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    Deer hit - how long will it take to get fixed?

    Few days ago, I was driving down to Houston on State Highway 75 S when a deer jumped and landed right at my left headlight. I was going about 50 mph. Both of us are safe and actually I didn't even feel such a strong impact when we hit the deer (felt almost nothing). Deer was already in air when...
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    Looking for a Push Bumper/Deer Catcher for a MX and/or MS

    After my wife hit a deer last week with my 2014 MS, I'm looking for options that won't break the bank for Push Bumpers or some other large bumper to mitigate any future deer strikes. Only potential options I've seen are police style push bumpers for the MY. Thoughts? Any reccomendations on mount...
  3. J

    Hit a Deer....no one hurt in vehicle.

    Driving home from Wenatchee, and was on Hwy 97. I was doing between 50-65...not sure, as I was trying to slow down, and bam, a deer hit the front of my Model Y....thankfully my family was all ok, and I was able to pull over and make sure the vehicle was ok to drive home...it was, but wow, I sure...
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    Deer damage - D+V in sterling va?

    Anyone have any input on D+V as an autobody repair place in sterling va? An entire family of deer ran into the passenger side of my car and damaged just about every panel from front to back including scratching the frunk. Major dents in both front and rear quarter panels and the passenger...
  5. K

    At least I won't be having venison for diner...

    First day in five months back at work and almost take out a fawn. Very impressed on how the car stopped on a dime, deer stopping on a dime, not so much. AP was off. This was all Human Pilot v1.0. Reacted a tad late, need the coffee v3.0 upgrade.