insurance for the station. Is this possible? Does my standard auto policy cover if something happened while...
  7. RayK18

    Condo EV Charging Solution??

    I live in a condo multi-unit condo: 4 stories, 25 units, 16 garages, in an over 55 community located in Northern Virginia. My M3 reservation is projected to be filled mid-2018. I am doing research before approaching the condo HOA regarding an EV outlet in my garage. There are condo solution...