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  1. scottf200

    Video overview: Who Makes America's Semi-Trucks

    I thought this was an excellent overview of that industry manufacturers (USA mainly). [easy to listen to and understand at x1.75 speed (gear icon)] Who Makes America's Semi-Trucks
  2. TMC Staff

    Daimler Ends Gas Engine Development: Full Focus On Electric Cars

    The future is electric and Daimler is ready to make the transition. Daimler has just announced that it is halting all future development of gasoline engines. The automaker will solely focus on electric cars from here on out. This implies that Mercedes-Benz is taking the same approach. The future...
  3. mspohr


    German carmakers face EU anti-trust inquiry over emissions German carmakers face EU anti-trust inquiry over emissions As many had suspected, VW was just the stupid tip of the iceberg.
  4. mspohr

    Daimler / Mercedes Plan for the future: Wilko Stark

    Mercedes-Benz's Plan for Surviving the Auto Revolution Looks like a little of everything... ICE, hybrid, electric, fuel cell, self driving, shared mobility. Not worried about Google and Apple because making cars is HARD.
  5. Adm

    Daimler busted ruining a Tesla Model X?

    According to German magazine Der Spiegel Daimler rented a Model X to do extensive testing. The car was also taken apart and rebuild again before returning the car to the owner. If this is true, these idiots are the worst criminals ever! Why not buy the car, take it apart and scrap the car...